Episode 503: Let’s Do It My Way

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Suspicions

It’s going to be tough to make new friends during the zombie apocalypse. Obviously the biggest issue is going to be the ravenous hordes of zombies devouring a great deal of your potential friends, but that’s only one factor. Another point to consider is the fact that everyone is going to be on the defensive, and naturally untrusting of new faces. That means it’s going to take some time to break down the barriers necessary to build that base layer of trust, and with some people it’s just going to be impossible.

There will be those survivors who like to think they’re better off on their own, or with only a tiny group of people. Whenever they encounter other potential companions, they’ll generally come up with some reason or another for why they shouldn’t stick around. Don’t be fooled; the issue isn’t with the newcomers, but with the person who wants to keep things just the way they are.

About this Episode:

I’ve been sitting on Russell’s character for a while now. He has been a sort of a boring, more or less amiable person since his introduction, and that’s just no fun. One of the more important aspects of any zombie story is the clashes between strong-willed characters, and I thought a perfect way to bring that out would be with the introduction of new people around Russell, who is probably already well outside his element and sick of all the new faces he feels he needs to take care of.

Discussion Question: Breaking Down Barriers

This one applies outside the zombie genre as well: when meeting difficult new people, how do you get past their defenses to form a functional relationship? I’m not talking about becoming someone’s new best friend, just being able to work with them without issue. This is something I run into a lot at work, and I see a lot of people struggle with, myself included.

13 thoughts on “Episode 503: Let’s Do It My Way”

  1. Typo alert, Zombie Cliche Lookout, second paragraph, last sentence: “just they way they are” Change bolded word to “the”. 😀

    • Only one this time? Not bad!

      • It’s interesting you should ask that. This sentence:

        Whenever they encounter other potential companions, they’ll generally come up with some reason or another for why they should stick around.

        Regarding the bolded word I outlined above, should that be as is, or “shouldn’t”? 😀 Very subtle typo, I thought, if it was one, so I let it go but since you asked, you tell me why someone should stick around! 😀

        • Right you are; “shouldn’t” is correct.

  2. To me, at least Russell looks like he might have some sort of group leadership training. It also looks as if it hasn’t gotten much use until recently, but he sure knows how to use it when needed! 😀

    • Perhaps he has.

  3. He also strikes me as the perfect candidate for an authoritarian figure, one who not only takes charge but lets everyone else know! 😀

    • He’s certainly not subtle, is he?

  4. Concerning the discussion question: Humor. If you don’t respond to my humor you are obviously worth my time anyway. ;D

    • *NOT. Not worth my time.

      • Well said, completely humorless people are pretty tough to deal with.

  5. Hmmm I don’t like Russell too much lol he seems bossy and kinda thinks of himself as the leader when hes still newish to the group also and hes gonna interrogate the new survivors.

    • Yeah, he’s definitely pushing himself a bit, isn’t he?