Episode 226: Let Down Your Hair

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Zombie Cliché Lookout: My God, You’re Beautiful

Okay, so this one is in no way, shape, or form a zombie movie cliché, but I’m going to use it anyway because it’s my comic and I can. At any rate, revealing a female character looks all womanly be having her let her hair down is such a shopwarn cliché that even the even the parodies of it are old. Despite that, you still see it used unironically in movies and TV shows. It’s odd, it’s almost as though directors don’t think a woman can be attractive if she’s wearing glasses and has her hair pulled back.

My favorite parody of this trope comes from Arrested Development, when a character has a secretary take off her glasses and let down her hair, only to be greeted by a cross-eyed woman whose hair stuck out at every conceivable angle.

About this Episode:

So it’s pretty hard to tell, given that we’re talking LEGO® here, but this girl is supposed to be pretty good looking. Unfortunately, there are only so many female faces and hairstyles to choose from, so she doesn’t end up looking too different from any other female character. What I’m saying is, LEGO® really needs to give us more female figures.

Also, it’s pretty much impossible to show someone taking off a helmet smoothly, so just assume that Emma did that between the second and third panels. Also, when she did it she shook her hair out like women always do in the movies. I think that mental images adds to the effect.

Discussion Question: How Zombie Proof is Your Home?

The zombies are here, and thankfully you and your loved ones are together in the comfort of your home. Of course, that might not be much of a blessing if your home has all all glass frontage or is similarly poorly suited to zombie defense. So let’s hear it, how would you home fair against a horde of zeds? Do you have anything nearby (in the garage or shed perhaps) that could help make the place more defensible?

I live in a bungalow with several windows on the first floor, a couple of which could be accessible by zombies standing outside if they worked at it a bit. I do, however, have some lumber and plenty of screws and nails in the garage to help batten down the hatches, so to speak.

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  1. My Bungalow is barely zombie-proof in the lightest. Two or three hits could take out almost the entire room, the living room being the most prone tdue to its large windows. The conservatory may be a little safer, but we have a lot of glass doors since, you know, most people don’t plan for zombies when building houses.

    • That’s a fatal flaw in many building designs, Digihuman. Always plan for zombies.

      • so true, so very true. But what are the chances?
        *looks behind me*
        Oh, hello Mr. Zombie, how are you tod—

  2. As I stated in another comic before, Honduras has a very hard security situation so houses normally don’t have low fences, we rather have 5 meter high walls around the house and an electric fence on top. So yeah. Didn’t expect that did you zombies? Also Dave, is there any way I can show a photograph in the comic so you guys get an idea?

    • Why not snap a couple photos and put them up on Flickr or Photobucket or something like that? I’d certainly be interested to see.

      • Flickr you say? Ok. I,ll let you know then.

        • I would also be very interested to see your walls just because it sounds impressive

    • Curious to see the pictures but I’m guessing it is going to be the same as what I saw in South Africa and Brazil. 
      If I recall the story correctly, these fortified houses did not seem to help much in  containing the outbreak in WWZ, probaly because the presence of highly protected houses also means the presence of large unprotected poor areas such as slums where the virus would spread like wildfire. Even the strongest fortress is screwed if surrounded by thousands of zeds IMO.

      • Well said, Yatkuu

  3. Beside a concrete wall that is taller than me ( I’m 6′ 1″ and should be 6’4″-6’6″ when I stop growing and will still be bigger than me) , and a wooden gate that I tried to kick down once and my front door is 3-5 inches thick. Their is a metal gate next to my garage anda strong fence surrounding my backyard.

    • Sounds like you’re in pretty good shape, Guy. Where do you live that you can have a 6.5′ concrete wall around your house? That wouldn’t fly around me, unfortunately.

      • Would you really want that?

        • It would look like hell with my current home, but with the right house, sure!

        • If I may say I think it is a very strange idea Dave. I personnaly think that on the contrary it is a privilege to be able to live in a house that does not look like fort knox.

        • Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want six-foot tall, gray walls a few feet from my front windows. Having walls around my property, or part of it, is what I mean. And that would assume some acreage.

        • Question of design, no? If it was done up like a Mandarinate villa (the proper architectural term eludes me) with the house and walls pushed to the lot’s limits and an open idyll in the centre, then a tall walls to the exterior look could be interesting… if in a similarly styled neighbourhood.

      • That sounds reasonable indeed.

        • No desire to live in a compound. But a nice solid property fence? Yes please.

  4. With our family house’s current state of disrepair zombies attacking would have to be wary of parts of it literally falling on them, or them falling through the badly rotted floorboards. When was the last time you saw a zombie that was quiet and could sneak up on someone? 😀

    • So you’ve got built-in booby traps, eh?

      • Yeah they’re the kind that improve in effectiveness with age, or until someone fixes the house. 😀

  5. I always found the lego flight attendent girl to be attractive from a lego man’s point of view!

    • Hah, duly noted, Mason.

  6. I have a house by a very unused high way. With a bunch of old slow neighbors.
    My back yard is covered in rather well done fence if I say so myself… Medium windows with things infront of them that would most likely deter the undead, a metal exterior doors, but the inside doors are rather week and easy to break through. It’s strategically un-unique, the whole house is basically just a rectangle, which actually provides a lot of help if anything. If they start feeding through any section of the house, they have to funnel through which will actually make it easier for us. Each window is sectioned off by a room, except for the exception of the living room and the kitchen. The kitchens windows are rather high and unaccesable.

    Over all.. I don’t think my house would last long, as its build is like many other modern day low-middle wealth homes. Good to live in until the apocalypse comes, then you GTFO.

    • We do have a garage, and we own the house next to use (As well as a rather vacant lot beside that as well, and the abandoned trailer house beside that is.. Just that.. Abandoned.) A garage full of tools, and projects that we never got to will most likely help. Unplaced fences, unused wood, a pool table in disrepair, and enough space to build a small castle? We got this.. Kinda.. The lands good for growing crops…. Hell one of my neighbors has small farm that he runs just 50 yards away from me.

      • I make where I live sound like complete shit, but it’s actually rather nice, we just like having a lot of chairs.

        • That’s one thing we’ve got going for us: solid core pine interior doors. Those things would slow down the zeds.

        • Sounds like you have a compound in the making. Sounds like you are set.

        • Love that last comment Calicade! With all that space you could use 1 house as decoy, booby trap it and live in the one next door that would not “look” too good from the outside. (anyone seen that movie “RED” with Bruce Willis?)

        • Fuck yeah I’ve seen RED, an awesome movie, but the acting from a certain person in that movie made me feel sick to my stomach… Well.. Perhaps it was just the writing that was done for her… I don’t know her name, and I don’t plan on looking it up.. Do so for me my slaves..

          Yes I’m adopting Zombiemutts mentality.

  7. My house is totally vulnerable to zombies. Lots of ground-floor windows, a big glass sliding door on the side, probably 4 major penetration points.

    The upper level of the house is very defensible. Just tilt a bookcase and/or desk at the top of the stairs, and you’ve got an upper floor with an open balcony to the main level for good sniping, and a single bottleneck point. There’s also a sliding “door to nowhere” (for the upstairs deck that never got built) that zombies couldn’t get to from below, but that could be used for rapid evac out the back if necessary.

    If it comes to a last stand, though, things have already probably gone too far wrong to be remedied.

    • I love those doors to nowhere you see on houses from time to time. The front door to my parents’ house was like that for a good decade or so until they finally got a concrete deck put in.

  8. We’re not prepared for zombies, from a security perspective. The backyard is completely open; and there is a sliding glass door at the rear. On the positive side, I can cover the front from a second story balcony, and the rear from the second story windows. I know from which directions the hordes will come, generally, and can pick them off all the livelong day. We should have plenty of time to bug out.

