Episode 406: Cover Me

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: I Got This

As I’ve said countless times before, teamwork is going to be an important part of surviving the zombie apocalypse. Figuring out people’s strengths and weaknesses, then using those to work together to overcome obstacles is going to be an important skill for any leader. That means compromise, keeping your mouth shut when you’d rather not, and learning when you can trust people and when you can’t. It’s easy to let personal thoughts cloud your judgement, and if you’re not careful about that, you and everyone in your group can end up as zombie food.

So when someone that you don’t think you can really trust tells you that they can handle something, you’ve got a pretty important decision to make. Can they, in fact, handle it? Can you trust them to do what they say they’re going to do, or is this all just cover for some other plan. Better figure it out fast, because the zombies are coming and they look hungry.

About this Episode:

I’m trying something a little different with this strip: I shot the whole thing using a 25mm prime lens. I generally use an 18-55mm zoom, but I’ve been wanted to get a more cinematic look lately, which means I want a really shallow depth of field in a lot of my photography. My zoom lens can only open the aperture so far, so I decided to try this prime, which gives me a lot more latitude. It’s taking some getting used to, but I think it’s a fun experiment.

Discussion Question: Review Question

Okay, this discussion question is super specific. I recently played The Last of Us, a zombie game on Playstation 3, and was just completely blown away. We already have a spoiler-free review by Rollen, but I’m wondering if anyone here would be interested in a different review with lots of spoilers to discuss the plot throughout the game. Any interest, or should I pass?

22 thoughts on “Episode 406: Cover Me”

  1. That games story… Holy shit.. Phew.

    • Yes indeed.

  2. I’m beginning to wonder where Dave is going with this part of the comic. I mean, it’s okay that they suddenly want to save Lou, but – why? They’re doing something I’d never consider doing in a zombie apocalypse.

    I also wonder if Dave is able to post? He didn’t answer any questions from Friday’s strip. 😀 I sure hope he’s got the zombies under control! 😉

    • I don’t think them wanting to save Lou is that unusual; he’s a living person and it’s tough to just abandon someone to be eaten by zombies. Especially because he’s completely helpless.

      As far as Friday goes… yeah. I’ve had a very busy last few days. Apologies for that.

  3. I love this building tension in the group. It’s going to come to a tipping point soon. I just feel it.

    As for game reviews, since I don’t play them spoilers won’t offend me. See, we’re not allowed to have any violent video games in the house per my wife’s orders. Settled that in a hurry.

    • A most unfortunately rule, Bo.

      • It’s not too bad. I just spend my money on other things. Sure, I’d love the teenybopper games; but after the lecture at my son’s school last night on appropriate games and internet activity, ah, well, I can do without.

        • Well now my interest is piqued. What was this lecture?

        • Just the typical school fair on keeping kids safe , mostly on the internet, with an interesting segue into Grand Theft Auto 4.

          Yeah, we send our oldest to a Lutheran school; it did make me feel a little guilty. Since we don’t have any “M”-rated games in the house, a little less…

  4. Review the Last of Us. Being a 360 player and still debating on which console to upgrade to on next-gen, I may never experience it, but I would love to see your take on it.

    • Good reasoning here.

      Just a quick spoiler: it’s amazing.

  5. Something about Inez dragging off Lou just cracked me up. 🙂

    • You and me both.

  6. I guess Lou is lucky that Inez isn’t dragging him off whilst holding him by his feet only 😉

    • Hah, I wish I would have thought about that.

  7. Are we to take Lou’s rather strange silence as a sign of things to come? Or is the poor guy getting a bit deaf after having been hit in the head? 😀

    • I thinking he’s just trying to keep his mouth shut until he’s out of danger.

      • I think the blow to his head affected him more than he thinks it did! 😀 Most people would not want someone who just hit them in the head to drag them off to their car! 😉

        • Not unless Lou likes his women to treat him rough 😀

        • @Dex – And who doesn’t?

      • I have been operating on the assumption that he knows he’s been found out about something since Inez’s comments about what’s out back so he’s keeping mum.

        • That’s a pretty damn good theory, Mike.