Episode 581: Clueless

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Missing the Point

Everyone gets tunnel vision from time to time, especially when they’re stressed or extremely focused on one thing. And then there are those people who seem to be perpetually in their own little world, completely oblivious to the things that most of us prioritize in life. In both situations, a zombie attack is going to make these things far, far worse. Being able to take a step back and observe everything that’s really going on in a situation is an invaluable skill, but one that most people simply don’t possess.

If you’re in a group, you’ll be lucky to have a person or two that are able to keep a cool head. Unfortunately, that means you’ll probably also be stuck with a half-dozen or so that just can’t manage to stay focused. Oh, and the best part is that you’re much more likely to be in this second group than the first.

About this Episode:

And here’s Ted! It only took four episodes into this arc to re-introduce one of my favorite characters, and probably my overall favorite characters that are little more than walking, talking stereotypes. I’m kind of having fun with this one in that Ted is actually acting a little out of character by quietly doing a pretty awful job. I’m going to attribute this one to trying to keep his wife happy when she’s clearly on the edge of just completely losing it.

Discussion Question: Self-Evaluation?

I’m sure everyone here has been in a stressful situation or two in their lives. Sure, maybe they aren’t as stressful as having to worry about being eaten alive by an army of zombies, but stress is stress, right? So, how good are you at keeping your head when things get bad?

I tend to go two ways with this, depending on the company I’m in. If I’m with another person who is staying calm, I’m much more likely to be completely unreasonable. But if they’re freaking out, I tend to stay calm. There are exceptions, of course.

11 thoughts on “Episode 581: Clueless”

  1. Typo Alerts: “In both situations, a zombie survival situation is going to make these things far, far worse.” situations–>cases I don’t think it’s wise to have situations breeding like this, because that is how zombie apocalypses start out! 😀

    • Oops, forgot the other ones: “manage to stay focus” focus–>focused

      “only took for episodes” for–>four

      This paragraph seems like it needs rewording, unless Dave always goes to the exact opposite state of the state of the person he’s with. I’d think most people would tend to stay calm with calm people, and vice-versa, not the other way around! :

      “I tend to go two ways with this, depending on the company I’m in. If I’m with another person who is staying calm, I’m much more likely to be completely unreasonable. But if they’re freaking out, I tend to stay calm. There are exceptions, of course.”

      Some weird typos there Dave! Don’t freak out, stay calm! 😀

      • Going to the opposite state is exactly what I intended, actually.

    • Hah, right you are.

  2. Stressful situations? Think you did not think this question all the way through. There is the stress of not meeting a deadline at work and then as a retired military member and current volunteer firefighter there are the mildly stressful situations I have seen.

    Unless a person has been in a life and death situation with a real chance of death I do not think anyone will really know how they are going to react. They may claim they know but they really don’t.

    Training really does help to prepare people for these situations. Going over and over and over again possibilities and outcomes gets you ready to handle the real thing. Anyone thinking of training might try ZERT.

    • Right you are. I doubt many of us have been in life or death situations. I certainly haven’t. I’m more interested in people’s perceptions here.

      But if we have people who have been in those types of stressful situations, I want to hear about it.

  3. Another good episode, and this features Ted! For crying out loud, Ted, it’s a zombie apocalypse! Nobody gives two shits about decoration!
    Anyways, about today’s question, I think that I would belong on the first group (the one that can stay focused). When I have a problem, I’m always thinking about it, which although stresses me out, I start thinking of the possible ways of solving it. And then I say, fuck it, and dive right in to solve the same problem. I suppose the same would be for the zed apocalypse.

    • Sounds like you’re a good person to be around in an emergency.

  4. As stupid as Ted may seem to be when he said that, I can’t really blame him for two reasons:

    First, he just came out of a situation where his family were in danger. Even though they’ve technically been rescued (technically because they’re now surrounded by zombies and so no less better than before), he may still be dazed from the adrenaline before.

    Second, he may have put a lot of time and money in up keeping the house. After suddenly be thrust into a zombie apocalypse where all that time and money may have been for naught, Ted may be trying to preserve his house as much as possible as a way of telling himself that all his hard work on it wasn’t in vain.

    Even so, now would be a good time to remind Ted of the dangers he’s risking by not upping the house’s defenses. After all, I’m pretty sure escaping alive is worth a few broken pieces of plaster.

    • Some really great points here, Sang. I think a lot of people hang on to relatively unimportant things rather than focusing on the scary stuff that needs attention as a coping mechanism. Maybe that’s exactly what Ted is doing.

  5. Um for me, If the situation I’m in is filled with angry people who are mad at me or someone else. Then I will keep my thoughts to myself and remain calm and quiet, even if on the inside I’m vary upset.

    There are times I will just snap and let it all come out, but that’s only ever happened like three times. It only happened because I was just too upset and pushed far beyond my limit.

    So I fill in a stressful situation I’d be the quiet calm person who just listens and does what I think is best.