Episode 242: She’s Dead

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: The Grieving Widow

One of the big defining characteristics of the zombie apocalypse is the rather sizable body count. Whenever you get a corpse, ambulatory or otherwise, there is always a corresponding set of family, friends, and other associates left in mourning. Unless, you know, the deceased was a real jerk. Showing grieving survivors isn’t something zombie movies go into terribly often, outside of showing the principal characters get over the surprising (not actually surprising) death of one of the other main characters. The fact that most of them had already lost their entire family never really makes too much of an impact.

Of course, survivors are generally pretty busy doing other things: fighting zombies, building barricades, gathering supplies, etc. That makes their apparent callousness a little more understandable. But still, during some quite moment, that loss is going to hit you. And if you’ve put off your mourning for a considerable period of time, it’s going to hit you hard.

About this Episode:

So we finally have a name for “Dad”, Abraham. I named him after Kris Kristopherson’s character in Blade, Abraham Whistler. He was always more interesting of a character than Wesley Snipes, anyway.

I tried to drag out the reveal as long as possible, mostly because I was really enjoying all the awesome names you guys were coming up with for the character. But, as they say, all good things must come to an end.

Other News:

This Wednesday is Independence Day in the United States (we also call it the Fourth of July for some reason, don’t ask me why). Since it’s a national holiday, I’m going to be taking it off. Thus, no comic.

Discussion Question: Celebrating in Zombie Apocalypse

Celebration is an important part of community, and will likely continue on even during the inevitable zombie apocalypse. What sort of things will we be celebrating in the post-zombie world?

53 thoughts on “Episode 242: She’s Dead”

  1. Well Dave if I have time to celebrate it would probably be because of owning one of these: http://www.slidefire.com/products/gun-stocks/ssar-15-sbs
    And one of these: http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/product/MAG-056

    • Seems like a good reason to celebrate to me.

      • If your thinking I’m crazy because I would celebrate having that stock, think again! It makes any AR 15 full auto. And with that hundred round magazine it’s sweet.

  2. I’m pretty sure friends don’t lock up other friends. In the other news fourth is spelled forth.

    • only when you say things like come forth, and he came forth, when it is a number, it is fourth.

      • Also, in ‘About this episode’, ‘Abraham’ is misspelled. 😀

        • Fixed that. Thanks

      • Indeed. Fourth is correct in this context.

        • I’m talking about where you said “(we also call it the Forth of July for some reason, don’t ask me why”) Forth should be spelled Fourth.

        • Oh, I completely missed what you were saying. Fixed.

  3. I guess that Abraham is fitting for the “Dad” because I looked up what the name meant and it means “father of a multitude or many nations”.

    • he does have a canadian/scottish/pirate look to him.

      • He’s a complicated man (and no one understands him but his woman).

    • That’s awesome, Larry. I can’t say he’s based on the Biblical Abraham, but it’s a cool coincidence.

  4. Well, I’d like to continue celebrating the Lord’s Day, and have some kind of Sunday services, even if just for an hour. Then celebrating the kids’ birthdays, and my wedding anniversary. Other than that, days are just days. Christmas would be nice, I guess.

    When it finally does hit the fan, who knows how or what we’ll celebrate? I know that people don’t live in a vacuum; so whatever does cause our society to collapse, something will replace it. Whether it is better or worse is just a wild guess.

    • I imagine that, as communities re-form, they’ll all have their unique idiosyncrasies, including different celebrations.

    • .. All.. Praise… Cthulhu?

  5. I would celebrate most of the same holidays, except for a couple that would be… tasteless.

    • I’m curious about which holidays would be tasteless. Halloween springs to mind. Maybe Easter (the whole rising from the dead thing). What else were you thinking?

      • actually, you read my mind there, of course, I didn’t count easter (my family isn’t religious, easter is just about the easter bunny here), I was also thinking some of the ones that are really excuses just to be really drunkall day(St. Patty’s day).

        • Makes a lot of sense to me.

  6. Personally, If it means you get five minutes of joy from it, I’d go ahead and celebrate whatever it is.

    • Well said, Nikolai.

  7. An obvious question comes to mind. She’s dead, but did he do the right thing and not waste time trying to figure out how to save her from an infection that had no cure?

    • I figured that she was in a closet somewhere. Dadass loves her too much to put her down and such.

      • The girl knows her zombie cliches.

        • but of course, Dave will change it up and make it so she is locked in a vault instead, you know, put his usual Dave flair on it.

    • That’s an excellent question, Brickvoid.

  8. I think most major holidays like Christmas and the 4th would stay around and pockets of people would celebrate the religious holidays. Yes I know Christmas is a religious holiday but not everyone celebrates it as such. But I think most small holidays would be forgotten. I mean, I wouldn’t celebrate memorial day or labor day if not for time off of work.

    I think that there would be new ones to mark important ZA events the way we commemorate Pearl Harbor.

    I think holidays and special occasions would be more important as it would be a break from fighting, scavenging and hiding.

    • I really like the idea of Pearl-Habor styled holidays to commemorate zombie apocalypse events. Z-Day.

  9. Nothing, because celebration is inefficient. Everybody who has a soul, however, would probably continue celebrating because of morale.

    • Your first thought and second thought see to cancel each other out.

  10. I think that whatever apocalypse befalls us……I’ll just be celebrating getting through each day!

    • Especially if you hole up in a liquor store.

  11. Site is looking good Dave.

    • I really like it, the only thing I would suggest would be, maybe, a couple picture of lego zombie carnage in the background where the strips of black are, if it is possible of course.

      • Yeah, I’ve been thinking along the same lines. The only thing is that I don’t want it to be too busy.

        • I found that the black strips are left off when I check the site from my kindle. Does that mean anything?

        • Nope. It just means that the screen resolution isn’t wider than the content area of the page. If you looked at the site with a high resolution wide-screen monitor, the black stripes would be huge.

        • you could make the pictures a dim black and grey.

    • Thank you!

  12. dang, i was so happy when sam started getting happy again, to bad hes getting the same face that weve seen through out the month, oh well, thats life

    • Imagine how Sam feels

  13. i love sams expressions

    • It’s a great face, isn’t it?

  14. Off to Uganda for two and a half weeks. See ya guys 😀 Love the new website layout Dave. 😀

    • Have a good trip

    • just don’t go to the north east area

      • oh and, have a good trip

  15. Ahah, I knew it! I knew the wife had died.

    Boy, am I late, though. I’ve got a bit of BotD to catch up on, I suppose.

    • Not that much. We’re on a bit of hiatus.

      • Oh yeah – well, there’s still a bit to catch up on, though, and also whatever Pavlov’s Dogs is. It looks like an interesting series of guest strips, from what I’ve seen.

        And talk about a quick reply!

  16. Poor Abe.

    I would tend to think that people would carry on celebrating the same things, just perhaps in different ways. Of course, early on a lot of people won’t bother keeping track of what date it is, which might confuse things a little depending on how the spread of the infection is.
    I expect people would come up with new things to celebrate too, such as the founding of our town, and other notable events. Probably the anniversary of the initial outbreak too, although “Celebrate” isn’t really the right word there; more a day of remebrance, like 11/11.