Episode 424: Us or Them

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Justifications

At the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, people are going to have a tough time adapting. There will be denial. People will hesitate to kill. We’ve been civilized a long time, and that’s likely to cost us a lot of lives as we adapt to the new reality of living in an undead world. I believe that this is what will help the zombie outbreak take hold. Yes, zombies are pretty easy to take out, but in those initial weeks and months, people won’t be willing to do what’s necessary. And after that initial time, it’ll be too late.

One interesting thing is that this will happen at both a macro and micro level. Society in general will need to learn to overcome their aversion to violence, but each person and group will need to make that choice individually as well. It’s either that or perish.

About this Episode:

This is another episode that I added outside my original timeline. Originally, Sam and Sarah were just supposed to run away, but I wanted to address Sam’s hesitancy to strike.

Discussion Question: Fast Reaction Time

Zombie movies are often criticised for their characters not knowing how to deal with zombies, or even knowing what they are. Zombie movies tend to exist in a parallel reality where zombie movies don’t exist, which explains why characters don’t know to destroy the brain and keep coming up with stupid names for the zeds (geeks, biters, etc.).

Our reality is quite different. Zombies are enjoying their biggest popularity in history, and almost everyone knows how to handle them. With that in mind, what do you think real people’s responses would be to a zombie outbreak? Would they handle things quickly, or be in denial? Would people hesitate more because they’re familiar with zombie movies, simply because of disbelief?


Mattias G

Very nicely done! Been following since the beginning and love it!

As for the question, I think that people, or most of them, will react to the outbreak with a sense of violence and a sense of sadness. They will know how to react, and they will react accordingly. The problem comes up when someone they know gets infected in the beginning. This will be tough to deal with and as such may be the downfall of some would be heroes.


People tend to live in denial, especially when it comes to rapidly changing events, or those that challenge their paradigms. Any kind of societal collapse will put them in trouble, big time.

I am hoping that their slowness to react will give me from twelve to twenty-four hours to get my plans executed. After that, all bets are off.


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I think I see what happened here, Sarah figured out what they had to do to the zombies and Sam didn’t quite get it, yet somehow he lived and she died to reanimate, presumably forcing him to kill her reanimated zombie once he realizes what he has to do.

But what is interesting, to me at least, is does she get that message across to him somehow before she dies or does Sam realize it after the fact?

Foolish Lego

I would definitely go for denial. I still see Zeds as something of fiction and I have no clue as how a Zombie (human) could exist in this world. I know quiet a bit about the human body and there is absolutely no way Zombies could exist as they do in the books or movies.

Lets just hope I’m right about this 😛


One of the most difficult aspects of “survival game” is recognizing the emergency right at the beginning. The sooner you see, or even anticipate, the Schumer hitting the fan, the more time you’ll have to get your preparations together and get to where you are going. If you have to get the kids from school, or meet at your rally point.

I wish I had more advice; but I think that practice might be a good idea, like fire drills.


Yes, I do believe most people would react like morons, but there are still many people like me and my friends who would turn into those guys who get in the “Kill Busses” and slaughter zombies for fun. I mean, we already have a bug-out plan and have spent a combined 10k on survival gear and weaponry. I know it sounds like a lot, but its like $300 a person. We even have modified a bulldozer so the cab is reinforced and has a trailer option. I’m not just ready for zombies, Im ready for ANYTHING.
I would not hesitate to round up my buddies and prepare if we caught wind of mass homicide in the cities or people shuffling the streets in a trance, attacking anyone who goes near them.


I pretty sure if there was a zombie outbreak I would be ready for it. I’m already a scary person and o know how to us a blade and a bow. That and I can be very heartless sometimes sadly.


If it a Zpoc ever does happen there will probably be a major kill point difference. I dont know how it woukd be possible but it would probably be like you have to crush the left toe.


Whoa. Is that some corporate lingo, or something I am not getting?

Explain, in monosyllabic works.



As a person who lives out in the middle of no where I’d probably just prepare all my things.. Do some reinforcements and take a long sit to think about what exactly this means in the long run.


When you live out in the sticks, you prepare for the wave of refugees that’s sure to hit.

“Just keep movin’. Scarecrow. Just keep on movin’…”


(I’m a bit late to this discussion)
I think that though in the US, riots would break out in days, but in the UK, we may have some time to go out and stock up at large shops while everyone just sits at home thinking “It couldn’t possibly happen to us.” Now I have mentioned to a “small few” about my preps, and now I’m getting people saying “if there’s a zombie apocalypse, I’ll just come to your house where you’ll just be a zombie that can’t stand up ’cause of all that riot gear you have.” Good luck to them I say. If I haven’t bugged out by then, I’ll be ready for their arrival.


Once that genie is out of the bottle it is damned hard to impossible to get it back in. The way I see it, there are two possible solutions: The first is to look them squarely in the eyes and say, in all seriousness, “If you come knocking on my door, it had better be with your elbows, because your hands are full of tool and supplies. Otherwise, I will treat you just like the refugee you are.” The other solution is to brush them off and nonchalantly say, “Go ahead. You’re welcome to whatever you can find, because I will be long gone.”

Either works.


Dave, is everything all right on your end? I notice you haven’t posted relies to my typo alerts, even! Hope all is well at your house! 😀


Yeah, everything’s cool. Had a busy last couple of days is all. I’m fixing those typos now.

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