Episode 185

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Zombie Cliché Lookout: Suspicion

Knock a guy unconscious, drag him away against his will, lock him in a windowless room, and take away his clothes, and odds are he’s going to be pretty suspicious of your intentions. I mean, try to put yourself in his shoes for a minute. It’s kind of strange behavior, especially when you don’t have the whole story.

Misc. News:

It’s 9:30 and I’m just getting home from a long weekend, so I’m going to half-ass the notes a little bit this episode. I’ll add more tomorrow.

20 thoughts on “Episode 185”

  1. Sure “sanitized”.

    • Wait I’ll do it for you Dave: So how’s everyone coming with there entry for the 16×16 contest. Welcome Dave.

      • Hah, nice. One less thing I need to worry about today!

  2. Dial back the suspicion? I think he should dial it forwards until it reads “Who are these nut cases anyway?” 😀

    • Suspicion is your ally in this circumstance, methinks.

      • yieeeeeeesssss…

        • I agree with you fine fellas.

  3. Ah, so that’s why they took his clothes, little do they know the zombie virus can only be transmitted through a bite.

    • Well they didn’t say that they didn’t search him for bites as well.

  4. Yes! Finaly a kind of “why am I naked” question! 😀

    • Everyone’s been waiting for it.

  5. So how long has the outbreak been going on? I figureed it was just a few days since time progresses so slow here. Should his clothes be that bad off already?

    Also, is “sanitize” the same as “wash?” lol

    • The outbreak has been rolling for a week or two, but we don’t know much about how big an area is affected or the severity.

      • I would have guessed closing in on a month!

  6. Not bad not bad. But why couldn’t they have provided him with other clothing instead?

    • That would be the neighborly thing to do. At least a blanket.

      • They gave him a sock didn’t they? Case closed.

        • hah!

    • I can’t really fault them with what they’ve done (given cinematic rules for head injuries, anyway), but they should have given him something to wear, yeah.
      That does make me think though… we all think about food and water (well, those of us who would survive the first week do), but we don’t tend to think about clothing as much. That’s something I really ought to put some thought into and update “Plan Z”…

  7. Haha Dave, you know we can’t put ourselves in Sam’s shoes… the hazmat guys nicked ’em!