Episode 585: A Moment

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Dealing with Stressed Out Survivors

In a zombie survival situation, you’re going to have a lot of different things to worry about. Obviously, keeping the zombies at bay is going to be your number one priority, but there are many other things you’ll need to balance against this. For instance, supply management will be of the utmost importance. Everyone needs enough food and water, warm clothes and blankets, and medical supplies. If you’re not careful, you’ll run out long before the zombies manage to get to you.

There’s also the issue of dealing with the members of your group who aren’t handling the survival stress very well. As always, I’m going to use my old standby of Night of the Living Dead as an example here. While the crux of the story is on Ben and Cooper’s fight, many other characters are quietly causing problems in the background. Judy Rose, for instance, insists on “helping” in the attempt to gas up the truck, not only causing issues with that operation, but also leaving fewer people at the house to ensure a safe return. If Ben and Cooper had spent less time fighting and more time managing the group’s stress, things might have ended much better.

About this Episode:

You may have noticed that Barb doesn’t have the shotgun she’s been toting around lately. Believe it or not, this isn’t a mistake on my part, although I wish I had shown her setting it down in the last episode. My reasoning here is that she’s going to talk to Vicky and the kids, and doesn’t want to stress them out any more than they already are. Walking in with a giant gun probably isn’t the best way to put most people at ease.

Discussion Question: What’s Barb’s Plan?

You guys are super smart, so I imagine you’ll figure this out straight away, but it’s always fun to see what kind of cool ideas you come up with. So, what do you think Barb plans to do to help calm down Ted’s family? After all, they seem to be about as good at handling stress as Ted, which is to say: not very.



As for Barb’s plans, well she’s a hospital nurse, and as most well-trained staff will know, there are ways of exerting a calming influence on distressed kids, however, I thought it’d be more fun to see what Dave was going to plan himself! 😀


Every cloud has a . . . “Ok, Vicky. You know and I know that there has always been one kid that gets on your nerves to the extent that you adore the other one by comparison. Here is where the zeepoc is as much of a blessing as a hardship. We can maximize your survival odds, increase your quality of life, and get rid of your unspoken burden in one, um, shot. Just give the word, and let’s lighten your load.”



If this is the blonde’s house, then it is a supply, flashlight, and weapons check, plus seeing how the kids are holding up against real violence as opposed to video game violence.
The next thing might be some rope to throw at the neighbors’ house for a last ditch escape by roof.
Plus it looks like power is still on, so charging electronic phones, radios/iPad, those pesky plugin lights, etc.
Maybe this would be counter productive, but with power after a secure spot is chosen, turn on the kids videos or games. Keep the kids occupied is probably the heart of what I’m trying to say.


I sure hope she’s going to put them to work. They could be doing something useful and it would take their mind off of the situation.


Hmm 2 hours after the expected publish time, and I think there’s some kind of issue with Dave’s site! 😀

I’ll check back tomorrow, Dave should be on top of it by then! 😉

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