Episode 557: Disclaimers

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Universally Handy

People specialize when they pick a career, but when they tell other people what they do, all that person hears is generalities. This happens to my wife and I all the time. I’m a web developer, but all people hear is “I work on computers”, and they assume that I should be able to do everything from troubleshoot their wireless network to building a complex program from scratch. My wife is an immigration attorney, but people expect her to be able to help them write a will or beat a drunk driving charge. I imagine just about every one of you have faced the same challenge.

What does this have to do with the zombie apocalypse? Well, not a whole lot. However, it stands to reason that there will substantially fewer people out there, so all of us who specialize are likely going to be forced to branch out into a lot of related fields, and probably a few unrelated ones. After all, the work is going to need to get done regardless, and if you already have some ability in the area, it’s going to fall to you to handle it.

About this Episode:

As you can see, both Russell and Michael have their stuff, although when they were leaving the last time we saw them, their hands were empty. I figured that their stuff was just off frame, and figured no one wanted to see me waste an episode showing them going and picking things up.

Discussion Question: Adapting Your Career

How could you adapt your career and skill set to a survival situation? I’m especially interested in people – like me – whose jobs don’t require a whole lot of practical skills.

In my case, I sit in a climate controlled office all day, typing at a keyboard and making sure my subordinates are doing their jobs. There’s not a lot there that I can use; after all, everyone is going to want to be the leader. In my mind, I’d have to reach a little deeper into my repertoire. I have some experience in construction and demolition, and that’s where I think I’d find myself being the most useful.

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  1. Typo alert, Zombie Cliche Lookout, first paragraph, second sentence: “my wife an I” an–>and 😀

    Same section, last sentence: I imagine just about everyone you have faced the same challenge.” Replace bolded “you have” with “else has” 😉 This is a pretty big typo, what was Dave thinking when he wrote that? 😀

    About This Episode, second sentence, after the comma: “see my waste” my–>me 😀

    Some typos you have there, Dave! Hope you get ’em all! 😀

    • Fixed all, thanks BV.

  2. Question: What does Michael do if Russell’s best is not good enough, or to put it another way, what if they’re dealing with an engine problem that will require a major operation to dismantle and repair it? I know certain parts of the US are dangerous to leave cars in, because people strip the parts off them rather quickly. But I still believe they’d probably have a few problems with certain makes and models of cars and stealing car parts off them at the speeds movies portray them as being capable of. 😀

    • It’s amazing how quickly people will steal all or part of a car, or simply damage it. I had a car stolen from a busy grocery story parking lot in broad daylight in a “good neighborhood”.

      As far as what Joy and Michael will do, I suppose the obvious answer is either walk, or join the rest of the group.

  3. Hmm this is a good question. My current job, like yours, involved sitting in front of a computer all day. But I’m reviewing group medical insurance policies making sure what we build in our system actually matches what we sold the client. Plus designing Medical ID cards and auditing certificates of coverage. I suspect if there’s a zombie apocolypse, there won’t be many people buying insurance.

    However, I am a pretty decent baker/cook. So that would probably be where I’d be useful. Unless, of course, the zombie horde decides they need group coverage.

    • It’s always cool learning about what everyone here does. It’s quite a diverse group.

  4. @Steve
    Well, I guess since “zombification” can no longer be considered a pre-exiting condition under the ACA……….

    • Hah

  5. Lol, I love the alt-text. For some reason it made me want to carry on the conversation… if anyone wants to continue it that could be a fun game.

    M: Thanks for taking a look
    R: I’m no mechanic, but I’ll do my best
    M: That’s all we ask
    R: Good thing your expectations are low.
    M: err, what do you mean?
    R: Well, I can hardly screw a nail.
    M: You mean nail a nail?
    R: What?
    M: Nevermind, at least you have some basic knowledge of an engine, I guess?
    R: I sure don’t, I don’t have a car!
    M: What?? Why in the hell did you volunteer to help?
    R: Hey, take it easy man, just trying to do my part here.
    M: You just said you knew nothing about cars!
    R: That’s right, not a clue!
    M: You’re wasting my time, now give me the tools and go back with the others.
    R: Can’t do that.
    M: Why not?
    R: I don’t have any tools other than this oversized hammer in my hand.
    M: That’s not a hammer it’s a wrench!! .. and what’s with the toolbox!?
    R: A wrench, really? Jeez, you shouldn’t have asked for help if you’re so tech-savy, mister know-it-all. It’s not a toolbox it’s for my lunch.
    M: Your LUNCH? Are you kidding me?
    R: No, I have a condition.
    M: You bet
    R: What was that?
    M: Nevermind, go to hell.

    • Love it!

  6. Just because the skills required by my job, QA, doesn’t make me (or anyone else) particularly useful in the zombie apocalypse. That doesn’t make me (or anyone else) useless.

    I have other interests and hobbies – DIY, auto repair, camping, shooting, outdoors survival – that will make me pretty valuable, hopefully.

    • What do you do QA for, Mick?

  7. OK Dave, I’ve constructed a new vehicle for the 6-wide car collection I’m building, photographs of which I will upload later on. It’s a classic black & white Police cruiser, with red and blue lights, an opening boot and space for 4 minifigures!

  8. I think I know what’s gonna happen…

    (Michael and Russell walk up to a pick-up truck)
    Michael: I think something’s wrong with the engine
    Russ: Let me take a look
    (Russell pops the hood and looks inside. After some long minutes he can’t find the problem)
    Russ: I don’t know what’s the… (Russell turns around, but then Michael strikes him in the head with the butt of his AK, knocking him unconscious. Michael and Joy are revealed to be cannibals).

    Perhaps too cliché, but something along those lines. By the way, I’ve noticed that Brent doesn’t appear in the bios. Will you add his soon?

  9. How do you do it? Get out of my head!

  10. Michael and Russ walk up to the Pick-up
    Russ: So What’s the problem
    As Michael pops the hood
    Michael: The engine won’t turn over
    Russ mills around under the hood a while, Michael walks around
    Michael: So, Can you tell what’s the issue?
    Russ: Hmm, I think I’ve found the problem
    Russ pulls a top hat out
    Russ: Seems your snowman has lost his hat. I’ll just put that back on.
    Leaning over the hood
    Russ” There you go little guy. Give it a try now.
    Michael walks around and starts up the engine
    Michael: Wow, I thought you said you didn’t know much about engines.
    Russ: Just got lucky I guess

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