Episode 386: One is the Loneliest Number

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Everyone’s Lonely

Zombie apocalypse or otherwise, we all need some companionship, right? At the end of the day, human beings are social animals. We need each other. Sure, it’s fun to think about being the lone survivalist mountain man that can do anything on their own (I suppose, anyway; that’s not my idea of a good time). The reality is, that’s just not very realistic. Even the more hardcore among us (certainly not me) need help from time to time. We get sick. We get tired. We need to poop. So what do we do when we need someone to watch out back when there’s no one there?

Of course, it’s not always as simple as needing someone to help us kill zombies. Finding a good buddy or two who likes shoot zeds in the face shouldn’t be too challenging, right? Well what if we want something a little more complicated than that? A romantic relationship, perhaps? Well that gets more complicated. And if you lump in a bunch of guilt about the propagation of the human race? Well you’re well on your way to being a dangerous nut job.

About this Episode:

I rewrote that last panel a few times. I wanted Lou to be creepy, but not too creepy. So that you could call this the musings of a deeply disturbed and very dangerous person, or just a dude who’s lonely.

Other News:

I’m 33 today. Yay me.

Discussion Question: Zombie Survival: The Dating Game

This one’s just for fun. We’ll split into two groups here. If you – like me – are married or in a serious relationship, talk about how well you and your significant other would get along in the zombie apocalypse. For the single, talk about what you’d look for in a post-apocalyptic survival mate.



Great, this opens up a year’s worth of comics just exploring this option! 😀

I suppose Dave could have a lot of fun with this guy’s personality implications err traits! 😉


Happy Birthday Dave!
I have been off the map for some time, so some news here.
For the discussion question, I know ‘someone’ lives in a housing estate like 5 minutes run from where I am, all I need is a stepladder to scale the back wall, and then I attempt a rescue. It might fail, but I’m plotting Google Earth maps in my study to see if I manage the rescue/supply run. I know the person, they are great at dancing and stuff, meaning they could be good at using weapons and all that.

Speaking of weapons, this Sunday I’m off to clear out an old garage. Anything we don’t take home gets scrapped, so I will use this as an opportunity to get hold of..
-Bucket (No functional plumbing in the ZA :p )
I might have mentioned there are no weapons at my house, so now is a good time to restock.

Also, new profile picture. My official logo now.



I watched a documentary once that said dancing and martial arts used the same talents, so if that’s true, you’re “someone” might turn into a kung fu master.

Sir Marius

Well happy birthday.

Somehow I kinda saw this one coming.

In all honesty, I wouldn’t care about the whole ‘saving the human race’ thing, which to me sounds like a strategy for AFTER things have calmed down some. I would just be a lonely guy needing a companion, kind of like the Doctor. My survival plan involves doing my best to make friends with the people who show up, and turtling in one spot. My companion would have to be someone pretty easy to live with, who appreciates my tastes, and is at least marginally skilled with weapons, so that she’s not a damsel in distress all the time.
Like I said, I would be a lot like the Doctor, so a female companion to stop my inevitable loneliness and go on adventures with is more the goal than someone to ‘save humanity’ with.


I’ve never seen a “saving the human race” idea in a book or movie that wasn’t super creepy.


I’m married. This would only change in a zombie apocalypse if the zeds got one of us. We wouldn’t go into “repopulate the world” mode… at least, not until we’d found some security. We’d continue to emotionally support one another through that difficult time, just as we did after our car accident back in ’08, and all the other little emergencies life throws at us.


Happy Birthday!! And also I feel that relationships would be similar to The Walking Dead. Like how they kinda just happened. For example Shane and Andrea just were like Lets Go! And Maggie and Glenn kinda just were like Lets Go! I can see that not all relationships would be like this, but for the most part its kind of a last man last woman on earth scenario….


Happy Birthday, Dave!

I’m pretty sure the ZA would ruin my marriage. All the “I told you so”s would get on his nerves such that he would walk outside the house and welcome the first zed he met. 😀


Damn Dave you’re so old, just cryptic dust n’ bones now man. Dust n’ bones.


Haven’t you figured it out yet? The first zombie appeared when Dave bit hijm! 😀



Happy Birthday Dave, hope you’ve had a good one.

With regard to the discussion question…I’m single at the moment and finding it difficult to find the ‘right’ person with just the stresses of everyday life……never mind adding the added stress of a Zombie Apocalypse 😀


happy b-day dave!!!

it sucks thinking about this but my fiancee wouldnt be able to hold up well in the ZA due to her extreme asthma but if we were held up in a good place i think we would be solid relationship wise


Happy Birthday Dave!

My missus had a black belt in Judo back in the day so fingers crossed it all comes back to her!

Nom Zoms

Happy birthday, Dave! I don’t think Lou is too creepy. Not saying he isn’t, but not that bad. So what did you get?

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