Episode 471: Let’s Not

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Not Enemies, but Not Friends

There’s a lot of room between sworn enemies and best friends. And don’t worry, I’m not going to be talking about “frenemies” here. I hate those cutesy-poo portmanteaux.

But I digress. In times of stress (war, zombie apocalypse, etc.), people have a tendency to believe that, if a person isn’t their enemy, then they must be their friends. Sometimes, this is the case, and people with different goals have to unite – however briefly – against a common foe. And then there are those times when the would be friends are anything but. They might be playing both sides against each other, or simply harboring a grudge they can’t let go of.

About this Episode:

I don’t think anyone predicted Sam was going to get shot, but I think this puts to bed all the theories of Sam and Emma becoming romantically involved, at least in the immediate future.

Other News:

For those of you who are following my Let’s Play Outlast series (and you all should), the next episode might be a little late. I got a BS copyright claim on YouTube, which I’m disputing. I don’t want to post another video in that series too soon after the claim was posted (late yesterday night), so this might show up at the end of the week instead of Wednesday like normal.

For those of you who are curious, I have permission from the developer to do a Let’s Play of the game, so there should be absolutely no issue here. The claim isn’t even from the developer, it’s from some company called Believe Entertainment. Unfortunately, there appear to be several companies by that name out there, so I’m not sure who exactly submitted the claim.

Since that video will be late, I posted a video tutorial for Dialogue Balloons instead. I hope you guys like it.

Discussion Question: Comic Making Tutorials

After doing a video tutorial on dialogue balloons, I figured I’d ask you guys if there were other subjects about doing a LEGO® comic. Brainstorming, the only two things I could think of are blood splatter and muzzle flashes.

Yeah, that’s it. Not a really in-depth question.

13 thoughts on “Episode 471: Let’s Not”

  1. Regarding the copyright dispute, good luck there. Luckily lawyers have had experience dealing with zombie companies submitting copyright dings to things they don’t even own so if your wife isn’t available, hire one right quick! 😀

    • Am I the only one who finds it amusingly appropriate that a zombie company is coming after Dave?

      • Hah, I didn’t even think about it that way.

    • I know YouTube has tweaked their dispute process because of this, so hopefully that’s all it takes. We’ll see.

  2. Regarding the comic, I sure hope Sam takes Emma’s advice! Now is not the time to be worrying about what he’s done, although in real life they’d probably haul him away in chains! In a zombie apocalypse, however, he’s got to pull himself together and start dealing with the threat of zombies or he’s just going to become another one of them! 😀

    • Very true, sir.

  3. “Stop just leave….and come back in a minute, while I slip into something more comfortable”…

    • Hah!

  4. I realize that Im one of the old dinosaurs around here and not fully up to speed in the new media. (I remember when cameras had film and music was purchased on flat vinyl discs) But YouTube is FULL of these types of videos. The “Call of Duty” series alone must have a couple of hundred thousand videos out there that people have recorded while playing. Are ALL of these getting copyright notifications?

    • There was a big spate of them a few months ago, and I think the vast majority turned out to be BS. The problem is, it’s usually some weird third party doing it, not the actual copyright owner.

  5. I know this puts romantic involvement to bed but I think all of that noise the battling of the zombies and shooting of Abe just made would make for rather a lot of zombies hanging around outside. How do they think they’re going to get out of there without helping each other, at least in the short term?

    • Hah! I get it!

  6. Sam finally gets his ticket out of town ! Not without letting the place in a huge mess though…

    First moments on his own might give him time to think on what happend. Or maybe he’ll be bothered by Z… No fun times ahead.