Episode 360: Happy Ending

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Can’t Rain All the Time

By all accounts, the zombie apocalypse is going to be a real downer. All that death and destruction. Whole families torn apart by armies of the walking dead. Dogs and cats, living together (ahem, excuse me. I got carried away there). Despite all this, we’ll still have victories to celebrate. Friends and families reunited, surviving against all odds, finding a cache of Chef Boyardi in a long abandoned WalMart, et cetera, et cetera.

So, yeah. Sometimes I’m a big softie.

About this Episode:

Ted’s default head is dual sides, which means every time I shoot him from behind, I have to swap out his head to prevent the extra face from showing under his hair. For this episode, I used the face from Rae, the security guard who helped Sam. It was kind of creepy.

Go to bed Ted, you're drunk.


Other News:

In light of the Forth of July holiday here in the US, today will be the last update for the week. We’ll return on Monday to our regular schedule. I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend.

Discussion Question: Name Some Characters

So, as you can see, we’ve got three new characters in the story, and they’re going to need names. So I’d love some suggestions. Of course, these have to be normal sounding names, so if you suggest TurboGoblinSlay3rrrr for Ted’s wife, I’m probably not going to use it.

51 thoughts on “Episode 360: Happy Ending”

  1. Just sayin, this is my favorite title ever. Can Ted’s kids be Eric and Shelly?

    • Glad you like it!

  2. ted jr,tom,tomy i dunno

    • Ted does seem like a guy who would want to name his son after himself.

  3. How about Patrick, Sandy, and Puff? Or maybe Leon, Claire, and Rebecca! Implement as another idea Carl, Sophia, and Michonne. Of course you can never rule out Joel, Tess, and Ellie. As you can see I’m gonna have a hard time if I have to name a child.

    But seriously, Victor Danielle, and Kate are all a possibility?

    • Don’t you mean Patrick, Sandy and Robert (Bob)?

      • Ahh, but that means there are two males, and we need two females. But you guessed where I was going with this.

      • This is obviously a reference, but I can’t place it. Little help?

        • Dude Guy Geometric Shorts

    • Ah yes, remember when all the girls were named Michonne?

  4. choose two names that EVERYBODY has, like David, or in 80’s terms, Tiffiny

    • I don’t want any characters sharing my name. That’d be weird.

      • Especially if you have to kill them off…

        • Indeed.

        • O.o

    • yea, especially the fat that i know seven daves or davids, but since i saw the movie Ted recently, lets call ’em Lori and Robert

  5. Ted’s wife : Darlene, Tina or Melissa
    Daughter : Becky, Nicole or Kelly
    Son : Nick, Nima or Templeton Xavier Manard the Unclean One

    • I can definitely see Tina for the wife. Melissa is Mrs. of the Dead’s name, so I just can’t do that.

  6. Carol, Cindy, and Bobby.

    • Hah!

  7. Cant rain all the time? Man you got that right! Im getting a little sick of contemporary sci-fi or fantasy authors trying to redefine their genres by going in the exact opposite direction and making everything miserable and dark and arbitrary ALL the time. As far as names go, they look like a real WASPy bunch to me. Rich, but not necessarily old money. Ted and the wife probably met in college at some fraternity formal. So Im thinking Denise for the wife and Chad and Becky for the klids.

    • I couldn’t agree more with this. A little grittiness for realism is fine, but the way that seems popular these days is crazy.

  8. How about Maggie for the wife? She seems like a Maggie to me for some reason. For the kids, how about Katie and Ryan?

    • I like Maggie, but with The Walking Dead being as popular as it is, I’d hesitate to use it.

  9. I’m glad you are bringing some kids into the comic finally, this will make it a little more interesting. But I also think you need to bring all the surviving groups together somehow, because It kinda gets hard to follow when you go back to another group after several weeks of sticking to one.

    Maybe this group needs supplies too and they can meet at that shop thing that Murphy’s group was going to. I dunno, but it would be easier if the groups all merged.

    Also a couple other things I noticed in this comic; #1 is that Barb just saved everyone’s lives and no one seemed to thank her (yet anyways). The children just run and hug their father, which is totally understandable, but I can see Barb getting a little upset if everyone just kinda forgets about her. I can also see her getting even more upset if Ted’s family gives him the credit for saving them.

    And for #2 I can see Ted’s wife being a little suspicious/jealous of Barb and maybe thinking that for some reason there is something between her (Barb) and Ted. Especially because Barb is younger than Ted’s wife.

    So those are just my thoughts. But I still love your comic and I think you are doing a great job. I think it would be interesting if at least one of the things I predicted above happened.

    • You know, I’ve thought quite a bit about bringing all the groups together. I’m still not sure. I like being able to bounce between storylines.

  10. TurboGoblinSlay3rrrr ? Man, that’s going to be hard to beat… But since you already have plenty of reasonable proposals, I’ll suggest to name the kids “Luke” and “Leia” because Ted and his wife Gillian (Gil, for her friends) actually met at a Comicon when they were young. Their mutual passion for Star Wars is what drew them to each other and when they got married they promised each other to name their kids after their heroes.
    How’s that for a slice of fried gold?

    • I’m all in for that proposal.

    • Please say it was a cosplay wedding….please!

      • Of course it was a cosplay wedding, with the Star Wars main theme in place of Mendelssohn’s Wedding March… (now that I think of it, these two music do share some strange similarities).

        • It would probably look a lot like that cheesy TV Christmas special they did back in 1978.

        • I Still have that on VHS (SYN)

    • Nice!


  11. Okay, the wife is obviously a trophy wife. Check out the Farrah hair, blazer and white slacks for confirmation. She needs to be a Katherine or an Elizabeth. The daughter probably goes to private school (not that this is a bad thing) and is a Claire or an Emily or the aforementioned Tiffany or Kelly.

    I completely agree that the boy is a tiny Ted, Jr. I can almost hear the phrase, “That’s my little Teddy!” uttered from Ted’s lips. :-S

    • Nice job Kim. I don’t fully understand why, but your post has now nexorably burned Ted into my brain as Judge Elihu Smails from Caddyshack.

      • I can see that. He seems like a blowhard.

      • Awesome. My job here is done. 🙂

    • I’m definitely digging Tiffany for the little girl.

  12. Vivian, Ashley, Carlton 😉

  13. Yay! A happy ending!

  14. I’d like to second the Ted Jr.

    Sheila and Mary for other names.

  15. I do have one pressing question did he get bit?!?!?

  16. There is usually a happy ending.

  17. $oulH@rVezteR777, 36oNo$COPE$zombYSluatr, Kathrine.

    • You have my vote.

      • Thank you Greg, I’ll admit $oulH@rVezteR777 is the middle name of my great grandfather and I was kind of trying to sneak a little bit of myself into the comic.

  18. :3

  19. Yeah. That is creepy.

    It’s nice to see a happy ending for once.
    Now, I’m with the group on the idea of Ted Jr., but I’m not sure about the wife and daughter. Maybe Rachel for the kid and the previously mentioned Katherine for the wife?

  20. Straight from the movie ted, lori, robert, and tamilynn… however the hell you spell that

    • nothing? alright