Episode 279: Sore Backs

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Rough Morning

People in horror stories are generally pretty soft. They’re used to sleeping eight hours in a nice warm bed with a full stomach and no fear of imminent peril. Take all that away from them and they tend to start complaining. This is, of course, a necessary evil. You could write your horror story about a bunch of badass special forces types. The original Predator did this quite well, as a matter of fact. However I find that it’s generally more interesting to use a bunch of average Joe-punch-clocks. Not only does it make things more challenging, and thus scarier, it also allows the audience to more easily associate with them.

About this Episode:

Did you, by any chance, notice how the camera guy (whose name we still don’t know, along with the guy who works for the city) is still wearing his aviator sunglasses while he’s sleeping? I thought about swapping out his face, which is easy since he doesn’t have any scars or facial hair, but I thought that it said more about his character if he simply never took the sunglasses off, even at night.

Of course you might be thinking, don’t we know another character who never seems to take off his shades? Indeed we do, and someday we’ll learn why.

On an unrelated note, it’s nice to not have to add my half-assed nighttime filter to every photo.

Discussion Question: Creature Comforts

Most of us here are a bunch of softies, so what are we going to be complaining most about when the zombies show up (other than the zombies trying to eat us, of course)?

Myself, probably lack of coffee or regular meals. I’m a big fan of both, and I can see myself whining like a baby when I can’t have them.

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  1. Typo alert: About this episode, 3rd paragraph: “Had” should be “have”! 😀

    I think the other person with could be Stew! 😀 Prescription glasses, maybe? 😉

    • Fixed!

      And you may be right.

  2. I’m actually rather the opposite of comfort when it comes to things I like doing. Some times I like to freeze myself out of the bed so that I have to keep warm by simply holding my blanket as close as possible, I’ve grown myself on awful tasting food that was quickly made (even a scram-belled egg microwaved).

    If I have any creature comfort it’s going to have to be.. Umm.. Something I’m sure of it… Everything I can think of can easily be replaced, and most foods I eat when it comes to something I love is something I can find naturally. My no sugar diet, and drinking of really only water keeps me from any addictions. I can easily take baths in running water because I’ve turned from hot showers to cold showers just to make sure I can stand it. Would say video games but I can replace that with adventure, books, and practicing.

    I’m going to miss bananas.. That’s it! Bananas.

    • Great use of the capes by the way! Though I must admit the lighting in this comic seems a bit odd, or maybe it’s because the last bit of strips have been all shot at night?

      • Thanks. I wish I hadn’t used red; it’s a little too vibrant when everything else is pretty muted.

        As far as the lighting, I assume it’s because we’ve been seeing night-time shots for quite a while now.

    • Bananas are pretty important.

  3. I’m going to miss hot water. Nice, hot water. If I’m covered with gunge from a hard day of thwacking zombies, sweaty and disgusting, I’m not going to be happy about the fact that I can’t take a shower. Imagine how we’re all gonna smell two hours into the apocalypse.

    • “Imagine how we’re all gonna smell two hours into the apocalypse.”

      Terrible. We’re going to smell terrible.

      • I’m still going to be smelling good and looking fresh. Oh nature how wonderful thou are!

        • Hah

      • This is where hippies have the advantage. They’re used to smelling bad and they always have a supply of patchouli oil to hide the smell.

        • Damn hippies.

    • Yes, lack of hot water and heat in general really bothers me. Bad food, sleeping on hard floors, not so much, but cold? Do not want.

      • Here in Michigan the lack of heat wouldn’t really be a creature comfort come January and February. Can’t get warm? Then you die.

  4. Its like waking up to scout camp, its all “Meeting in 20 minutes this.” and “Eat your breakfest that.” i hate scout camp, and now i have to go for 2 more years, its sucks!

    • I imagine it would be like that. I never went to scout camp myself. Seems like it’d be fun. Do you canoe? I love canoeing.

      • Heh, i fell over in a canoe with my friend Bradley

        • Yeah, that can happen. I remember dumping one with my cousin when I was in middle school. I also dumped another with my buddy a few years ago, but we were pretty drunk.

        • Do you even have the shirt that has this written upside down?

          “if you can read this, please pull back into the canoe”

        • I don’t, but I’ve seen a few people with it.

  5. The more I think about it the more I think I’m like Cheryl. I’m sure my group is gonna choke me within the first week for being the optimist.

    • Nothing wrong with being like Cheryl. People like her keep things moving.

  6. I’ll miss aspirin when it finally runs out. Hot water, heat… my knees, especially on a bad day…

    As to this comic, I thought the light was just fine and alright. As to the camera dude with glasses still on, I just took that as the limitations of LEGO minifigures and it being easy to identify a character by keeping consistent with clothing and heads.

    I also like the use of capes too for blankets. That’s not a bad build for the fire place either.

    • Thanks Fox. In hindsight, I sort of wish I would have used a different color for the brickface. The dark gray is okay, but I think a tan or a brownish red might have looked nicer (and warmer in the scene).

  7. Actually, I would miss AC and nice hot water. Even though this IS the tropics, it still is very nice to take a bath with hot water.

    • Air conditioning is a big one (I assume you weren’t referring to the commenter here). I hate being too hot.

    • This is out of topic, but still very interesting. Got evac from school today. But like a “either you get in fast or we leave you” type of evac. It has been, and still is, raining for over 10 hours. So when school started we expected for a full day of school. Actually received about 2 hours.

      • “either you get in fast or we leave you”

        Who would leave you where?

  8. The car…

    • The car to school would leave you?

      • Yes. We needed to get in fast since water was running from a slope inside and towards the car.

  9. Hmmm, interesting episode.

    Great usage of the cloaks as blankets!

    Did they have a sentry posted and take watches over night?

    Why is Cheryl waking everyone up? I have always thought in an “apocolypse” scenario, sleep is going to be in relativley short supply, so if you get a chance to get some good sleep, why not make the most of it? Because if not, tired people are prone to get irritable and make mistakes… niether is a good thing in this group scenario 🙂

    What would I miss… hmmm, asides from the obvious things like “luxury” foods and stuff like that… organised sport. I play a lot of sport, watch a lot of sport, and enjoy sport… with zombies running around that would pretty much cease.

    • The night watch thing is going to come up here pretty soon, as a matter of fact.

  10. I believe Dave is trying to put up the most points against them, such as:
    1. Lack Of Sleep
    2. suddenly a bunch of zombies at the door
    3. they have to work together, which is something hard for them

    • Hah, am I that much of a jerk?

      On second thought, don’t answer that.

      • Please, don’t tempt Fate! She’s a nice sort, but a bit fickle at times! 😉

        • Hah. Indeed she is.

  11. yo anyone know where i can get custom zombie minifigures? besides ebay and amazon -_-

    • Build your own. Citizen Brick has custom heads, or you can pick up some of the Monster Fighters sets with a zombie in them. I know there was a polybag for cheap with the zombie driver in it for a while.

      • The Zombie driver was given away in a promo between a leading Uk newspaper and Toys-R-Us here in the UK recently. Managed to pick up three of them.
        I’d miss regular meals as well…..3 square a day……and snacks………and more snacks….. 😀

  12. Benihana, I will miss Benihana hibachi-ed shrimp ‘n scallops and those awful jokes. Oh, and the 3rd Benihana Mai Tai, which makes those awful jokes and puns chemically funny.