Episode 570: Compromise

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Keeping People Happy

I’ve been told many times that one of the surest signs of maturity is the ability to compromise. I’m not sure if I completely agree with that, but there’s definitely some wisdom in the statement. Applying this to a zombie survival situation, and compromise might be the only thing that holds together a shaky group. If everyone in the group digs in their heels and absolutely insists on having their way, the group simply won’t function. Rather than working toward a common goal, or even covering each others’ asses, everyone is too busy fighting and insisting that they’re right to worry about everything else. You can see where this is going: eventually, they all get eaten by zombies.

On the other hand, by giving a little ground to make sure everyone is more or less satisfied (you can give up on the idea of everyone being happy; that’s just isn’t how things work) with the group’s decisions, you ensure that people can at least work together without killing each other. And, hey, that’s better than getting eaten, isn’t it?

About this Episode:

I had considered spending some time with Michael and Joy as they discussed how to deal with Inez’s sudden demand. However, I’m listening to you guys’ feedback about switching between storylines faster, so we’re getting the abridged version here.

On an unrelated note, I’m writing this with my two year-old daughter “helping me”, so you can probably expect more typos than usual.

Discussion Question: How Stubborn Are You?

Speaking of compromise, I know this is something a lot of people struggle with, myself included. So how many of you guys are able to give a little ground to keep the piece, and how many of you absolutely refuse to give up? Granted, this is a very situational thing; some people are very willing to compromise on some things, but absolutely refuse on others. Let’s just approach this from how you generally react to things like this.



There is just one typo today: heals–>heels, now Dave can have his two year-old daughter help him find it! 😀

Also, in About this episode, you wrote “request/demand”. I’d categorically call it a demand, if I were you, it’s not really a request if you want out of a particular group for some reason. You could put it as demanding request”, since she was coming across as being quite determined to leave. 😀


It should be “demanding request”, I missed a quotation mark there. 😀


Ive said it before and Ill say it again. Its painfully obvious that Im not perfect. If I was Id be the Nobel Laureate-self made billionaire-Brilliant Statesmen-Author-Inventor-Male fitness model-martial arts expert-wilderness survival specialist that I have always wanted to be. I don’t know everything and Im painfully aware of it. Therefore its just possible that another member of my group may be right and I may be wrong on a particular point. Being stubborn out of conceit or ego is just plain stupid and the sign of a weak and insecure mind.

All that being said, no way I would let Inez get dropped on the edge of town on her own. No Way. Cheryl can kiss my butt if she thinks Im gonna allow that. Nothing Inez had done justifies banishment.


Well said, Damage. That’s something we all need to try to keep in mind when we have disagreements (I’m terrible at it though).


Wouldn’t it be just too funny if Inez’s reaction to having her dropped off at the edge of town is to say “No thanks, I don’t like the neighborhood in that area!” 😀


They might respond, “Sure, if you don’t mind the fillings in your sandwich tasting like zombiefied food.” 😀


Here in Australia, it depends on the location, and the care they took in preparing the sandwich, but with prepared sandwiches that are sold in prepackaged plastic containers, especially, the quality can vary quite a bit. It seems that most sandwich fillings are used according to how long they’ll last on the shelf before being sold to a customer and they don’t worry a lot about the taste unless customers seem to be buying a particular sandwich filling. Much better to get sandwiches prepared fresh from a cafe, over here, don’t go for the prepackaged stuff you find at the petrol station unless your taste buds are not the picky kind! 😀


Yeah, that’s about how it is here in the US too, BrickVoid. Buying a gas station sandwich is always an act of desperation.

Nom Zoms

As to the discussion question, I am a very compromising person. As long as you don’t go too far and push me past the breaking point or put anyone’s life in danger then you will most likely have my support. At the same time it’s my flaw, as I often am the kind that just waits for orders, so from the viewpoint of someone who compromises on almost everything, it often can make the line of making your own personal decisions blurred.


Hey Nom Zoms, I know quite a lot of people like you. You’re usually good to work with as long as there’s someone providing direction.

I actually wish I could be more like that. Compromise usually comes kind of hard for me.


I have a Discussion Question for Dave, don’t know if he’ll see it in time for Friday’s episode, but here it is anyway:

We mostly tend to forget that other cultures and societies are out there, cultures or societies that would react differently to attacks on people within their culture or society. So, here’s the question: How do you expect zombie attacks would be handled by different cultures or societies? 😀


That’s a great one; too late for Wednesday’s episode, but perfect for Friday.

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