Episode 393: I’ll Be Right Back

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Fear of Being Alone

A lot of people aren’t comfortable being alone, whether that means in a dark house at night, or without a significant other. Having someone else around that you can count on – or at least that you think you can count on – is a huge comfort. And, like so many other things we discuss here, this comfort becomes all the more important in the midst of the zombie apocalypse.

And if you’re faced with some sort of disadvantage – let’s say a prior injury leaves you unable to run – having someone else around is bound to save your life sooner or later.

About this Episode:

Boy am I glad to be out of that dark store – at least for now.

For those of you who are interested in what our other characters are doing, don’t worry, we’ll be checking in with them fairly soon.

Discussion Question: A Zombie Vaccine?

Let’s say that you’ve been surviving in the living hell of the zombie apocalypse for a while now. You’ve managed to adjust fairly well to the new challenges, and have a decently safe place to live, with a good stockpile of food, weapons, and medical supplies. It’s not exactly a dream come true, but you’re doing pretty well for yourself.

Suddenly, you start hearing rumors about a potential treatment of vaccine for the zombie plague. It won’t save you from getting killed by zeds, but it might just keep a single bit or scratch from bringing you down. But here’s the problem: it’s not tested. Also, the journey to get there it potentially quite dangerous.

So do you take the risk and try it, or sit tight for a while and hope your luck holds out? Does it make a difference if you’re on your own or in a group? What is your decision process?

18 thoughts on “Episode 393: I’ll Be Right Back”

  1. Haah. ”Stay put”.

    As for the discussion question, I would stay home. It’s just a rumor, and it probably isn’t anything.

    • If I was alone, I’d likely do the same thing. Wife and kids? Well that’s a tougher call.

  2. Hopefully this is a case of temporary paralysis. Disabling a man is pretty damn extreme.

    As for the vaccine? I wouldn’t believe it in the first place. I’d probably ignore it and keep on with my day to day life. If it does end up being true and tested? Well hell ya.

    • Thouuugggh… It would be an adventure…

      Reason versus hell ya adventure..

      • It’s hard to argue with adventure.

  3. In this webcomic, that crash noise will be zombies, 95% chance! 😀

    As for Brent’s statement, he must have picked up a book from the Department of Redundancy! 😀

    • I’m glad that’s the reputation I’m earning, because zombies are super cool.

      • I have a discussion question for you: Would zombies be even more terrifying if they ate other zombies? That is to say, if a zombie didn’t care whether it’s target was alive or zombified, and would eat another zombie if it saw it, would it increase the terror factor or decrease it?

        A second part to this question could be what possible reason could they have to eat other zombies?

        Keep up the good work! 😉

        • I’d have to say no, because then they would be attacking each other, and big hordes wouldn’t be as possible.

  4. A lot depends on where the rumor comes from. When I’m alone chances are I’ll go and take a look into the reality behind the rumors. When I’m with a group… I honestly wouldn’t know what I would do…. It all depends so much on so much factors concerning the group. (If the group is doing fairly well, and I have a wife and kids for example… I would go and throw myself in danger I guess…. unless… )

    Just wondering, Why did they take Lou outside in the first place?
    I like the paralyzed story, curious as to where you will be going with this…

    • “I wouldn’t” not “I would” haha (unless my wife and kids are worse than the Zombies…ahum… )

      • But on the other hand, if you could bring back something that could potentially protect your wife and kids, it might be worth the risk.

  5. Man, he calls him bro after 1 minutes of knowing him. This says a lot about that charter.

    • That’s how Brent rolls.

  6. I won’t leave a place of known relative safety for rumored unknown safety. I have a healthy distrust of scuttlebutt and empty promises. Remember The Walking Dead, and their desire to get to Atlanta?

    Yeah, that’s not me. I am not going into any FEMA or Red Cross “shelters”. We prepare precisely to avoid that situation.

    I think if I heard any such rumors, whether ham traffic or refugees moving through the area, I would smile, nod my head, and say, “Yeah? Sounds cool. Why don’t you go check it out for me…”

    • “Yeah? Sounds cool. Why don’t you go check it out for me…”“Yeah? Sounds cool. Why don’t you go check it out for me…”

      Sounds like a pretty good approach to me, Bo.

  7. From the store owner’s perspective this is all pretty mean. They barge into “His” store and Inez knocks him out and now Brent’s leaving him for zombie food. . . . yah pretty harsh.

    • Yes indeed. Tomorrow’s discussion question is going to addressing that.