Episode 349: Bye Bye

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Facing Down a Gun

Okay, so this one is more of an action movie or western trope, but that’s no reason it can’t show up in a zombie flick. That’s right, I’m talking about the hero having to look down the long barrel of the bad guy’s gun while the bad guy makes some snide remark. Like a lot of other things we’ve been seeing lately, it’s there to show the hero’s total domination by the bad guy. Here he sits, on his butt, while his enemy stands over him with a sub-machine gun. All in all, not a great situation to find yourself in, but just par for the course for an action hero (as I have no doubt Clark imagines himself).

About this Episode:

Continuing along with these episodes, you can see Barb the background racking her shotgun like Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2. Yeah, I totally did that on purpose, because why wouldn’t I?

Also, this prisoner seems to be pretty handy in a fight.

Discussion Question: Amenities

You find yourself on the run in the midst of the zombie apocalypse, and the sun is setting. You need to find a place to hole up for the night – maybe longer. Let’s imagine you’re in some sort of suburban sprawl area. Think light to medium residential, commercial, and maybe some light industry (warehouses, and smaller manufacturing). You don’t have much in the way of supplies, so you’ll need to find someplace that you can get into without too much trouble, and that you can secure without any real tools.

What are you looking for? Are you going to try to camp out in a convenience store? Perhaps an abandoned home? A smaller business that people wouldn’t likely look (a print shop, perhaps?).

What factors are you looking for that invite you in? What might you see that would make you walk away?

22 thoughts on “Episode 349: Bye Bye”

  1. I would probably go for the abandoned home because it probably wouldn’t be too hard to defend because the house would have much fewer places to have to watch out for and it probably would be easy to clear of any possible zeds occupying it.

    • Plus maybe there will be some Chef Boyardi.

  2. I recently got the idea of turning an old theater into a safe haven. I went to a show at Harpo’s in Detroit recently, and that place already felt fortified. Of course that probably means someone else got there first, and that couldn’t end well.

    From a basic survival standpoint, I would look for a business near a grocery store if possible (or a CVS, there’s tons of those), preferably someplace without a lot of windows (windows are the main reason why I don’t like the idea of holding up in a grocery). Then you can have one or two people in the group do a quick scout of nearby stores for supplies, while the rest of the group sets up for the night… tends wounds… etc…

    • I’ve only been to Harpos once, but it does seem like a great place to turn into a fortress. However, I wouldn’t like the location. Too populous.

    • I pass that place every time I have to go downtown. It was a fortress before you guys were born! Any bar/concert venue that close to the city and with easy I-94 access would get robbed every weekend if it wasn’t. Not to mention that the regular clientele are usually a pretty rough crowd, at least there were back in the days where they used to book a lot of hard rock and or metal bands.

      • How many Michiganders are readers here? We should do a meetup.

        • Well, you got a New Jerseian here, so you have at least 2 states. Most likely i would use the nerd surivival and athletic skills obtained from video game, i’m skinny as hell, and build a damned treehouse. Easy to keep zombies out, easy to build, and there are these huge, sprawling trees in the woods around my town. When the zombies strike, The Treehouse Emperor shall rise. Seriously, i could connect multiple houses via bridge and build a freakin’ empire to rule.

  3. id probably hole up in a conveience store because some of them have bared windows , some supplies and the small space is easier to clear out than a grocery store

    hey if they can stand robbers they can stand zombies

    • A convenience store in a bad part of town would likely be quite secure.

  4. “Yeah, I totally did that on purpose, because why wouldn’t I?”
    Bwa, ha, ha! AND THIS is why i love his strip! 😀

    • Thank you, sir.

  5. supermarkets are not a good choice as bases they pose a host of problems
    1 they are hard to secure 2 in the early stages of the outbreak the food and water supplies would be quickly depleted 3 the high glass windows provide NO protection from the undead 4 and there very complex

    it would be wise to avoid supermarkets as a base

    • I wouldn’t want to be in a supermarket after the power went out, that’s for damn sure.

  6. Some one is about to go shotgun surgeon on that prisoner.

    • Maybe so.

  7. I think I’d be able to hole up pretty well in a police station. With any luck, there would still be some sort of weapons and maybe a few living cops. Only issue I can think of is food. It would also be easy to fortify, because come on, it’s a police station.

  8. I’m leaning towards an office or office complex. Mine has a lot of offices with heavy doors with small windows. There are a few windows facing the packing lot but they are tinted and hard to see through. That’s how most are in FL. We also have a fridge in the breakroom with tons of food. It it’s early on, my office is a great spot. Even if you have to break in, there are plenty of secure areas and cover.

  9. hey dave, im maybe making a webcomic. I’m calling it= Dr. How, Miami’s greatest detective. Kinda making fun of Dr. Who, but Dr. How doesn’t have any fancy gadgets, just his partner, and the F.A.R.T.I.S. but i don’t wan’t to quit like i did with my last 2 comics, HOW do you keep up with a comic like this for 3 years?

    • This is a good question. You should post it in the forum so it doesn’t get lost.

  10. I think I’d camp out in a bank. You never know, maybe the zombie apocalypse won’t last as long as you think. Maybe some cash might go missing if/when it does end…

  11. Isn’t that a SPAS-12 she’s got there? Aren’t they, y’know, semi-auto? That seems like a good reason not to rack it like that to me…

  12. like your fighting between clark and the prisoner!