Episode 277: A Shoe on Another Foot

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Girl Problems

This one – and it’s hardly limited to zombie or even horror stories – seems like it’s finally dying a long, overdue death. I’m talking, of course, of female characters being unable to hack it because they can’t do their make-up or are too scared of spiders to use the escape tunnel. This one always irritates me, especially when the girl is a token member of the group.

The best example I can think of is Temple of Doom, when Willy Scott has to jam her arm into a big pile of gross bugs to keep Indy and Short Round from getting squished. But, to be fair, that would gross me out too.

About this Episode:

I wanted to build a full-sized exterior for this cabin, but apparently I grossly over-estimated out many of those log-textured bricks I had. What you see represents about 80% of my collection, and I’m going to need to use a lot of them for interior shots. Must be time to hit up BrickLink.

Other News:

Since Thursday is Thanksgiving in the US, I’m going to be taking the rest of the week off. I’ll have some blog posts up on Thursday and Friday, but I will likely be quite slow to respond to comments. I hope everyone has a nice holiday week and survives Black Friday (I’m sure as hell not going out). For all those outside the US, apologies for the break, as always.

Second, I want to say thank you to Kim, who recently donated to Bricks of the Dead‘s LEGO® Fund. You rock, Kim!

Discussion Question: Thanksgiving

Hey guys, it’s time for the lame “What are you thankful for question”. So, what are you thankful for?

And don’t worry, I’m playing too. I’ll be posting my answer tomorrow.



To be fair, having to look at a pit of spiders or snakes would make me want to avoid it or set everything in it on fire, too! 😀

Of course, they’re going to have to come up with a safewatch plan every time they want to use a toilet, anywhere. So I figure sooner or later they’ll be discussing the matter in BotD! 😀


I thought the cliche was entirely played out in Zombieland. Yes, you can’t go to the can by yourself. Yes, look under the stalls. Move along. Nothing more to see here.

On topic, it is a little known fact that in many parts of rural Alaska one has to take a shotgun to the outhouse, for bears. Zombies are easy, by comparison. In fact, I’ll bet folks up in that part of the country (rural Dakotas, Wyoming, Alaska, etc.) watch zombie movies and giggle uncontrollably. Zombies are flat-out easy, by comparison.


Yeah, I’d take a few zombies over a bear ten times out of ten. Especially those big-ass Alaskan bears. We’ve got a few black bears here in Michigan. I’ve never seen one, but once in a while they’ll get into the trash or destroy my parents’ birdfeeders.

Silver Fox

1) I am thankful for my parents and my wonderful, amazing daughter.

2) Girl Problems – That’s an old, tired overused cliche and it must die. I hate watching the older movies where something happens, the woman just screams or faints. And the man must do everything and come to the rescue. Somewhere, I’m going to blame Machismo and the Victorian era when corsets were introduced and women fainted when panicked because the corset restricted breathing, that’s why the pass out.

3) I am not bothered by snakes. I know to be cautious with the poisonous ones, I doubt I would be paralyzed in fear by them. In my youth, I was known to bring home gardener snakes and blue racers and get yelled by Nana (all of us cousins for that matter) to put them back out in the field.

Spiders… and insects. It’s gross. I don’t blame people for getting the willies. But it will depend on which spiders and insects I’m freaking out about.

4) Is that sideways building on your cabin? I’ve a MOC idea I want to do that calls for a log cabin type building and I’ve been looking at my bricks figuring out the best way to go about it.


“4) Is that sideways building on your cabin? I’ve a MOC idea I want to do that calls for a log cabin type building and I’ve been looking at my bricks figuring out the best way to go about it.”

That was fun to do; I’m looking forward to doing more with it for the cabin interior, but I definitely with I had more of those bricks.


im not kidding, though I’d like a place in the comic. like im the drunken guy who lives in the underground celler in the basement.


If you want to ship much a bunch of bricks, I’ll give you a cameo appearance. You’d probably just get killed by zombies though.


fine, fine, but i want to die the awesome way! by having an AK, and being so drunk that i miss all of the zombies, then get to be a midnight snack. i dont know, think about something cool.


deal, ill send the stuff as soon as possible. oh and a picture of my guy, the gravatar thing isnt quite working with me still.


what about most of my tan lego’s? i cant find a lot of my round wooden-stone ones.


Snakes and spiders do and don’t bother me. I can and have many times picked them up as needed, but have to admit I tend to flinch if they strike at me or suddenly move. Things like roaches and such though, I don’t want anything to do with those things. I don’t even want to have their guts on my shoes or floors. I will spray those bastards and pick up the bodies with paper towels after they’ve stopped twiching.


I do laugh at people who stand at the far side of the room and hurl heavy objects at such little critters though, or toss a cup over them and then run away.


I’ve seen quite a few people do that thing with the cup. Always entertaining.


