Episode 244: Enlightenment

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Can’t You See?

Faith can be easier than fact sometimes. You don’t have to prove anything; there’s no empirical evidence to find to support your claim. You believe it to be true because you know it to be in your heart. Where it gets more difficult is when you try to find reason behind that proof. Finding some sort of path, or plan that can make sense of the tragedies in your life is a lofty goal, but good luck getting there. I won’t argue for the existence of God, or which God. What I will say is that, if there a higher power in this world, than surely its whims and notions are completely inscrutable to us lowly flesh-bags.

About this Episode:

I have edited together and written up these last few episodes on a new laptop, which I finally splurged on after years of inconveniencing my wife by borrowing hers all the time. I’m still getting used to the keyboard, which has a really touchy spacebar. So if you see more typos than usual, blame the keyboard.

Other News:

The site migration over to the new server went well. Much more efficiently than if I had done it myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve moved a fair number of sites, but it’s not something I do every day, so there’s always a bit of adjustment and inefficiency.

Now that we’re up on a new host, I’m really hoping that we start to see a little more responsive of a site.Bricks of the Dead generally ran well most of the time, but when it didn’t… well, it was a pain.

Discussion Question: Wisdom through Mistakes

Conventional wisdom states that we tend to learn more from our failures than our successes, and I would tend to agree. Luckily, we live in the civilized world, which is pretty damn forgiving when it comes to mistakes. In the zombie apocalypse, you might not get a second chance if your first mistake was big enough.

What sort of things can you anticipate possibly having trouble with during the zombie apocalypse. Are they things that you could gradually get the hang of through trial and error, or will a single mistake be the end of you?

33 thoughts on “Episode 244: Enlightenment”

  1. I bet Sam decides he’s had enough of these kidnappers of his, and decides to sneak away from them! 😀 I sure would do if I was in the same situation he was put in! 😉

    • Yeah, in his shoes I’ve be looking for a way to escape as well.

  2. i like your idea, but i would take a gun first, never forget your weapon

    • Yeah, he already lost his crowbar.

  3. but how long were they spying on sam you think?

    • I don’t know that they were spying. They just waited a bit to see if anyone was going to come get him.

  4. Getting out of town for the disscussion question. In the discussion question is that suppose to be there?

    • I didn’t sleep terribly well last night, so I’m missing something. What is wrong in the discussion question.

  5. You are one lucky man Dave. Not only your wife tolerates your brick comic hobby but she is also been letting you use her laptop to do it? Seriously, she is a Saint (mine is from the same mold btw so I am also a very lucky man!).
    Congrats on the migration, I never really experienced any problems with the site from my end so I trust it’s going to be even better than before 😉
    Your question reminds me of your “build your own adventure” game… if I recall correctly, mistakes were always fatal…

    • Hah, yeah there wasn’t a lot of margin of error built into that game.

  6. I think I’d make mistakes regarding long-term planning; getting enough of a line on food, things like that. In my life thus far, I’ve discovered that I’m pretty good when there’s an immediate crisis, like a coworker having a seizure and hitting her head, causing copious blood to pool on the office carpet (true story, and she came out okay). However, in terms of long-term, grinding stress, I have lots of problems.

    In other words, in the zombie apocalypse, I’m a lot more likely to starve or freeze than get eaten by the shambling hordes of undead.

    • So you’re more a tactician than a strategist?

      • That’s about the shape of it, yeah. The wife does the long-term planning.

        • Hey, you have to be able to recognize your strengths and weaknesses, and use them appropriately.

  7. It’d probably get tricky getting used to the fact that it’s a 24-hour life …unless you’re with a trustworthy crew. It’d be complicated to get used to a life other than 8-4 (with some family obligations before and after, but nothing like keeping watch, too).

    Different valuations would likely throw me off, too. They had an interesting portion of a documentary series on economics on CBC Radio on the weekend which asked if a goose that laid eggs, or an egg of gold, would me more valuable post-apoc. To an economist, the eggs are obviously more useful and therefore more valuable… though I suppose there’d always be the hope of snookering one of those pawnshop/gold broker guys who advertise after midnight into giving up something really valuable, though they’d likely be too sharp for that.

    • “It’d probably get tricky getting used to the fact that it’s a 24-hour life”

      This is a damn interesting point, Lich, and one that I don’t think most people consider too often. You’ve got to sleep, you’ve got to poop. If you don’t have someone watching your back, well, things could get interesting.

  8. I’d say that one of the things I could possibly have trouble with during the zombie apocalypse would be finding gas/fuel for a car. Think about it: you steal a car with a bunch of zeds out and about and your car runs out of gas. GAME OVER. You would have to a) raid a gas pump, b) syphon it from another vehicle, c) steal someone else’s car, or d) all of the above.

    I bring this up because earlier today, I got a ride with someone to work and her car ran out of gas. So we had to walk uphill to the gas station. Even worse, no gas cans. We had to wait for her mom to bring her one.

    • Well illustrated story. And you would have to add another layer or two on top of that. What a lot of people don’t seem to realize is that gasoline has a shelf-life, and a relatively short on to boot.

    • This just reinforces something I said earlier, that a bicycle is really the best way to get around post-zombie apocalypse. Easy maintenance, quiet, doesn’t run out of gas.

      • Yeah, I really need to get a bike.

      • Wait till you need to put air in the tyres or repair a puncture while a horde of zeds are after you! 😉 Bicycle might be good but in the event of zed attack ditch the damn thing and RUN! 😀

        • Yes, well, obviously you need to be more attached to your life than to your mode of transportation. And we mustn’t forget Rule #1: Cardio.

          “When you’re making moves on the street, have no commitments. Have nothing in your life that you cannot walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you spot the [zeds] around the corner.”
          -Robert deNiro, misquoted

        • God Heat is a great flick.

  9. I’m glad to hear the site migration went well, Dave.

    Although it still seems to have this somewhat annoying flaw – probably something to do with anchor tags that take the reader to the top of the comic – where I try to scroll down a bit while the page isn’t quite done loading, and then it snaps me back up to the top of the page again. Could that be looked into?

    • Anyone else getting this?

      What browser are you using?

      • IE9, although I believe it may have been happening with IE8, as well. I’ll check to see if Safari does the same thing, hold on a sec…

      • Huh – nope, not having any problem in Safari.

        It’s like IE is setting the window location to the anchor tag until the page is done loading.

        • Huh. I tested in IE8, Firefox 14, Chrome, and Safari for PC and can’t reproduce it. I’ll have to try on IE9 when I get home.

        • It’s a strange problem. It’s more of a nuissance than an actual issue, but it’d be nice to get it fixed, while you’re not making comics and improving the site, and all.

        • Yeah, I’ll have to figure out the root cause. It might be just a different in how the browser renders things. I’ll add it to my list.

        • IE9?

          Well, that’s your problem, right there.


      • You got that right Bo!

  10. Easy, Sam. Don’t piss him off.