Episode 222: Comparing Notes

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Zombie Cliché Lookout: Getting on the Same Page

This is one that I wish would come up more often in zombie stories: people taking a quick minute to make sure that everyone in the group is on the same page. All it would take is quick, casual conversation to ensure that people aren’t operating on partial information, jumping to conclusions, or behaving irrationally due to ignorance-based paranoia.

For instance, had Murphy neglected to tell Cheryl and Stewart what had happened to Sam, who knows what irritating bullshit might have happened. Perhaps Stewart might have a chance to rescue Sam, but decided not to because he’s still operating under the assumption the Sam left of his own volition.

And do you know why? Because I absolutely, positively hate those sorts of plot contrivances. Other stupid plot contrivances, on the other hand, are fair game. You’ve been warned.

About this Episode:

I wanted to include people getting into the car in the background of these shots. Loading in the supplies, getting into the vehicle in an orderly fashion, that sort of thing. But the lack of actual doors on the car didn’t make that super… possible.

So instead, you can kind of sort of see people milling about the car. Not quite what I was going for, but sometimes you’ve got to play the hands you’re dealt.

Discussion Question: The Big Team Up

This one’s a little lighter than most of our discussion question. The zombies are here, the government has collapsed, and everyone is on their own. You and a partner of you choice are up against the unstoppable horde of the walking dead. The big question is, who’s your partner going to be?

Bruce Campbell? Snake Plissken? Salma Hayek? It’s probably going to be Selma Hayek, isn’t it? Whoever it is, give us the who and the why.

68 thoughts on “Episode 222: Comparing Notes”

  1. Which Bruce Campbell? The Aussie politician or the American actor? 😀 If it’s the former maybe I’ll use him as a decoy. If the zombie horde can get past wave after wave of unstoppable political mayhem, it’s a pretty damn big horde! 😀

    • Well, I guess whichever Bruce Campbell you like. It’s your partner, after all.

  2. Definitely my best friend
    Also, do you like new pic I drew?

    • Very nice, Legomiles.

    • I noticed you pic on the last comic. Love the red background. =)

    • Yeah, is it red from Legostar Galactica? Or is it a self-portrait?

      • Self-Portrait. I was trying a new artwork style, but there’s not much I can do with it when it comes to facial expressions.

  3. With out a minute of hesitation, FPS Russia. That guy knows what to do.

    • Had to Google this fellow. Interesting.

    • Really? I’ve heard he’s just a dumb kid with access to some neat toys. Now if he brings a few of those with him, maybe I’d consider it…

  4. Mmmh …. I‘d rather go with Nathalie Portman.

    • Not a bad choice, sir.

      I was oscillating between Hayak and Charlize Theron, myself.

      • haha, what the heck, take the 2!

  5. Had to think about this one but I think hottie Jeremy Rener would be my choice. Been a fan since SWAT. Not only is he sexy as hell he has tons of “experience” shotting things.

    Also, he’s hot and is madly in love with me. He just doesn’t know it yet! lol

    • You silly people and your mis-use of your partner section.

      Jk of course, because my cure for the lack of a romantic partner will be a string line of one night stands and getting rid of overstacked testosterone through undead mercing, and cutting down trees. Though one night stands don’t fit my personality, far better than being dead.

      • Though I may argue against myself on that thinking of certain people..

      • So no partner in zombie killing crime? poor boy! Every bad ass has a side kick to stand back to back with when surrounded by bad guys. How else are you gonna do that really cool “swing your parter like a club so he can bash zombies heads in with his boots” move?

        • Would sure be rather fatigue baring to do something like that.. I have a few people in mind, as I posted just below is one of them. I have another one, but I don’t much know their skills.. And their cooperation might be a bit more difficult. Though an opposing mind in the making of plans wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

  6. My partner would be my friend Isiah, me and him work well together in just about everything. And if he doesn’t know something he picks it up rather quickly. He doesn’t have the same physical strength, but has a bit better of endurance and he is a bit faster, but I make up for my lack of endurance with a rather high constitution.

  7. Partner of my choice? I’ve got to go with my wife.

    She is easily frightened by the walking dead, is prone to overanalyzing traumatic situations, and has no weapons training or fighting experience whatsoever.

    All the same, we have absolute trust, will never abandon one another no matter how bleak the situation, and we understand each other to the point where we don’t always need the abovementioned clarification sessions, because we can basically read one another’s minds.

    …and she’s hot. Yes, even in preference to Salma Hayek. If you ask me.

    • Awe!! You guys should both read “Married with Zobies.” Hilarious story of a married couple on the verge of divorce who fall back in love while killing zombies. Really funny and really sweet.

      • It’s funny how flesh eating undead tends to make people fall in love isn’t it?

        • Stress has a way of bringing people together.

    • Yeah, my wife gets anxious in rush hour traffic. She’d probably fall apart in an EOTWAWKI situation (despite my ten years of preparations). Still, I’d not trade her in for any other option. We’re in it until the end.

      • Holy hell long ass acronym. OR!

        • I don’t make ’em up. I just use ones that everyone knows.

        • Time to google that one.

