Episode 161

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Sometimes you just gotta tear up zombies with a chainsaw.

Other News:

He everybody, I'm on the news!

Part one of the interview is up today; check it out.



Indeed. I recall some rumblings about chainsaws over the past few weeks. Seems like there was some interest in the subject.


Oh no baseball zombie died he was my favorite Q.Q well maybe the clown >_>


Well, he better get his aim straightened out, because that zombie in panel four will get straight back up again! But at least we’re finally seeing some action! 😀

And wouldn’t you know it: The chainsaw started first try! 😀


More please! I don’t actually mind if it’s advancing the backstory as to why there is a zombie infestation in a small town, but I’d definitely like to see more action in between as it’s been waning thin lately! 🙂

And with some of these characters I’m not sure I want to know their ‘goodbyes’ anyway, as it kinda ruins the perception of what their actions have been telling me! 😀


wow, that head is really flying!
I like the blurred/motion effect on the chainsaw and the splatters are nicely done.
Good job!


I love the flying head too!! and the blood looks great! we are sick sick people. =)


Oh no! Dave left it off on a high note! The next comic can’t end good!


You never know. Jeff could go all killdozer, survive the zombies, and the bumble into a cure for the infection. Right?


Heh, that reminds me of Dead Island, Yatkuu. The survivors are immune to the infection, so everyone thinks that their blood has the cure! So they take some blood, but it (SPOILERS!! Turn back now!!) turns out that the infection is just sitting in their veins, waiting to infect them!! HAHAHA!!!!


Yeah, that one’s great too! I’m digging the Copter because it looks like a Black Hawk.


Are you kidding? Have you ever even seen a blackhawk? That heavy chopper looks nothing like one. A Blackhawk is a single rotor bird, the chopper with the hospital looks more like a Blackhawk than the heavy one. The heavy one looks a bit more like a Chinook.
Incidentally, I question the logic of a police branded heavy lifter; do such things really exist? I thought police choppers were lighter.


That heavy copter sounds like just the thing to mount a machine gun or three on and mow down zombie infestations by the hundreds and thousands! 😀

Of course, if it has engine failure or runs out of gas due to pilot stupidity, that’d also be a rather interesting zombie concept! 😀

“Why is there a zombie pilot trying to bite us?” “I don’t know, just aim for the head, dipshit!” Yeah, that’s the ticket, those prison escapees would be looking for ammo from helos that landed! 😉


I really like the setup on that one. It’s like Night of the Livnig Dead meets Blackhawk Down.


Let me put it another way: Either bonus strips or regular, when can you arrange it? 😀


Oh, and anyone who likes the chainsaw design I’m using is in luck. There’s a small, probably inexpensive fire department set with a similar chainsaw. In fact, I like that design better.


Just awesome! HAHAH….

Honestly I would have liked to see Dave stretch out the “non action” for a bit as a prank but then again he probably wants to keep his readers. There is another prank I hope to see pulled but we’ll see if Dave is devious enough…


(delete this comment if you’re going to do this)

Obnoxiously stretch out never ending violence for a month or so with the chainsaw. Story goes on but on your Friday or whenever strips pop it in.


Hah, that’s a bit too much violence for me.

My philosophy with violence is that a little goes a long ways. Too much and people get desensitization. It’s better to have a sudden burst here and there.

Silver Fox

Whoot! Chainsaw! GO JEFF!

And I hope the poor fish will survive, that the zombies don’t notice him in the tank.


you don’t get it, once all the humans are gone and all the zombies are gone the fish people will rise as dominant species and fish will never be trapped in tanks ever again!

then the fish people will get a virus that makes them zombies and when they are gone the ants will rise and then they will get invaded by aliens and so on.
I could ramble on like that for days but i simply can’t be bothered and I’m sure you’d all get bored

Silver Fox

Hmmm… I’m not sure about the ants… down in the Amazon they already contend with a fungus that zombifies them.

The pictures of Zombie Ants are very eww….


Very eww indeed. They had some super creepy footage of that on that Earth documentary that came out a few years ago. Fascinating.


Brickyman yeah they’ll be trapped in rolling balls filled with water.


Sorry about that mistyping of the name of there, but I just figured out that I became one of the 50 finalists in that Lego Christmas Design Challenge! Woo! I’m going to get one of those fancy Christmas Post Office sets as a prize! At first I thought I was too late, but it turned out I was still qualified to enter! Be uploading it to my Flickr account when I can!


You might see my entry in the Lego Catalogue , either as the grand prize winner or one of 50 runner up entries.


Any chance of checking it out early on Flickr, or is it secret until the announcement is made?


I should put it up early to show what it is to look for in the catalogue.


I just got the catalogue yesterday…I will look for this. Well done!


Just checked it out, very nice!

How long is this going to be? If memory serves you had quite a few questions.


Maybe he survives and starts a small business. Say a bait and tackle shop?

the dude person

Finally! It’s about effing time…

I mean, great episode Dave! (sorry for being a day late to the party…)

Anyway, as others have said, the subtle blur on the chainsaw really brings it to life. The blood effects, especially on the decapitated zombie are awesome! Lots of motion going on there.

It kind of reminds me of how I did the zombie headshot in Zombie Outbrick Episode 15, how I disguised support pieces with blood spatter. 😉

Awesome carnage! I wonder how Sam’s holding up at the moment…


Thank you kindly!

It is sort of like your headshot. Gotta love rigging-covering blood spatter, right?

We’ll be getting back to Sam and the gang on Monday.


So.. I’ve been thinking of a design for a weapon.. This is for the main character in my first attempt for a story I want to do… If anyone would like to hear about my Bolt action Magazine fed Crossbow. I know there is the already repeater cross bow, but this is for more fluent movement, able to aim across the top, and to go faster.


OK, what? Bolt action crossbow? That sounds ridiculous.

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