    The bigger concern is the stink and disease that will come from their rotting bodies.

    • Yeah, zombie stank and accompanying disease would definitely be an issue.

  9. Dave, I think the girl face with eye patch is way sexy!

    • Also, chics in glasses are hot too. lol

      • Absolutely. Hot librarian, anyone?

      • What about a one-eyed chick with a monocle?

        • I’m not into chics but I’d do her! lol

    • Hah, I can see that.

  10. Most houses in central florida are single floor with high windows. We’d be good except for the front which has a big window but, since we are also a hurricane capital, we have plywood to cover the window.

    I think we’d be ok for a while as long as I can keep my adorable but stupid dogs quiet.

    • Adorable but stupid. Love it!

      • my dog is a very well behaved pet, all it would take is to put a hand on his head to keep him under control(besides the hissing and whisper shouting to be quiet)

        • I wish that would work! Sparky is the alpha and it is mission in life to protect me from every single noise from outside. And also from the other dog. And the cat. And sometimes my kid.

          He has issues.

  11. I think Sam is completely charmed by our lady in hazmat suit, he does not seems to realize he can actually put the shirt back on! His dumb smiley face works perfect in this situation.

    • If you had a body like that, would you be in a hurry to put a shirt on?

      • lol, I think you are projecting yourself Dave, come on admit it, Sam is your true LEGO alter ego?

        • Hah, yeah Sam’s build is a little closer to the truth.

        • I too can relate to Sam, what with the build and the not putting the shirt back on, maybe it is just really hot.

        • Eh, I’m pretty modest, but I don’t know if I would be in that much of a hurry to shirt up in that situation unless it was cold; they’ve already seen it all and more, right?

  12. QUICK! Everyone I need a Dark over lord name.

    • It’s for a Star Wars Sith character I’m about to make. I’m going Juggernaut with this one and I want him to be truely evil.. Super evil.. Dark Overlord like.

      • Darth Adolf?

        Oh, “Darth Genocide”


        • Not feeling it Bo.

        • Fine then.

          I’ll just call you “Darth Fumundamacheese”.

        • How abour Darth Cussedness as in vindictive.

      • Darth kelthonarus

      • Darth Edacilac? Too Mirror of Erised?

  13. As always, credit where it’s due for mentioning Ms. Kitty Sanchez.

    Have you been watching “Archer?” So worth it.

  14. My house is 90% hopefully defendable. Gates are high enough for the zeds not to climb in, but if they do the windows have been barricaded and the entrance door is very thick, plus its a slide type thing. The only problem i guess is that when they do get in, the other door wont take the horde from coming in…

  15. My house is 99.9% defendable. Whether it would hold up against the zombies or not is a different question…

  16. I like it. Makes me think of Hershel’s farm now….

    And don’t fall for your captor! It’s just not right!

    As to how zombie proof my house would be….. like many so called “modern houses” there are a million windows and back sliding door I’m sure zeds will be smashing though. So unless I start getting boards to block of the windows. Not very.

  17. Hahaha, I remember that episode of Arrested Development you mentioned, Dave. She actually had to put the glasses back on afterward – what a great show.

  18. Question:
    My house? Well, it’s a long thin house, with rooms off just one side of a single corridor. The front has a fair sized window and a door that could be stronger, but there are no windows at all in the alley to one side, and the other is attached to the house next door. Six foot wooden fence either side of the back yard with a concrete wall at the back, sturdy back door (yes, the back door is stronger than the front for some reason, I forget why), fairly big window out into the yard. Staircase is steep though, knocking zombies down it would be easy if they get inside.

    I know a lot of people assume that a gang of zombies would be able to break anything and everything just by pounding on it, but I’m not convinced. Even our front door would take some force to break, and the back one I don’t see going at all, it locks to the frame along the whole length. I’m not so sure about the windows; glass is actually pretty strong, I can’t see anyone breaking a window by punching it, you’d break your hand first. If zombies develop rock technology though, we’re screwed.