Episode 249: Getting Personal

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Tell Me More

The thing about revealing personal information about yourself is that it tends to invite further questions. People have a tendency to think that, if you tell them one personal fact about yourself, then the entire book of your life should be open to them. When you apply that to a zombie apocalypse scenario, things will just get worse. Why is that? Because everyone will not have a set of shared experiences.We’re all zombie survivors, it’s just the particulars of our individual stories that set us apart. So why not share with the group? We’re all friends here, after all.

Opening the floodgates to your personal history isn’t something many of us are comfortable with, but by revealing something small and then shutting up, you’re doing to make it seem like you’re hiding something. And if you’re hiding something about your past, what’s stopping you from hiding other things, a bite, for example?

About this Episode:

Well this is it, everyone. The last episode for about four weeks, at least the last episode ofBricks of the Dead. As I’ve mentioned a number of times now, we’ve got something pretty exciting coming during my time off, so make sure you check back next Monday for part one of our eight part series. It’s going to be great.

Other News:

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Discussion Question: Coping with Loss

So Bricks of the Dead is on a short hiatus, how are you coping? Crying yourselves to sleep? Exploring poetry? Deviant sexual behavior? Share with the group!

43 thoughts on “Episode 249: Getting Personal”

  1. as the first person to read this comic, i’d say that theres someone missing from the story, werent there 4 people who ”rescued” sam?

  2. and i can hardly wait all month to unpaitently wait for episode 250, hopefully in a month (cutting through my birthday) sam will get the mesage saying ”YOU $#@!ER”

    • Don’t worry we have a fun lil short story comic for ya to pass the time.

  3. Well, I don’t mean to discuss my… faithfulness, but actually I’ve been seeing other webcomics…

    • *Bows head*

      Me too Bob. Me too.

      • It would appear that many of us have become unfaithful to BotD.

        DAMN YOU “Drop the Cow!”!!!!!!!!

        • I have too. );

    • But Bob, wouldn’t be this consistent with the New World Order of the Zeepoc? You know, the sharing of ever decreasing resources for the greater good? On the other hand, it IS rather difficult to be away from one’s First True Love . . .

      I see it as, well, outsourcing my boredom. 😀

  4. I deal with loss by bringing pain and suffering down on others

  5. In response to Abraham’s question, I think Sam should just ignore it if he doesn’t want him to know. Personally, I wouldn’t blame Sam for not trusting Abraham! 😉

  6. Flashbaaack?

  7. It looks like Sam is staring right into my soul. The hiatus is already making me crazy!

  8. I will cope with the hiatus using denial. Man’s strongest tool for handling tough situations. I’ll just keep telling myself,”Bricks of the Dead will be back tomorrow. Everything is normal.”

    In the meantime I’m eagerly awaiting Evan’s turn at the helm.

    • Thank you!

  9. I love panel 4! “It’s too hard to discuss so I need to really think about it before I speak.”

    Amazing what you are able to do with a minifig and a camera Dave.

  10. I’m quite excited to see the comic we’ll have in the mean time. It may have to replace BotD 😛

    • It will be fast paced and very violent. Perfect for a short story.

      • Violence you say? I am now even more excited!

      • Yay!

  11. I cry after my deviant sexual acts, then I shoot myself up with printed out pages of this comic that I turn into mulch and liquefy it.

    A bit much? No.. Not enough.

  12. im glad dave’s taking some time off, it takes me forever to read the adventures of s-team

  13. Where Dave’s hiatus is concerned, family should always come first! So I am quite happy for him to be on hiatus for however long it takes him to settle in the new bub. Again, congratulations Dave! 😉

  14. If I were Sam, I’d ignore his questions after his comments and hits.

  15. As my first act of Self-Care due to LBDS (Lack of Brick of the Dead Syndrome), I went to see Nolan’s last Batman. Rather satisfying ending to Nolan’s tenure. It is a truly cohesive, enjoyable trilogy.

    • I quite agree.

  16. all i want is another zombie webcomic, this is about zombies right? and those “clean hands” better not have any bacteria on them

    • Zombies….


  17. I only miss the preparedness-based discussion questions.

    • Bo, any topic you have send it to me and I will post it! I have that one you sent me ready to go. I need….6 more?

      • Ugh.

        No pressure, right?


        • hahaha….well I am just sayen you have the floor if you want. : )

  18. When I’m feeling down, I like to play Minecraft and eat ice cream. Even when I’m happy I play Minecraft and eat ice cream.

    • you play Minecraft as well? My entire life is a lie.

    • Should I be ashamed to admit that this is my life as well? 😛

      • What exactly is Minecraft anyway?

        • You mean for serious?

          This explains in better than I could: Minecraft.net

          Click on the video.

        • I have a basic idea but not much more than that.

        • Legos on steroids.

        • And not actual steroids where you look like a garbage bag 10 years later, the Duke Nukem kind of steroids.

  19. i should make my own zombie webcomic, oh and evan, i cheaked out your lego page, pretty sweet

  20. Nice depth of field going on in that last shot, Dave! It came out great.

    I like how we’ve only glimpsed enough of Sam’s backstory to know his character has more depth than one might’ve assumed before, and to pique our curiosity about him – but not enough to give everything away. I sure can sympathize more with Sam now, even after only 8 panels. They made a lot of difference.

    I can’t wait for Bricks of the Dead to come back, good luck with everything in the meantime. I’m looking forward to reading ZombieMutts’s comic miniseries, though.

    • Thank you, sir!

      I’m sure you’ll enjoy the guest strips. They’re quite good.

  21. “She got bitten. You know the rest.”

    If Sam tells the details about his wife, will we get more info on Abe’s wife I wonder?