Episode 543: Out of Options

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Meanwhile…

In order to keep things interesting, battles in fiction have multiple fronts (battles in reality have multiple fronts for entirely different reasons). This allows the storyteller to craft up a number of distinct stories that are all going on simultaneously. Conventional armies will likely press the attack at multiple places to split the attention of defenders, possibly even feinting to draw them away from certain areas.

Zombie, of course, are not that smart. Rather than strategically attacking in multiple places, zombies will simply chase after whatever potential food source they happen to see. The trouble with them is that, because of their numbers and lack of organization, they’ll tend to stream in from all over, including places you might not have expected to have them come from. This can lead to some pretty nasty surprises.

About this Episode:

I figured it was about time to check back in on Murphy, whom we haven’t seen since this little fight started several episodes ago. This will also be the last part of the zombie attack, so those of you getting sick of the action (and my frequent continuity errors) will be glad to know we’re getting back to normal very soon.

Other News:

The site will update normally this week, but next week I’m going to be taking a few days off, starting on Wednesday. The reason for this is that I have to have a follow-up surgery on Thursday to remove the large screw from my ankle, which I broke back in February. That screw needs to be removed because it’s about four inches long and prone to break if left in. I’m going to ask the doctor to save it for me, so I’ll show a picture if he does.

The recovery time should be pretty short, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to post a comic on the following Monday. If anyone has any fan art or guest strips, let me know.

Discussion Question: No One Would Miss Murphy, Right?

I mean, right?



Typo alert, Zombie Cliche Lookout, first paragraph, after the comma: ” have multiple front” front–> fronts 😀

It’s interesting to note that Dave used the correct plural of the same word inside the brackets! 😀

Same section, second paragraph, third sentence, after the second comma: “tend to steam in” steam–>stream 😉

Steaming zombies would be cool if it were a steampunk zombie apocalypse, although I’m not entirely sure what the life expectancy of such a zombie would be if it should run out of fuel! 😉

About This Episode, first sentence: “started several episodes.” Add “ago” before the full stop at the end of this sentence. 😀

Second sentence: been–>be

Same sentence, after the comma: “so for those” remove italicized word. 😀

Other news, second paragraph, second sentence: “anyone have any ” have–>has


I would miss Murphy, besides, he’s got a gun and friends, the same as Brent had. So why Dave would suddenly off him just because he got stuck in a situation where there are too many zombies is beyond me. 😀


And just where are all these zombies coming from anyway? Dave must’ve tipped a bag of ’em over his sets while photographing them, or his continuity checker took the stagehand out to lunch whilst high! 😀


I think it’s a bit ironic to think, too, looking at the third panel, that Murphy is staring right at where Dave would be, outside of the visible area of the photograph! 😀 He’s probably thinking, “why me”? Why, indeed? 😉


Hah. I don’t break the fourth wall intentionally, but that works pretty well here.


So I received the Prize Pack X on Wednesday and opened it on Saturday. It’s the best Zombie Defense Pack to date. The 3D ink on the Zombie head was a minor design flaw, as the head won’t fit into most hats. When I put hat 30171 on it, one of the eyes came off 🙁 On the plus side, this adds character and a unique effect 😀 I also enjoyed creating a total of 10 new individual zombie+ 2 bandit minifigures.

The Brickarms that came with the pack are brilliant and I am looking to find some more of the new ‘Reloaded’ series for sale. The SABR Shotgun in Black/Gunmetal is the best one, but I can’t see any for sale online. Any ideas where I can find some?


Wow, that arrived quite quickly! Glad to hear it. That’s a shame about the zombie head. I wondered about that printing.

Foolish Lego

@brickvoid “I think it’s a bit ironic to think, too, looking at the third panel, that Murphy is staring right at where Dave would be, outside of the visible area of the photograph! 😀 He’s probably thinking, “why me”? Why, indeed? ;)”

LOL, I love this comment! haha

Wishing you a speedy recovery again Dave!


Dude! Wishing you pain free, swift recovery! Get your rest and Happy Halloween!


Hm, on the one hand seeing a man who has lost all he believed in would be a nice to see how it affect the story. On the other had, losing a character who might have out-lived his story could open up for a new character to fill in….I’m torn.


“Hey, do you feel like we’re forgetting something?”

“No. Now come on and help me bake this ‘don’t turn into a zombie during your surgery’ cake for Dave!”


I have to say I’d be disappointed if Murphy kicked the bucket. He’s a good example of what a leader should be. Still, it could be an interesting twist to the story. Thank you very much for the BrickArms and Citizen Brick kits, and I wish you a speedy recovery after your operation! 😀


I think most people would. Last time I did a poll, he was the favorite character by a pretty good margin.


Noooooo……don’t do it man, you can’t kill off Murphy! 😀

Wish you a speedy recovery, I too had to have the pin removed after I broke my ankle…..mainly because it was working loose. never got to keep it though 🙁


This isn’t related to the present comic, but it is related to zombies…

It may surprise ya’ll, but I don’t regularly watch “The Walking Dead.” However, I watched a few episodes tonight and one thing bugs me: Everyone has a full-auto AK.

This bugs me because such full-auto AKs are relatively (relatively) rare in the US. Sure, semi-autos are everywhere, but not full-auto. For that matter, semi-auto ARs are also left and right, but to get the full-auto you’d probably have to stumble over one via Class 3 License or from dead military folks. Of course, I don’t see any semi-auto ARs in the show either…

Am I alone here, or does this bug anyone else? I mean, can’t the crew get some select fire AKs and have the actors shoot them semi-auto to at least pretend they didn’t magically transport to the Middle East between seasons to pick up some full-auto ones?

For that matter, where is everyone in the show hiding their spare mags? They each fire a thousand rounds an episode…



You are definitely not alone; it bugs me too.

At least the M16s make a little sense: I believe they got them from a National Guard depot. The AKs? No clue.


Yes, full-auto M4s make sense. But apparently we’re supposed to believe everyone living in that area had Class 3 Licenses and a fondness for AKs…


Or maybe pre-ZA there was a convoy of trucks carrying AKs across the the entire southern US? No, me either. I got nothing.

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