Episode 475: What Then?

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Horrible Possibilities

Zombies. They’re a big problem. They trample around, breaking stuff and eating people. They gang up into huge hordes, becoming practically unstoppable. They trap people inside, where they slowly run out of supplies and get more and more desperate. Of course, in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, zombies aren’t the only problem. Sure they’re scary and can easily kill you, but they’re not very smart. They can’t use tools, and they certainly can’t strategize new and innovative ways to kill you and steal your stuff.

No, in the zombie apocalypse, it’s other people that you really need to worry about. Zombie want only to feed, humans have an amazing capability for evil. Of course, most of the living aren’t going to be evil, but that just makes it all the harder to spot the bad guys.

About this Episode:

I really like Sam’s somewhat creepy half-smile in the second panel. There’s just something about it that makes me question what Sam’s actual motivations are. Has he completely lost it, or is he making a gesture of friendship? It’s hard to say with that guy.

Discussion Question: Most Valuable Zombie Survival Tool

Let me get this out of the way first thing: when I say tool here, I mean actual, physical tools. I know that the brain, or training is the most valuable tool, but let’s just assume that’s a given and only talk about regular old tools here.

That aside, what do you think the most valuable tool is to have to survive the zombie apocalypse? An ax, drillpress, katana, machine gun? Whatever it is, why is it at the top of the heap. What are its uses, and what are its shortcomings? Why would you choose that over other options?



According to Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide, a trench spike is the best weapons against zombies. In case you don’t know, a trench spike is a knife with a long steel blade and has a steel knuckle thingy in the handle, so if you can’t use the blade, you can always punch them in the face.
But, if I had to choose one besides the trench spike, it would be the crowbar. It makes a great weapon, and can be used as tool to pry stuff open or break things. The shortcoming I can think about it is that it probably isn’t very good to take on large hordes, and it can get stuck in zombies brains a lot.


I’d prefer the “beat down bat” as shown on the Zombease blog. It’s essentially a wooden bat covered with furniture brads, for a raised impact surface, without the risk of it getting stuck in a Zed like plain nails in a bat would.

My wife and I had a discussion toward the end of the latest season on “The Walking Dead,” that the Zeds are like the nasty weather or diseases, deadly, but a manageable risk. The real threat is still other humans, willing to scheme, plot, and carry out whatever plans to take your food and gear, even if they have to kill you.


I can see the logic behind the trench spike, but you’d have to be awfully close to use it effectively.


Typo alert, About This Episode, second sentence, change to the following:

There’s just something about it that makes me question what Sam’s actual motivations are.

Discussion Question, second sentence, change the following part of it:

I know that the brain, or training, are the most valuable two,

Same section, last paragraph, last sentence: chose–>choose

Pretty complicated typos but I spotted them nonetheless! 😀


As for the comic itself, I’m surprised that Sam can’t figure out what’s going to happen to anyone that crosses her path! You think black cats are bad luck, I would rather have one cross over my path than her! 😀

Foolish Lego

Looks like Sam is feeling guilty or something like that.
If she comes with him… I hope she doesn’t ‘return the favor’ to Sam by killing (some) of his friends.


In response to the discussion question, I would definitely keep my trusty FireAxe handy. A lot of people would disagree as it is unbalanced and heavy, but they’ve clearly never handled one before. They were made for bashing stuff in, and one other thing that makes it better than other weapons is it’s recognition. If someone sees you running about with one in hand, they will see someone who has things under control, who should be avoided at any cost.


I’ve never used a fire axe myself. I’ve used lots of other axes though. Some are heavy and unbalanced, others seem quite nice. I suppose it’s all in how well it’s made.


That pointy other end really makes a difference. Good for chopping in windows or breaking locked doors. The Outlast guy really should have brought one to the Asylum.


Impossible scenario : Sam leave, find his friends and convince them to come with him take the church by force. After all he is the cause everybody but Emma is already dead… Let’s finish the job + the place is full of supplies, and maybe ammo.


I ran the same scenario in my head after reading today’s episode. I feel like Sam is shooting himself in the foot for trying to help Emma… no good deed.. right?
If she comes to the same obvious conclusion – why should anyone know I got supplies here , unless Sam tells other people – it leaves her with no other option but to shoot him.
Dang, Sam you idiot just go!


Mind you, if saving Sam was part of the plan, that’d make you a little sad to have to do him in like this! 😀


I suspect Emma to shoot Sam in the back… Or maybe she is just too… well let’s say “catholicly” a good person

Foolish Lego

and there is the fact that they *will* be romantically involved of course 🙂


Baseball bat. Good against zombies. Good against humans.

Nom Zoms

Knife. Can use it as a knife, can use it if you have flint to make a fire, can attach it to a pole to make a spear or make other weapons. I’d still have a good ol’ Sig with me, though.


Usually my go would be for something like a crowbar, the new multi-tool crowbars, or things like that.. But this time I’mma change it up to get some fresh new ideas on it. Maybe the Monkey Wrench/Gas Grips, Nail Hammers, or a Metal Pole.

The Metal Pole is a little weird, but I’ve actually had so many times where a metal pole is very oddly useful.


Two tools: first you need a general purpose leatherman style pocket tool, especially the can opener attachment, second forget the crowbar and get a halligan. This is a tool used by fire departments which while like a crowbar has more heads and is more durable than commercial crowbars.

Also unless your living in the woods an axe is more bother then worth. If you are in the woods and living by by burning firewood than a hatchet is needed. Just like the one Rick uses in the comic version of the Walking Dead.

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