Episode 163

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About this Episode:
Before you ask, Murphy stowed his backpack in the car. Stewart didn’t, because he’s Stewart and that’s how he rolls.

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Send a guy off by himself and you’re gambling not only with his life, but the lives of everyone in the group. By the time the rest of your rendezvous with where they should be, odds are they’re long gone and you’re left trying to figure out whether you should stick around, go try to find them, or abandon them and move on. In a world where you can get killed at a moment’s notice, the distraction of a missing party member can be deadly.

Misc. News:
We have recently passed half a million page views. That’s a lot of eyes on my silly little comic.

39 thoughts on “Episode 163”

  1. Hockey helmet of to the left. Not a good sign.
    P.S. There’s a new zombie video called Zombie Universe that was uploaded a few days ago by Youtuber forrestfire101. It’s pretty cool, and one of the most hilarious zombie related things I’ve ever seen. Link below.
    I already posted this earlier, but you’re probably more likely to see this comment than the other one.

    • Nice spot on the helmet.

      That video looks interesting. A bit long to watch at the office, so I’ll have to check it out form home.

  2. Is this a zombie outbreak or a planking convention? I’m not sure! 😀

    • Even money it’s the early arrival of the Hallowe’en special with a “Thriller” presentation, Brickvoid.

      • Yeah. I wish Dave had shown more of the action while the group were moving from the location of Cheryl’s body to Murphy’s car. I’m sure there would have been some zombies eager to jump them! 😀

        • Wait, if it’s CHERYL who died, then WHO followed them to the car, got in the car, and drove to the scene?

        • Yeah, Shannon died. The I get the names switched a few times myself. I even had to go back and edit a comic because I had gotten them backwards.

        • *sighs8* Sorry about the name mixup, it’s been too long! 😀

        • Very easy to do.

          Of course, Shannon’s out of the picture now.

  3. Congrats on the views, Dave! Heres to a million!

    • Thank you!

    • How do you know? Wait hockey armor, no music,and no Sam.

      • Wait, how do I know what?

        • how many views I think

          And my my I just had major de ja vu


        • How many views? Google Anayltics, which is a web metrics program. According to them I’ve gotten 508,130 page views since the site launched.

        • So are those unique PV’s, or what? Regardless, it’s very impressive.

        • No, those are just page views. Unique visitors for the site is at 51,998 (visitors in general at 108,288).

  4. Hmm… Interesting episode… I wonder how all those zombies died, if Sam was armed only with a crowbar and a boombox?

    I suppose Clark found Sam and rescued him, and he just dropped his helmet on the way… 😉

    That’s a great car, by the way. Is it custom?

    • Some nice theories there.

      The car isn’t my own. It came with that horse trailer set a couple years ago. Quite a nice build, but only really fits one person (Cheryl is just sort of crammed in the back).

      • Who wants to see Dave do more MOCS? In fact I demand it.

        Time permitting of course.

        Sorry Dave….had to be done.

        PS. You can’t fire someone who works for free.

        • Well I do have two new sets for the comic to build.

        • Is there anything you need via trade for them? I have your package ready to go and I could just cut it open and dump more in there…hasn’t been weighed yet. Not a problem.

        • I don’t believe so (because, you know, I don’t really have a solid plan just yet), but thanks for the offer.

    • @ Dude person: the song baby by Justin beiber was playing on the radio!

  5. I was really sad about Shannon dyin D: of course I do like Cheryl way better xD and Im worried about Sam I kinda liked him even though he was the insane breakdown type lolz

    • Emotional investment in the characters! Outstanding!

  6. Ah, the whole “Don’t leave objects behind behind because they’ll bite you in the ass later.” moment. Never gets old…

    • Also, I notice that all the corpses can actually be found in episode 133, exactly the same! Good work, I would have just stuck some random corpses in there!

      • Pretty close anyway. I foolishly took all those zombies apart, so I had to reconstruct them from photos.

        • Well in 133, you had the zombies facing away, so no one could tell what their face was and what they were wearing.

        • Hah. A few of them showed in other episodes around the same time.

        • Hah, very nice work Dave! I had completely forgotten…

          Continuity sure can be a pain though, can’t it? In Zombie Outbrick, since all the office sets are modular and recycled, I have one heck of a time trying to reconstruct them. I always worry that a wall might be one stud off, or that a desk might be in the wrong place. More recently, I’ll occasionally take a few nice overhead shots for reference later on.

  7. Is….is that zombie Scrimshaw???

    • Maybe.

      I left off the beard because I didn’t want to make it too obvious.

  8. Just wondering… any plans to bring a dog in on the comic? My son got a police set this weekend and it came with the most awesome ATV build as well as a dog.

    I hate when animals get eaten in zombie movies but they are great for adding tension. “Will they eat the dog? NOooooooooooooooo!!”

    • It’s something I’ve thought about. I keep going back and forth though, because, while I like the new dog mold (reminds me of our old German Shepherd), the lack of articulation might make it hard to use.

    • animals stress me out in these settings….I care more for the dogs than I do an entire country.

      Dog = OMFG noooo!!

      China = meh

  9. Wait I see what dave is trying to say. That Sam is not always weak and scared.

  10. Looks like Sam’s been busy…
    Of course, last time we saw him, he had some seriously good high ground and a good weapon, so it’s not exactly surprising.