Episode 505: Good Cop/Bad Cop

Zombie Cliche Lookout: A Difference of Opinion

In stressful situations, such as zombie uprisings, people react in all sorts of different ways. Some people shut down and just go with the pack, hoping someone else will make the right decisions to keep them safe. Some become hostile and defensive. Others begin seeing themselves as some sort of “natural leader”, and start telling everyone else what to do. The trouble is, there tends to be more than one natural leader in a group of people, and they seldom have the ability to share power.

This was, of course, the central conflict of Night of the Living Dead. Sure, the zombies were a major problem, but had Cooper and Ben been able to cooperate, it’s very likely that most, if not all, the people in that farmhouse might have survived. People naturally take Ben’s side when watching the film, but Cooper made some good points as well. The trouble was that Cooper was a jerk about it.

About this Episode:

Many of you have been commenting lately about Russell and how he’s just been taking charge and unilaterally making decisions. I get the sense that this is bugging a lot of you, which is exactly the intention. I know a few people like Russell, and they’re tough to deal with in day to day life. I can’t imagine trying to live with them in a crisis, which brings me to our discussion question…

Discussion Question: Dealing with “The Boss”

I think we’ve all had friends, classmates, and coworkers before, who, while they lack any actual authority, tend to think of themselves as the de facto leader. I’ve known more than my share. In fact, I’ve worked with a few who, despite the fact that I was their supervisor, still maintained this attitude. It’s tough to deal with, and I imagine it will be even harder in a crisis, zombie-related or otherwise. This begs the question: how do you effectively deal with people like this?



I haven’t much ever had that kind of issue actually. For the most part it’s always been hard to find a leader for something. So If there wasn’t a leader or some one that kinda just slumped into the position it was a sort of mutual agreement that it needs to get done.

So I have no clue how to deal with people that think they’re the leader but aren’t really good at it. besides rather telling them to back down and let some one else take the reigns.


Very interesting, Calicade. Your experience is very, very different from mine. It’s more typical of what I find in books and film, where someone has to step forward and be a leader because no one else wants to.


Typo alert, Zombie Cliche Lookout, second paragraph, after the second comma: “but has Cooper and Ben” has–>had 😀

That was a complicated typo to find, because this sentence is very long! 😉

Discussion Question, first sentence, after the second comma: “coworkers before who,” At the word before the bolded word in this sentence, add another comma. 😀

Same sentence, after the bolded word and comma above: and–>any 😀


As for this episode itself, I think Cheryl might have a point. However, I don’t think she’s learned that Stewart was shot at by these two and I think Russell might know that, at least partially. What he tells Cheryl on Friday will really be interesting, as it might tell Cheryl things she needs to know! 😀


*Tells Cheryl on Monday, I have a bad case of Friday-itis! 😀


Wishing the week was longer, eh?

And right you are, the fact that they took a “warning shot” has not been brought up, and neither Russell nor Cheryl has mentioned even hearing a shot.


Watch out for that blurry green guy in the foreground!


That’s not a guy, that’s a tornado1 😀

Which brings me to an excellent Discussion Question for Monday: How will natural disasters, tornadoes, floods, fires, earthquakes, etc. affect surviving in a zombie apocalypse? Certainly, there’s no way to tell a tornado to stop outside of your secure complex. Will survivors in a group have to be aware of additional natural disaster contingency plans or will it just be dealt with when it happens? 😀

Actually, I think it’s just the top of a tree, but let’s pretend for a minute, shall we? 😉

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