What really bothers me in movies is when the token female has to scream about everything. Car chase? Scream. Looking over a cliff? Scream. The bad guy/monster is at the door? Scream. JC Penney’s is having a sale but she’s too busy running from a murderer to go to it? Scream. The bathroom is out of toilet paper? Scream. Papercut? Scream.
It’s like their sole purpose in the movie is to just make as much ear-splitting noise as humanly possible, and it’s annoying as hell. I am so completely grateful and appreciative when there’s a token female who doesn’t scream at everything.


So unnecessary! The screaming is so shrill, and when some one screams it actually usually incites panic. When some one panics then everything goes wrong and people start to get hurt.

My sister screams bloody murder at everything that is ‘scary’. Very few times have I ever just wanted to hit some one so hard that they just shut up, but when people scream like that.. That’s one of them.


I think it is something of a cultural thing. I’ve noticed that girly girls who grew up in town as spoiled brats with ten thousand different things of make-up and pink plushy things all over their room scream a hell of a lot more than say, girls who grew up on farms and spent a lot of their lives looking after animals.

I’m with Calicade though. When girls scream like that I do want to slap them and tell them to shut the hell up. It’s just annoying and distracts from any actual problems. I’m sorry, but if you’re so pathetic you scream at everything, that is a mark against you in my book. I will never date you.


To a certain extent, I understand some of the screaming. Hollywood has always had scream queens, and I think the idea was that the fear would be infectious. If the actress sold it, the audience would be afraid too.

But then they go and take thing too far, as in your examples.


Thankful? I’m a hard core rebellious teen without a pause after my clause.

Rocks, trees, metal, air, music, my survival teachings, this delicious cranberry juice, the Death Land series my Opa gave me, MLP:FIM, ponies in MLP:FIM.

Plenty more things!


Wait, what? MLP being that 80’s toy line? It’s been revisited in recent times, so I hear. Don’t really know what the deal is with it.


My little Pony Friendship is Magic, Gen 4 cartoon series and toy series. TO be honest I distaste the toys, but the show has to be the best thing I’ve ever watched.. As well continue to watch.


I am thankful for my wife and kids, oh, and bagpipe music, full-on pipe and drum bands blasting out some serious motivation.

As for “girl problems”, feminine hygiene products are part of my short-term preps. I’d like to have a year supply of them for every woman in the house. It’s not just for TEOTWAWKI, but because running to the store for them at zero-dark-thirty bugs me to know end. I mean, if I needed thesamr thing, every month, for thirty years, you can bet I’d have a closet full of it, whether it’s tampons or buckshot.


Bagpipe music is badass. Absolutely and 100% agree with you on that.

As far a prepping hygine products goes, damn straight. We have a healthy stockpile (which we’re still rebuilding from the new baby and move where we tapped into it quite a bit), and that’s one of the many items we keep on hand.


Heh. Reminds me of the time a girl came over to my place and I gave her some random crap some female students had left me when they moved back to their home states, which included tampons. The girl all of a sudden got a funny look on her face and rushed to the bathroom with said tampons. I later found blood stains all over my front passenger seat. (It was a beat-up old Dodge Neon and aside from a little soap and water I gave no shits about this, though she was mortified to find out.)

Mentioned this to my mother and she was all “Well, I would have been prepared!” I guess sometimes it sneaks up on ya.


oh by the way, if were ever on a boat in the zombie apocolipse, my ass can be used as a flotaion device


AC.. I think that’s kinda inappropriate, just kinda… Or maybe more so weird.


My brother-in-law has a rustic cabin in northern Michigan. No electricity and no plumbing whatsoever although it does have a very nice outhouse that he takes great care to keep clean and as pleasant as possible. A few years back a mutual friend brought his girlfriend to a bonfire there. We were all in the area for our annual canoe trip, some of us were staying at the cabin and some at a local hotel but we were all there for the bonfire that night. She made her boyfriend leave the party and take her for a 30minute roundtrip to the closest gas station 3 times that night so she could use the facilities there.


I love that face on Cheryl in the fourth frame… nice usage!

Screamers…. my younger sister is one… and in the real world it almost causes physical pain, and is very very distracting… maybe thats why they do it? If something goes to attack said sister and she screams like that… it might get such a shock and run off… seen it happen to a dog that was getting aggressive, it ran off… then again, it might just keep attacking, in which case she hasn’t really lost anything?

Talking about movie screamers…. I am reminded of the henchman in Austin Powers that is screaming while Austin is rolling towards him on a steam roller…. go very very slowly 🙂 Screamers can be funny.


Oh, and I am thankful that my wife and daughter got home save and sound from their three week holiday in Europe. (Even though I’m in New Zealand so don’t have Thanksgiving)


Yeah, that’s a great face.

Glad to hear your family made it home safely.


So, did anyone else just beat Episode 5 of TellTale’s The Walking Dead?

PJ Greenough

I havent been on this site in a while but this is freaking awesome ive read all the episodes so far o and very nice job Dave 🙂 i love this comic 🙂


Heh. Cheryl’s pretty tough, but it looks like she’s still a townie at heart.

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