Episode 197: That Can’t Be Good

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Zombie Cliché Lookout: Uh oh…

When you’re barely getting by day to day in the zombie apocalypse, hearing a gunshot in the distance is generally a bad sign. While it could sometimes be an auditory signal, or evidence of people hunting for food, hearing a gunshot almost always means that someone has come into contact with zombies, and had to dispatch one. Not only did someone off a zombie, they couldn’t even do it quietly, which means that they were probably in a tight spot. And if you heard the gunshot, that means you’re fairly close, which in turn means that you’ve got a potential zombie problem on your hands. Good luck.

To further complicate things, let’s say that you’re waiting for someone, who should be back shortly. Hearing that gunshot means that the person your waiting for is probably in trouble. Better still, it’s a damn good bet that (s)he’ll be bringing that trouble with him. You might want to get right to fight, run, or both.

Discussion Question: Grab and Go

The zombie apocalypse is here. Your town is being evacuated by the military and police, but you have no idea where you’re going. You have about ten minutes to get your stuff and go before you’re dragged out of the house. Assuming you can carry a backpack and little else, what do you take?

Bear in mind, there’s a very good chance you might not ever get to return. Any items of particular sentimental value could be lost forever. By the same token, you’ve only got so much space and time, and survival essentials might be more important.

This begs the further question: do you have anything prepped and ready to go in case of emergency, zombie or otherwise. Zombie Squad recommends a bug out bag with food, water, first aid, and tools to survive up to three days. Might be a good place to start.

Other News:

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50 thoughts on “Episode 197: That Can’t Be Good”

  1. Keys to memories of family and friends. And just a little something? As many 223 bullets my ammo box will hold and my trusted ar-15 with red dot scope, 6 position butstock, and extra clips.

    • Oh and a flashlight and batteries.

      • Sounds like a good combination.

  2. I take my sweet damn time, because I live out in the middle of no where.. I pack up a very portable bag.. I fill up any available 2 liter soda bottles I have with water.. I grab my crowbar, bowie knife, .38 Special, put them in the car.. Then I pack up the majority of my clothes.. remembering to bring enough socks as well as both pairs of shoes.. Don’t wanna forget my hoodie! Pick up the keys and keep to the back roads…. Military would never know 😐

    • Never doubt our armed forces. Four words, Survival of the dead.

      • That was a hell of a movie. A hell of a movie…

        • Psssh… Anything government ran is on the status of ‘okay’ quality… I love our armed forces and all that, but I know it would be a hell whole lot knew situation for all of them.

        • New* xD

    • I can’t wait to live in the country. Can’t f’ing wait.

  3. If I were with Stewart and Cheryl, the last thing I’d be doing is standing there talking about that gunshot, because I already know there’s going to be a horde of zombies looking for someone to take a bite out of! 😀

    • You’d think they’d be wising up by now.

  4. Emergency Preparedness bag, machete and survival knife. And yes, I have a machete. I might decide to grab my so called ninjato as it might be able to do something for a hack or two before getting tossed.

    • I too have a machete. Hard to beat for clearing brush.

      • Whoot!

        I remember the Christmas I got my machete and my brother looking at my Mom over “why does she get a machete? and mom explaining about being good that year.”

        • That’s awesome. You’ve got a cool mom.

  5. 1. Bag and box
    2. Tinned Food
    3. Clothes
    4. Weapon (garden fork)
    5. Another weapon (bat)
    Hoping to get a baseball bat at the sports shop soon, but i’m going to need to save up for a ball and glove as well so I don’t look dangerous with it.

    • Plus you could us the set to pass the time when you get bored.

  6. Damned… there’s no way in hell I would be able to fit my Lego collection in a backpack.
    Ok, so onto the important stuff then:
    The 6 binders of family pictures (what can I say, I’m a sentimental guy)
    A dictionary (we may have to rebuild society so we can’t lose the culture!)
    My ipad, ipod, laptop (damned the battery is flatout.. meh, I’ll recharge it at the military camp)
    My U2 records collection (seriously, can’t leave that one behind)
    If there is still an empty pocket I’ll try to squeeze a small creator set (just to keep myself occupied) and a couple of snack bars because I like to nibble when I’m nervous.

    See you in hell!

    • The whole post made me laugh, and then I got the the closing line. Nicely done, sir.

      • Thanks!
        Well I did consider making an educated reply but then I realized that next to the survivalist gang I would sound pathetic at best… And when you think about it, if the s** really hits the fan, is there a point in surviving?

        • Indeed.

          Where are you again, Yatkuu? Brussels? It that pretty populous?

        • Brussels is pretty dense but thank god I’m not in the city, I live about 35 min from the center so my neighborhood is kind of country-like.

    • Where is the “LIKE” button!! lol

      • We could use a like button…

    • All I can picture in my head is the scene from Shaun of the Dead where they start launching records at the zombie in the back yard.

      • Such a great scene.

