Episode 486: Time to Be Honest

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Friendly Fire

I’ve always been a pro-gun ownership guy, so I would contend that guns aren’t inherently dangerous, but the people that use them certainly can be. Sadly, irresponsible gun ownership is a fact of life, and odds are it will only get worse in the midst of a zombie outbreak where we have more untrained users and more people panicking at every noise they hear. Just another threat people will have to cope with in the zombie apocalypse.

About this Episode:

Generally speaking, I try to do most of the photography for Bricks of the Dead at “eye level” with the minifigs. I see a lot of other photos, comics, and brickfilms shot at various angles, usually above the figures, and I think it looks wrong. It just doesn’t seem like we’re seeing a story, just photos of toys. That said, I do like to occasionally break my “eye level” rule. Not terribly often, mind you, but occasionally I find it makes the composition more interesting or illustrative.

Other News:

For those of you following my Let’s Play Outlast series (and you should be), we will unfortunately not have an entry this week. I recorded video for Episode 2 of Whistleblower, but it got corrupted. I’ll try to do two next week to make up for it.

Discussion Question:

This one comes from BrickVoid (with a capital “V” this time): Should people with deadly diseases that kill ordinary people come back as zombies? Like let’s say someone has a fatal inoperable cancer which will eventually kill them and it’s in their brain where surgery carries a high risk of patient death anyway. Should these kinds of people come back as zombies in a zombie apocalypse or is it too far fetched? Where do you draw the line, in other words, when it comes to realistically created zombies, fictional or otherwise?

19 thoughts on “Episode 486: Time to Be Honest”

  1. I think Michael needs to stop being paranoid and find out what the source of that noise is. Unless Dave intended for that to be a gunshot, in which case, Dave should edit the comic and make it a lot more obvious that it was a gunshot! 😀

    • No, it wasn’t a gunshot. Just a cracking noise, like someone stepping on a branch.

    • As far as I know that crack is mostly like a zed stepping on a stick coming their way or a person without any supplies rioting through the forest looking for stuff or it could be a distraction by some bad guys OR (and this my last entry) a hobo

      • It’s Hobob the hobo!

  2. And anyway, Michael must be a bit of a noob as to how guns work: If you’re holding a gun, and you suspect someone or something is there, you don’t ask whoever you’ve just found if that is a friend of theirs, you go investigate or send one of your henchmen or minions or whoever to go and get shot at. At least that’s how it usually seems to work in movies, TV shows, and cartoons! 😀

    • Well, what I was going for here is that Michael wants to make sure there’s not a chance of someone friendly being out there. If it’s just zombies, he can take a shot more easily.

  3. This encounter with Michael and Joy seems to be begging the question of whether they want to be part of a bigger group or help form one at any rate. It also implies that they might be a scouting party from another group, although they haven’t told Stewart anything useful, which throws an awful lot of suspicion on them. If they really don’t mean to harm any innocents, they should come clean and be a lot more explicit about their intentions. 😀

    • They are definitely playing things close to the chest.

  4. Nice, I like the bird’s eye view!

    • Thank you sir! How have you been doing these days?

  5. I just got back to reading this after being to addicted to Minecraft! XD I am loving the comic still! And its almost comic 500!

    • I’ve been there, my friend.

      We’re getting really close to 500 indeed.

      • Barring public holidays and unforeseen absences, that’s about five weeks away, or early July! Hope you’ve got something special planned for this milestone! An extra comic, perhaps, or maybe you could set it up to do a competition for a special guest appearance later in the comic! 😀

  6. Fun question! Depends on the illness, I believe. In most cases, I don’t think the disease should stop them from becoming zombies. I mean, we’re talking about re-animating the dead, after all. However, an inoperable brain tumor might be an exception because, eventually, it will destroy the brain. Since this is the primary way of killing zombies, it would self-implode once the tumor got too big. The question then becomes what about someone in a coma/vegetative state? Their brain is already dead…can *they* re-animate? Or, did you brain have to function in real life to become the undead?

  7. First you have to establish what is reanimating the dead. Is it a virus or space radiation or magic or parasites or computer chips embedded like reporters in your brain. Then you can figure out how much of the nervous system (since the brain controls the nerves which move the zed around) needs to be intact for reanimation to occur so you can figure out whether a particular disease will prevent reanimation.
    Encephalitis damages the brain so anyone dying of it probably wouldn’t come back from a virus zed cause but could come back if parasites located in the brain and controlling the nervous system were the cause.

  8. Different angles should be used when needed. As your comic is mostly about human relationship in ZA (at least for some time now) I guess eye level shots match the situation.

    However, like Greg I really like today angle. Smart use.

  9. I’m thinking fictional zombie here (what else anyway!), My guess is the line should me drawn where it brings something to the story… I mean this question is really amazing because it brings something new and original for some stories. On the other hand it brings nothing to others.

    Now to speak rationaly (is it only possible with zombies?) I guess, like some said previously, a too much damaged brain won’t allow the dead to come back. Just like someone shot in the head won’t come back because the brain is already destroyed. But just like rattraveller said, it depends on how they are supposed to come back…

  10. my new webcomic series is back check it out https://www.flickr.com/photos/97414182@N03/with/14382544983/

    and i think its way too far fetched that people with terminal illnesses such as alzhimers reanimate when they die

  11. Hmmm, these two are still very pushy about finding out if Stewart is with a group. I don’t trust for a bit. I think it’s a trick! Maybe Joy and Michael are really a group of three, the third one makes a noise, trying to fool Stewart into telling if he is with a group…. I’m not the most trusting person in the world btw 😉