Episode 458: Misjudgement

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: I Underestimated You

We all misjudge people from time to time. It’s generally a pretty painful experience. As always, making this mistake in the middle of the zombie apocalypse tends to make a bad situation worse so, you know, keep that in mind. Generally speaking, misjudging someone ends up with you either embarrassed, or missing out on someone who is a lot cooler than you gave them credit for. In a high stakes situation, like when guns are involved, the mistake can have deadly consequences.

About this Episode:

I’ve always hated really slow, drawn out death scenes. You know the ones I’m talking about (if not, just look above at this episode). They always seem like something straight out of a soap opera. So if I hate it so much, why did I include it here? I don’t know. I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment.

Other News:

The Walking Dead review is going to be a bit late this week. Look out for that tomorrow.

Discussion Question: Other Misjudgements

We’re going to stay on theme for this episode. I want to hear some of your ideas for other dangerous misjudgements that people might make in the zombie apocalypse, and how those bad calls could impact them down the road. I’m going to knock out two of the easy ones right off the bat so you guys have to work a little harder.

First up is a classic: assuming a location is zombie free because you don’t see any after a cursory look. This one almost always ends up with someone getting bitten, if not a full out attack. Check for zombie thoroughly, or pay the price.

The other is about other people. When meeting people, it’s easy to take their word for things. If, for instance, they say they’re wearing a bandage on their arm because they cut themselves on a broken window, you can pretty much bet they’re hiding a bite.

Okay; now it’s your turn.

32 thoughts on “Episode 458: Misjudgement”

  1. Typo alert, Discussion Question, last paragtraph, last sentence: “change the last bet at the end of the sentence to “bite” 😀

    • Sorry for the stray double quotation mark that got in there, it apparently was fumbled in because it was a little too close to the colon|semicolon key! 😀

    • Another typo alert: Change “their” in that sentence to “they’re” 😉

      “Their” isn’t a contraction of “they are”, but that which I put above is! 😉

      • Fixed both. I can’t believe I did that they’re/their/there mistake, especially since I got it right earlier in the sentence.

  2. As for this episode: If Abe bleeds out slowly and is dying because of that, does that mean he will turn faster or slower? So, basically, is Dave going to copy “The Walking Dead” show or does he have his own ideas in mind? 😀

    • I’ve always maintained that people turn shortly after dying. How long it takes to die is immaterial.

      • Nice use of the brickforge blood! Why is it people always say something before they die?

        Also when will we see more of the old characters?

        • We’ll be seeing some of the other old characters as soon as this arc is over; we’re approaching the end soon.

  3. Its what he gets for pushing Sam’s buttons in the post apocalyptic world of zombies.

    • don’t you think sam over did it????????????.

      • Maybe a bit, but then, we don’t know how far Abe was willing to go.

        • I ……… guess…. so ..but….. still I think sam over did it.

    • Hah, I like your thinking, Fox.

  4. One word: Fire
    One explanation: any d20 game system as that fire spreads, during fire spreading the Zed-heads are still walking. Makes any situation from bad to worse and on fire.
    This makes it so that the mob of dead that you just fire-bombed into the force that burns down your shelter, your neighborhood, and any etc.

    • I am about to hit you in the face with a grammar and compositions book.

      • I’m not really seeing much in the way of grammar errors here, Legoone.

    • Excellent point, Jon. Molotov cocktails are cool, right up until they burn down your safehouse.

  5. I’ll go for another easy one. I think many, many people will misjudge the amount of food and, especially, water they will need. That backpack of food and water bottles looks like a lot and feels heavy when you’re carrying it, but how long will it really last? And, with you moving and expending more energy, you go through food faster and dehydrate more quickly than you might have originally planned.

    • Oh, good one, Kim. I think any who has been backpacking knows all about this one.

  6. so sam just shot abe in the chest. That will get all the
    other hazmat guys and zombies and not to mention
    he didn’t shoot abe in the head, sam is in trouble

    • let me re phrase that SAM IS IN BIG BIG BIG BIG TROUBLE.

      • O and congratulations on 458

  7. I have a discussion question, it’s a touchy one, but I haven’t seen it brought up yet: Normally, people tell you to “go to hell” if they dislike you or your attitude towards others, but how would you react if hell came to you in the form of a zombie apocalypse? Do you think you’d have what it takes to survive a living hellish nightmare or do you think you’d crack under pressure?

    • I think id crack under pressure

    • I think id crack under pressure.

      • I agree with brick man (both times)


  8. I’m sorry, I don’t go for grammar or composition, just getting the point across. Do not wish to hit nerves. Peace and non-labored breathing to yous.

    • Sorry, I read your comment late in the day and the sentence fluency just got to me. No offence intended, my mistake.

  9. I hate to be tropey, but I really think people will misjudge the behavior of the zeds in regards to people they knew or loved when they were alive.

    It will be hard for a lot of people to accept that someone they had known for decades and had maybe been talking to just 10min earlier now doesn’t recognize or respond to them at all apart from trying to eat them.

  10. Talking about misdjugement, How far can someone go when he/she have nothing to lose ?

    Hard to tell in normal situation so I guess that in a Z apocalypse, with all society rules gone, you’d better be sharp in your judgement about the different survivors you’ll get to meet.

    This theme has been used a lot in the walking dead especially in the 1st season 4th episode (the gang protecting the old people).

  11. Not quite the discussion question, but the about this episode comment…

    Longest worst drawn out death scene that springs to mind is from Robin Hood:Prince of Thieves… when the sheriff gets stabbed he crawls around for aaaaaages dribbling, grunting and groaning. Still annoys the heck out of me when I think about it!