        • It’s usually used “TEOTWAWKI”: the end of the world as we know it”; but that’s not grammatically correct in this case. Instead I used it as “EOTWAWKI”: “end of the world as we know it”.

      • And hey, I actually know that one!

  8. The way I see it, a partner’s gotta be someone you know and trust, preferably someone that both contrasts and compliments your training, and not be a liability. That is, if you’re a nurse, team up with a mechanic; or, if you’re a farmer, team up with an engineer.

    I’d take my real-life partner. I promised a long time ago that we’d be together through thick and thin. I figure a zombie apocalypse counts as pretty freakin’ thin.

  9. The partner, in this case, is strictly a fun, B-Movie style deal.

    Obviously, being series, I’ve got to stick with my wife. But in a cheesy, low budget movie, you’ve got to get crazy.

    • How about a romantic comedy zombie movie? Mix it up a bit. No I don’t consider Zombie Land to be a romantic comedy in any way.

      • Shaun of the Dead was a romantic comedy (with zombies).

        • Ehhh.. I guess, yeah.

      • Emma Stone would make a good zombie killing sidekick.

    • In a cheesy, B-move sense, I’d want Milla Jovovich. She’s killed more zombies than even Bruce Campbell, and looks better in a kilt, to boot.

      • +1 (Big fan of Milla, not so much in RE but in the 5th element.. gasp!)

    • For me it would have to be a person that is striving to be a professional actor, but is only able to pick up the clown role in this here zombie movie. We shall kill zombies as both MAN! And CLOWN!.. A drunk clown..

    • That makes me feel better Dave. Reading the people picking thier mates made me feel like a jerk! lol

      Of course I’d pick my man. Or my kid… he’s got a mean streak like his dad and would woop zombie ass without thinking. I love my kid!!

  10. I’ll Fozzy the bear. He could break the tension with bad puns, and I could use him as a bludgeon. Or on a less silly note my brother in law. He’s bigger and stronger than I am, and we never argue about who gets to lead. Not to mention his epic Abe Lincoln beard totally compliments my super Mario handlebar mustache.

  11. I guess I’d have to team up with my boyfriend. There’s no way I’d leave him to the zombies. Plus he’s athletic so he could run awayand fight better than me.

  12. For team up – I’d go for Chuck Norris. He’d soon put a quick end to all those zombies.

    • One problem… Chuck does not team up, Chuck is a team on his own.

      • except in WTR

  13. I think fighting a horde of zombies would be very easy if I had an one-eyed former Special Forces agent and war hero by my side.

    • I thought he’d be taller.

      • Hurray for tall hero!

  14. If I had to choose between my friends (most realistic partners) it would be Anna (http://www.youtube.com/user/SarkySk8inGuitarist) as she can fight and is trained in medieval style sword and other melee fighting, also she’s kinda cute @(^_^)@

    On another note the walking dead season two just aired for the first time in Britain 😀

  15. If the partner had to be of the opposite sex and be a reputable actor, I’d pick Sigourney Weaver, her experience dealing with Alien threats would sure come in handy! 😀

  16. Daamn! Yes, ok, ok, June of my Llife, 30 years of wonderful marriage, 3 awesome kids, is the first person I’d pick!

    Second . . . (averts eye contact) . . . Mila Jovovich!

    You know, um, for the greater good, and all that . . .

  17. . . . ok, now, where where we?

  18. Chuck Norris, Tallahassee, or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  19. Anyone that has full body armor…Tony Stark? Eat that dead guys!

  20. More selfless promotion here.. Zombie Survival Plans needs to be revitalized! Help bring it to life with your added endless babling, so we can all endlessly babble at each other.

    • I’ve been noticing renewed discussion on there. Excellent!

      • It baddly needs to be raised from the dead. It’s a great concept that started to die off due to lack thereof discussion. BUT I SHALL PREVAIL!

        • is that another website? info please.

        • In extra stuff there is a Zombie Survival Plans area. Where we rid ourselves of our built up anxiousness for zambies, by talking about them.

        • 0.o

          Wow you guys post some long messages! lol

          Shame on me for not having checked that out sooner.

        • You might also notice how old those messages are as well. I have a lot of self updating to do.

  21. I was reading this comic again and I think it’s cute that Stewart has such an attitude about Sam. Cute in the “little kid needs a hug” kind of way. I think he has daddy issues.

    • Daddy wasn’t there, to take him to the fair.

      • At first I was all like “Adventure Time Marceline!” and then I was all like “Austin you sexy beast!”

        That was fun… thanks!

        • Woot! I know both of what you are talking of!

  22. It’s gotta be Macguyver, not the old present day version, but the guy who could hotwire a bomb off of a giant robot trying to kill him with just a paperclip.

    • Oh… I should have picked him!

  23. But in reality, it would be my sister. She’s pretty well prepared and very athletic.

  24. Yeah, it could have done with being clearer in the background, until I read the note I wondered why the hell they were standing around instead of talking while they got in. I can imagine how hard blocking such a shot would have been, though.

    I’d maybe go with Burt Gummer from Tremors. Even if he can’t bring any of his toys with him, I’m pretty sure he’d know how to rough it fairly well. If he can, even better.