Episode 445: Let It All Out

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Post Mortem

Going through a traumatic situation is tough. I mean, they don’t call it traumatic without good reason. One of the problems is that, once you’ve made your way through, it’s not over. You’ll be reliving it one way or another for the rest of your life. That’s hard, but it becomes all the harder when you’re forced to go through the whole thing in detail for the sake of someone who may or may not have your best interests at heart.

This one doesn’t tend to come up terribly often in zombie stories, but it’s quite at home in psychological thrillers. I know the connection is a bit tenuous, but I’m using it anyway.

About this Episode:

And we’re back in the present, with Sam coping with reliving the horrible events from his past. We’ll have a few more episodes here before we switch to a new perspective.

Other News:

If you guys haven’t checked out my Let’s Play series on the survival horror game Outlast, I’d love it if you’d take a look (here’s a link to the YouTube playlist). I’m going to be doing one a week, with sessions between twenty minutes and a half-hours. I might do them more often as I get further along. I’ve love some discussion and feedback on this, because it’s so different from what we normally do here.

Discussion Question: The Walking Dead Continues!

The second half of this season of The Walking Dead started back up last night for those of us in the US. I know a lot of you guys are overseas and have to wait a little bit, but you can participate here too.

Now, without spoilers for yesterday’s episode (neither I nor our non-US readers have seen it yet), let’s hear your predictions for the remainder of this year? Things really got shaken up at the mid-season finale, and things can go in a lot of different directions from here, so how do you guys think things will shake out?

13 thoughts on “Episode 445: Let It All Out”

  1. I predict many main character kills in the upcoming season, hopefully AMC starts following the comic storyline again. Because (HUGE spoiler alert, in the comic Glen dies in a couple episodes.) And perhaps they find the (spoiler alert) hilltop and Negan)

    • That’s a little beyond where I left off in the comic. However, isn’t there (COMIC SPOILERS) an arc with some cannibals and a new town?

      • (Spoiler) I will say hello :p

        • Hah, nice.

  2. Am loving this!! Hey Dave I have a question…. can you bring in a black character?? or maybe a new female character or something please!! 🙂

    • New female characters, definitely. Black characters are a little tougher. I’ve chosen to use the old-fashioned yellow minifigs, which are supposed to not really have a “race”, so to speak, so I’m pretty torn on this one. I like to think that any of my characters might be black, or Asian, or whatever.

      • I agree with your idea to use old-fashioned yellow minifigs cuz it can leave more to the imagination, and you don’t have to worry about the political correctness of having a certain quota of minorities in each episode 😀

        • Thanks. I like to think that my cast is pretty diverse, but I’m not worrying so much about race/ethnic background.

      • Aw come on even the LEGO movie used a non-yellow traditional head for one of the main characters.

  3. All great, but where’s the Walking Dead review post?! I need to force my opinions on everyone else! hahaha!

    • Hah!

      I just posted it. I don’t get to watch the show until Monday night, and I like to sleep on it before I write the review.

    • There he is!

      • Question for you, Mark.