Episode 519: I Guess I’m Sorry

Zombie Cliche Lookout: You Are Not Your Job

Fight Club quotation aside, this is very much a zombie or post-apocalyptic trope. A person’s profession is often a large part of their personal identity. In addition to the loss of income and security, the blow to your identity is one of the big stressors that comes with losing your job. Of course in the zombie apocalypse that blow is lessened somewhat by the fact that everyone else is in the same boat, and that you have more pressing concerns than updating your resume. Like not getting eaten.

Nonetheless, that job is something people tend to hold onto for a variety of reasons. For some, it gives them a sense of security, for others, their job is a source of respect within the group. This latter reason comes up a lot in zombie movies, especially for characters who were soldiers or police officers before the end of the world.

About this Episode:

I’ve been waiting for a character to challenge Murphy’s authority, which he has received pretty much completely by default. The problem was that I didn’t have a good character to take this approach, which is why I’ve been developing Inez and Brent a bit. Now, Brent is kind of an idiot, but Inez is just the sort of person to do it.

Other News:

This Monday is Labor Day in the United States, so Bricks of the Dead will be closed in observance of the holiday. We’ll pick things back up on Tuesday with a review. As always, apologies to those who don’t have a holiday weekend.

Discussion Question: Inherent Authority

Do certain people have inherent authority? Now I’m not talking about people who are natural leaders, or just loaded with charisma. I’m talking here about drawing on nothing more than the job they had before the zombies show up. Think Rick from The Walking Dead here. It always bothered me that he was just assumed to be in charge, despite showing up to the group long after it was already established.



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Hey everyone here’s our choice the teenage former fry guy says we should head to Atlanta and the lady who managed 40 people at Home Depot says we should head to Fort Benning, what do you vote?

Obviously your former occupation is going to play a part in not your skills and leadership ability but in how people see you. The problem comes when you actually have to perform and then people start to judge you how you are actually doing as a leader.

As for Rick, I believe it went like this. Hey let’s stay on top of this mountain and raid Atlanta for supplies. Rick No let’s go to Fort Benning and meet with other people. Zombie massacre lots of dead survivors. Mountain top looking like a bad idea what did that Rick guy say? Let’s put him in charge.

Plus he had the ideas of faking out the zombies by smell, dealing with Merle and then going back for him and dealing with the nursing home gang.Plus remember he didn’t want the job he just wanted to move on with his family.


Damn good thoughts here, Rattraveller.

I do get what you say about Rick, but I’ve always thought he just walked into a leadership position that he really didn’t earn. Yes, he made some good calls along the way, but it just felt strange to me.


Inherit authority:
1) Meanest pretty girl in high school with jock (I put this first, because it’s the easiest and first we I counter in life)
2) Military people that treat other with respect and do good jobs
3) smart cops that are not local (too many hometown horror stories to respect the locals)
4) the crazy survivalist (he was right after all this time and as lived up until…/ his territory = his rules{the rat from the game})
5) the well rounded teacher everyone likes (ours became a political figure that way)
6) The guy who ALWAYS “seems to save your life” <–trope of some animes
7) Brothers that are together ( they can separate, fight, come back together, and cover the 2 possibilities that seem the safest{risk of split party though})
8) Eagle Scouts that have practice their skills and keep their cool
9) Clergy or religious leaders (people are going to cling {major figure heads, cults, extremist})
10) the tough guy
11) head student of class (I'm going best grades and respected)
**12) IF STUCK underground then the character that knows the most about it ie: train conductor, sewer worker, sand hog, etc. **
13) lifeguard (it's in the name)
14) The local cops
**15) in bad situations, then the gangs local or otherwise (ferguson)

I think that covers almost every trope and possibility without going into the "disembodied voice with amazing knowledge" trope

Long time no post I know, had to move again, just caught up, loving it all.


Hey JohnBrick from the “I Love LEGO” fan page here. Just discovered this site today and read the whole “Bricks of the Dead” comic this weekend! Just wanna say I’m really impressed, and will be recommending it on our page. Keep up the good work! 🙂



Rick from TWD actually took some important decisions as soon as he arrived, beating up Merle on the roof in Atlanta, he seemed to be the only option after Shane took the lead in the first place. He didn’t ask for anything but his actions spoke for himself, at least the 1st 2 seasons.

And talking about TWD, I can’t wait for your next review on the 5th episod of the 2nd season of the video game. I just finished it… AWESOME episod, EPIC.

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