Episode 428: Look Behind You!

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Zombie Followers

When you get into debates over fast versus slow zombies, one of the big arguments is always that the slow zombie – despite their lack of speed – will continue their dogged pursuit until they are either killed, or spot easier prey. That means that any escape you make from the zombies is only short term. You can get away, but they’ll stay on your heels. Of course, zombie aren’t exactly known for their intellect, which is important because you can outsmart them. Get out of visual, olfactory, and auditory range, and you can probably give them the slip. Make a sudden change in direction, hide, or do something else clever and you’ll hopefully lose them permanently.

The problem, of course, is that a lot of times characters don’t really realize that they’re being followed. They think that they’ve escaped, and are good to go. Unfortunately for them, the zombies just keep following.

About this Episode:

Sam sure is looking confident about their next move, isn’t he?

Other News:

Well folks, it’s that time of year: the holidays. I took last week off, and I’m planning on taking this Wednesday off too. I know, I suck. After this we’re back to our regular schedule though.

I hope everyone here had a great Christmas – or whatever you celebrate – and has a safe and happy (and zombie-free) new year.

Discussion Question: New Year’s Resolution?

This question’s a no brainer: with the new year starting in a couple days, what’s everyone’s new year’s resolution?

I’m probably going to do two. First is a classic, boring one: get into better shape. You know, just like everyone else. My other resolution is one I try to do every year: try to improve my overall outlook on things. In other words, I want to be more positive.



Someone found a typo alert in episode 427, and for not the first time, it wasn’t me who found it! 😀

Nom Zoms

Typo: I suck -> I’m the awesomest. :p It’s no problem, Dave, all of us need a break sometime.


I think Dave should make another resolution: Try to improve sentence structure a little. The “visual/olfactory/auditory” in the second last sentence of the Zombie Cliche Lookout really could have been done without the / characters plus if that kind of word grouping happens to come on the end of a line, the whole lot can get word wrapped to the next line leaving a gaping hole at the end of the sentence.

I’ll leave it up to Dave if he actually wants to make that sentence look better but being lazy just smacks of being rushed as if a horde of zombies is on your back! 😀


As for this episode itself, I find it funny (odd) that there’s both a fire extinguisher and an axe on the wall behind them, and Sarah didn’t take the opportunity to grab either, and Sam still has a suitcase which is probably going to be rather useless after it hits a zombie or two. 😀

Maybe he’ll get lucky and his boss will become a zombie so he no longer has to worry about paperwork! 😀

Foolish Lego

Ah yes, I think you are absolutely right! But you never know what’s in a suitcase 😛 (all though this isn’t a suitcase but a laptop… )


I went on the color, and the fact that it was rectangular. Carrying a laptop folded didn’t help me a lot. Note that if anyone in a zombie apocalypse wants to know exactly what some zombie was wearing the answer they’re most likely to receive is “whatever”. 😀 I strongly suggest not asking why! 😉


It’s totally useless, indeed. Sam is carrying it because he doesn’t understand the extent of the situation yet. He’s thinking he’ll just bring his work home with him until whatever happens blows over.


Right. That’s given me a chuckle since they decided to take off (for the day, or so he thinks). Carrying his trusty, rusty laptop is just the height of geekiness (he probably thinks he’ll be able to use Google maps along the way, or something. He probably has an air card or mobile hot spot, too).

Poor, poor Sam.

Hey, Dave, does that girl come in any other set besides the 3-in-1 house? I ask because that’s one of the sets I got for Christmas. I really like it, even though the garage is too small for the DeLorean time machine. 😉


“Hey, Dave, does that girl come in any other set besides the 3-in-1 house?”
I was lucky enough to pick up that orange torso piece at the LEGO shop, in the ‘Build your own minifigure’ station in The Rockefeller Centre. It seemed to be the only one, not sure how it got there though.


That’s pretty cool. The best torso I’ve found is the female deputy. I haven’t found a way to really use it yet, though.


I think it’s one of the coolest female bodies I’ve seen. I love the color.

Foolish Lego

First the typo-alert: in other news; “everyone hear had a” should be “everyone here had a” (how could you have missed that Brickvoid :P)

My new years resolutions; I am gonna work a little harder on my website, especially the Lego-comic, spend still more time on an important work-project, and keep better track of my finances… 🙂


Easy! The more complex the typo, the more likely I’ll either spot it late or miss it! 😀

Say that fast a few times, you’ll get the idea after 2-3 repeats … 😉


Where new years resolutions are concerned, I resolve not to make any! That way I’m covered either way! 😉


It kind of comes from this movie where there’s a Leprechaun who got captured by some Irish fellow and was always getting his wishes taken away when he made four wishes, until at the last recapture of the Leprechaun in the movie, he states for his fourth wish “I wish you would not grant my wish” thus freeing him from getting trapped by the Leprechaun taking away his wishes if he accidentally wished for a fourth wish.

Same principle, just that if I make my resolution not to make any new years resolutions, I’m covered whether I later decide to make one or not, because I’ve already canceled it out! 😀

Superblok2 (AKA Shifted_Beef)

My resolution is to spend more time outside, I mean I spend lots of time outside, but spend some time out without a gun. Maybe just go for a walk with my girlfriend.


Going for a walk with the girlfriend, but without the gun?

Blaspheme, I say. Blaspheme.


Goals for the new year:
Get into graduate school.
Eat more whole grains.
Go fishing and camping more.
Get that stupid 2-meter radio installed in my car.
Get my bugout vehicle on the road (currently not running).
Get that preps closet reorganized. Using it for Christmas storage and such really left it in a shambles.


Fast or slow zombies? Personally fast ones scare me more. I’m not built for speed and would much rather deal with a slow but relentless pursuer then one as fast or faster then myself. But since you mentioned NotLD in this post and becasue the fire axe is mentioned in several posts I feel a little variance on the equation here is fair game. I got a chance to watch that classic film again over the holiday break (some network was apparently tired of Christmas specials) and I noticed something that hadn’t registered with me before. A LOT of Romero’s zeds were using tools. Nothing complicated, no crowbars for prying open doors or anything, but several did use clubs to beat on fortified doors and there is, of course, the famous scene where the zombified girl stabs her mother repeatedly with a trowel. I know that zeds re-learing to use tools has been a theme in some more recent zombie flicks. I even remember some comics from the 80’s where the undead were fully sentient and could talk and think. But here is the question in my mind, could the zeds actually use basic tools to pursue their prey? If so how far would that ability go?

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