      • haha, that’s a good one Tom.. you really got me there. I did not even think of it! There is no way I could ever throw my U2 records at a Zed’s face.. plus, it’s only CD so I doubt it would do them much damage!

        • For some reason it reminds me the Simpson Episode featuring U2, at some point Homer gets repeatedly punched in the face while Bono is singing “one more in the name of Love” hilarious.

  7. I have a huge backpack for school that holds my laptop and a ton of books. I already have a plan to fill that bad boy up with extra underware and shirts, mom’s picture album and the laptop since I have a ton of pics on that too.

    Of course the basics go there too – flashlight, water bottles, batteries, food etc.

    My kid has a big backpack as well so his spare clothes and a few choice toys go there. He’ll want to bring the Xbox but seriously where are we gonna put it? lol

    • Yeah, the Xbox isn’t going to do him a lot of good.

      • I have never touched the 360 version but the first one was pretty damned heavy.. I’m sure you could smash the skull of a zed with it.
        More seriously, the topic of packing stuff rapidly is very though, even worse with kids involved. Jeez, kids are emotional sponges if you see what I mean, they feel when something’s wrong. I just can’t picture myself in a situation where I would have to tell my kid to pick only one toy or to tell him that we just can’t take them all with us, I’m sure he wouldn’t understand and just freak out.

        • Oh yeah, just a total disaster. It’d be arguing for a while, then me picking the toy, then me trying to calm him down.

  8. Well…damn. I need to pack some food for the kids, cereal or something easy to store so they can snack, water…lots of water. I can carry as many memories in my head as necessary so sentimental stuff goes bye-bye. No firearms in the house, but I would grab the ginsu knife and my short sword, so that at least in a no way out scenario I have something…albiet it’s not that great a shake when it comes to stopping a zombie horde. Clothing gets left behind, it’s easy to steal, beg, or borrow. Need to make sure to have everyone wear boots, tougher and longer lasting then shoes. My Dad’s army knife would be good to, at least it will serve to help with things like digging and such. Man I have a huge bag too, and that’s just about were I leave off. Food, water, some protection. First aid kit upstairs is good idea. My road maps for Michigan. Can opener…need that. Some of my daughters little ponies…she’ll need comfort, so maybe a favortie book of my sons for him. I think that’s about it…camping tent, and that’s it.
    I’ld still probably have room in my bag for other people’s shit I steal from their corpses as I go. Yes, I’m not above looting from the dead in order to keep my load light and easy to manage.

    • Looting from the dead to keep your load lighter = awesome

    • Ok, doesn’t have too much to do with the question in question, but I have to admit that I’ve been very excited for a while about the Walking Dead game coming out, and finally found some cool news
      It leaves me more excited to try this game out

      • Interesting. I’m certainly looking forward to learning more.

  9. Gunshots mean either trouble or idiots, who respectively also mean trouble.

    Take survival stuff. A weapon if I can find one, food, water, first aid if possible, and a few other things (kinetic torch, anything good lying around, etc, etc). I’m not exactly sentimental.

    • “[…]or idiots, who respectively also mean trouble”

      This is awesome.

  10. I’m one of those guys that keeps my bugout bags packed and ready to go; but I am not going ANYWHERE the fedcoats tell me.

    • You’re more prepared than I.

      • When FEMA tells you to evacuate to THEIR prepared location, remember the Murderdome, I mean the Thunderdome, I mean the Superdome, yeah, thet’s the ticket: the Superdome. 😉

  11. Hydrogen Peroxide
    Baking Soda
    Womens Clothing
    Old Testament

    A man frothing at the mouth wearing womens clothing while raving quotes from the Old Testament he is waving around will surely be left alone by the time he makes it to his mailbox.

    • Genius!

    • The police and military might avoid you but you’d better have something ready for those zombies! 😀

    • This I’d love to see.

    • Again I state how I will live through the apocalypse longer than anyone.

  12. Well, I SHOULD only bring essentials, so…
    drawing equipment, my DSi and headphones, and my beloved Lego minifigures. Oh, not to mention my entire drawing stock. I’d never leave those behind.
    So basically I’m a dead man in a zombie apocalpyse. Course, odds are my family’d refuse to go along with the government and stay in our homes. I’ll fight the hordes myself.

    • A man’s got to make a stand somewhere.

      So what kind of drawing do you do? Any zombie stuff?

  13. I’ve actually now started planning for when my dead Lego guys start rising from their Lego graves.

    I think everyone should keep in mind, most projections for a world-wide catastrophe say that most area will lose power within three days. Bringing electronic doo-dads will eventually mean dead weight. Plus, many of them make noise. Even if you turn down the volume, they’ll keep you distracted: there could be fewer worse fates than being eaten by a zombie while looking for a save point!

  14. why am i the only person who likes stewart? what about stewie griffin, or bart simpson? well for this its stewart, and i wont rest until i find someone who doesnt mind stewart