Episode 443: Rage

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Scenes of Slaughter

This one is pretty popular in zombie stories: our heroes arrive somewhere, hoping to see living people, only to find nothing but corpses scattered hither and yon with all manner of gore as set dressing. This can be used hand-in-hand with the trope that the government is completely incompetent, or at least unequipped to deal with this type of emergency.

This often comes as a response to a specific type of hope. In some cases it’s the hope that they’re heading into a safe zone. Perhaps something that was setup by the military or some other survivors group. When they arrive it has, of course, been violently overrun. The other type of hope is for specific survivors to be there. A character might hope to see his girlfriend or mom, and then be horrified by the scene of violence and everything it implies about the fate of their loved ones.

About this Episode:

The end is in sight on these flashbacks. I really hope everyone has enjoyed this bit of backstory. Sam has always been my favorite character, so I’ve been itching to dive into what makes him tick for the longest time now. It feels good to get it all out there. I know it was fairly predictable, given the nature of the character and that it was a flashback, but I think it’s important to ground some of Sam’s actions in a bit of history.

Discussion Question: Back Stories

Now that we’re wrapping up Sam’s past, I’m curious about two things. First, how did this series of flashbacks work for you? Did everything make sense in terms of your understanding of the character? Second, who would you like to see next for background fodder? I have my choice, simply because that’s the character I’ve fleshed out most in my mind, but I’m curious what the rest of you think.

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  1. Typo alert, Zombie Cliche Lookout, first paragraph, first sentence, after the comma:

    “… to find nothing both corpses …”

    both–>but. 😀

    Last sentence, same section, same paragraph:

    “… unequipped to deal with with type …”

    Remove the second with, and replace it with the proper word that should have been there. I think it’s a verb, adjective or adverb that should be there! 😀

    About This Episode, fourth sentence: “I know if was …” if–>it

    Discussion Question, third sentence: “… as far are your” Either the bolded word should be removed, or I think, should be replaced with “as”. 😀

    Finally, I’ve changed the typos reporting format slightly this time around and I’d like to know if Dave finds this easier to read or not? 😀

    • For that last typo, actually, the Discussion question, remove the “as far as” entirely, and replace it with “concerning”. That fits way better there! 😉

      • Or, better, since it really should be restructured properly: replace that entire sentence with this:

        “Concerning your understanding of the character, did everything make sense?” Over to Dave to pick one! 😀

        • Fixed all; thanks BrickVoid.

    • Yeah, I like the new format. It’s easier to scan through.

  2. I really, really enjoyed these flashbacks! The only thing is that I have trouble relating them to Sam’s behavior in the first episodes. Maybe I’m looking at this to much from my own perspective, but I’d think Sam wouldn’t be that scared anymore; he doesn’t have anything to loose anymore, he lost his wife and unborn child (I’m assuming Sara is laying on the floor in this episode somewhere) and he’s enraged by the Zeds. Does this make sense to you? As I said, I really enjoyed this flashback-arc, but it needs a little more which explains the scared behavior of Sam…

    Btw good use of the bosses head 🙂

    • Isn’t hat boss’ head great?

      I can see what you’re saying comparing the rage he has here to his timid nature at the start of the comic. My reasoning is that he’s completely overwhelmed with emotions at the moment, and just acts without considering anything. Once things cool down, and he’s able to revisit everything that happens, it makes him freeze up and become indecisive and distant.


    • That face is awesome. Rage face.

  4. OK sorry about my old name, that was a problem by the email.
    Also, did anyone my question in the previous episode?

    • What exactly is the question you’re asking?

      • Yeah, I missed this too. Would you mind re-posting it?

        • I”ll ask it in the next episode.

  5. I really enjoyed Sams backstory and would like to see them for more of the characters. The only suggestion I would make is to spread them out though the story in places where they fit it well with the overall arc. I hate it when the storyteller packs them all together or crams a backstroy in where it doesn’t really fit. For example, if any of Sams rescuers/captors wanted to tell thier stories to Sam now it wold make sense as kind of an exchange and shared bond.

    • Yeah, the pile-on can be a real drag. Don’t worry, I won’t be doing another one of these for a little bit.

      • Didn’t think that you would, its not your style. I’m really curious to see Stewards though, Im wondering how he got this far.

        • He’s the one I have most fleshed out in my head, actually.

  6. I need to speak to Mark. Where is Mark?

    • Good question, where is Mark?

  7. Dave, does BOTD have an email? I need to send you something to assist the comic. Could you email me at [email protected] please? PS it’s free stuffs 😉

    • We sure do: [email protected].

      I just shot you an email.