Episode 396: Showdown

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Infighting

Survival in the zombie apocalypse is difficult enough, but survivors almost always make it more difficult by getting into arguments with each other. Naturally, this is often unavoidable. When it comes to making decisions, it’s never easy to get people to agree on the best course of action. That goes double when the danger of getting eaten by zombies is a factor. And when you add in lack of food and sleep, strong personalities are going to clash. Sooner or later, it’s going to come to a head.

In worst case scenarios, this happens either right when the zombies show up, or right in the middle of a zombie showdown. You know, because people don’t already have enough to deal with. Simmering tensions build up over time, and all they need is a nice dose of outside stress to push them over the top. For those taking notes, here’s a quick version: strong personalities + lack of resources + danger = giant interpersonal conflict.

About this Episode:

Murphy is, slowly but surely, looking like a character from a video game. He’s got a backpack for supplies, ammo pouches, two firearms (plus another if you count the shotgun he just sat down), and a backup melee weapon. I guess that’s what zombie survival looks like (at least in comics).

Discussion Question: Keeping the Peace

People can be a real pain sometimes, and the more people you have in your group, the harder it’s going to be to keep the peace. So, as the hero in your own zombie survival adventure story, how are you going to go about the business of keeping everyone working together, or at very least not at each others’ throats?

That’s right, people problems. And you thought surviving zombies was going to be your biggest challenge.

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    • It’s fine! Just keep up the good work 🙂

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      • No, I think you’re before my time, Legoman 400

      • I remember. How’s it going?

        • really wishing something interesting would happen, like a zombie apocalypse.

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      • I don’t get it either. I’ve only had it happen to me a couple of times, and there never really appears to be a reason for it.

  2. Probably just give everyone a sense of security. My plan relies on turtling, so if I have a group, I’ll make sure my fortress is strong, safe, and well guarded. The best way to avoid outside stress is to eliminate it. And if people start fighting each other for no reason, same punishment as if it was a military force. Spend some time in the guardhouse.

    • I think you’re onto something at the end here. Keeping people busy is going to keep them from having time to get bored and angry.

  3. The best way to keep the peace in a disaster is to work on your group dynamic now. Know your people. Know their limitations and their abilities. Fill your group with people you already know and trust. Make associations with like-minded individuals and families now. Make sure that they all have their own supplies to minimize greed and envy. Hopefully your group members won’t try to steal your rifle if they each have their own. Do your best to ensure that each member of your group is equally yoked.

    Be a leader that leads from the front. That is, don’t order your people to do anything you’re not already doing yourself. Don’t be an “HR” type leader- the folks that don’t lead, they “manage”. They can’t do the jobs they order other folks to do. Get in there and show the folks you can do it yourself.

    Finally, don’t tolerate any BS from any members of the group. If they don’t like the way things are going, they can take their kit and bug out. I am not running a democracy. If I am in my own retreat, they are my rules. If it is someone else’s retreat, and I still don’t like the rules, I will practice what I preach and head on down the road. What I will not tolerate are infringements upon my life, liberty, or property. I am not living in a hippy commune; and I am sure as hell not giving up my kit for any “greater good”.

    On the topic of the comic, if Inez is about to bring up something like that in her rationalization and equivocation, Murphy should slap her right in the gob.

    • Very good points, Bo.

      How would you apply this to ad hoc groups? Say disaster strikes while you’re traveling and you find yourself with a bunch of random people?

      • Not a whole lot different, I think. Rules of decorum and basic morality still apply. Try to take my kit or lay your hands on me or my family and I reply with force. Where that force sits on the continuum. I like to just escalate it. Consider that in the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse stealing food is the same as attempted murder. Meeting it with deadly force is justified.

        So in an ad hoc group the same rules apply. I am going to keep my family safe. I am going to keep my head down, and not ask anyone to do anything I am not willing to do myself.

        I think I would jettison Inez in a hurry. She’s a liability.

  4. Typo alert: Zombie Cliche Lookout, second paragraph, third sentence, after the comma: “he’s” should be “here’s”! 😀

    • Oops. Let me fix that.

  5. Inez is probably right, but she would be advised to hurry her explanation along, those zombies are already outside (one of which we know about) chewing on fresh zombie chow! 😀

    • Indeed; zombies wait for no man (or woman).

  6. She says “It’s not that Simple” just after Murphy explained it.. Pretty simply.

    • True, but Inez was gone for quite a while. Perhaps she knows something that Murphy doesn’t.