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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
In almost every group there’s the guy who thinks that in order to be rational and intelligent, he also needs to act like an inconsiderate ass. I’m not sure where this comes from, but these people seem to associate logic with being cold an inhuman, and adopt an over-the-top bastardry to compliment what they believe to be their greatest virtue: their intellect. In their mind they believe people will respect them for their candor and rational thinking, when in reality everyone just thinks they’re a jerkass.

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  1. Yea first

    • Sorry couldn’t resist. Great episode.

      • Okay, but let’s not do that anymore, eh?

        • Okay but I was going to say is that in the bioghrapy Murphy doesn’t have any ammo for either gun

        • Oh yeah. I’ll fix that.

  2. HA HA HA HA HA!!!!this is so funny i love this comic so glad it’s 10 strips from episode 150.This is my favorite lego webcomic!i read reasonably clever but they’re reboot sucks promise you’ll never do that dave.

    • I love the Reboot stuff. I think it’s been hilarious.

      • i think it’s a little funny but i can’t wait for the ending joke.

  3. I usually brink on both sides of being an ass and being sympathetic. My first reaction will be a cocky jack ass remark, with a follow up of under standing sympathy and reason.

    • Hot then cold eh?

      • Is it a convenience my real name is Ben?

  4. I simply can’t stand jerks who cover up their jerkiness with some half-assed, semi-logical excuse (like being “rational.”)

    There is a difference between being coldly rational, and actively pissing people off, though, and it seems to me that Stewart is more on the “coldly rational” side at the moment…

    I’m just surprised that Shannon hasn’t gotten up yet. 😉

    • It’s always funny how quickly some corpses get up, while others seem to lie around forever. Lazy zombies.

      • Sounds like me in the morning without my coffee… 😉

        • Sounds like me…when i wake up in the morning good thing i’m homeschooled!

      • I think she will not get up because of the yellow printed bit. I always make sure a minifig has no printed yellow bits that would look daft if they were zombified. The yellow bit-minifigs are the ones who are never bitten (immune if you like)
        so my scenes always look realistic.

        • That small an area would be pretty easy to color-edit in Photoshop.

  5. wow she had to say basterd i knew it . but murphy is kinda right but i would have been worse without any question i would have cut her god damn head of shes a zed know. nice comic dave

    • Thank you

  6. Wow they are standing around arguing and this corpse of their friend is going to rock their world! 😀

    • Hah. We shall see.

      • We’re readers of a webcomic about people who get bitten turned into zombies. I don’t see, I know that this will come to pass if they don’t get the hell out of there immediately! 😉

        • darn typos of mine lol

        • Fixed the typo for you.

          Yeah, this sort of thing is why genre rules are important. Seeing people act this way sets off alarms in our heads. We know that something bad is going to happen if they don’t either get out of there or destroy Shannon’s brain, but are powerless to influence their actions.

        • Thanks! Murphy might do something about it, not that they’re going to agree with him until he gets a chance to argue his point, which will eventually turn out valid! 😉

        • I notice that people really seem to trust Murphy, and I wonder why that is. The uniform probably helps, and the fact that he’s a sniper on a SWAT team tells us he’s had some extra training, but is that all?

  7. Well, what else are you supposed to be like when you’re the only one thinking logically? Who is going to listen to you when you’re saying “Oh my god, oh my god, shannon got bit, I am FREAAAAKINNGGG out right now! We need to cut of her head guys… I just hope blood doesn’t get on my new purse…”

    Honestly though, you say that the person in a group who thinks logically is always an inconsiderate ass, when in most situations (like this one) they’re trying to save their lives. Besides, Cheryl is emotional, probably whining, and being an inconsiderate ass is most likely the only way to get her to shut up and get the hell out of there, because Cheryl is more concerned for her dead/soon to be reanimated friend than the person who volunteered to risk his life so they could escape.

    From MY perspective, CHERYL is the one being an inconsiderate ass, because she’s forgetting why they weren’t assaulted by 20 Zombies instead of one.

    • Well said, but I’d like to clarify one point. Being rational and using logic doesn’t automatically make on an ass. There are, however, asses who like to use logic and rational thought to make themselves look smarter and better than their compatriots.

      • And we’re saying things about women who are rarely logical or rational. Go figure! 😀

        • oh dear…

        • Yeah, that’s not really fair.

          Not to tip my hand too much, but Cheryl is one of the smarter people in the group. Let’s see what shakes out before judging too much, shall we?

        • I still reckon the chances of losing a second group member are better than average! 😉

        • We shall see… we shall see.

        • Frankly Dave, I can say I’m the smartest guy in the world, but it doesn’t make it true. Being a genius isn’t going to help you, LOGIC is. If you can think logically you can conquer anything. So you’re telling me, Stewart SHOULD’VE said ‘But… But… Cheryl… Ya know…. Shannon is probably going to get up and bite us… in a few minutes… so… we should cut off her head… ya know?”

          When people are “emotional” they aren’t going to listen to logic, and you can’t calm them down. How could you EVER be calm in an apocalypse scenario?

          The fact is that Cheryl is used to being in charge (at work or whatever) or she’s used to being dominant. Being nice and pleasant isn’t going to change how she thinks or whether or not she’s emotional or not. There really is no solution except to either leave her or drag her (Cheryl) along.

        • First, regarding Cheryl’s intelligence, I was simply responding to the “women are rarely rational or logical” statement.

          Second, Stewart isn’t saying he wants to cut off her head, simply that it’s time to leave. He’s right, of course, but the group also just lost someone who had been with them since the beginning. He’s being insensitive. Yes, in a survival situation being sensitive might be a liability, but you still need to think about the mental health of your group, right?

          Third, at this point we don’t know Cheryl’s motivation, other than she simply doesn’t want to run away immediately.

        • I was ad libbing with the head stuff, sorry.
          I’d rather be mentally “messed up” than dead.
          I think you made it pretty clear what Cheryl’s motivation is with her line in ep. 139 with “Shannon is part of our group! We’re not going to abandon her!”

        • I don’t disagree about rather being messed up than dead, I’m just saying that a good leader is going to consider things like that when making decisions and trying to motivate his or her team. You know what i mean?

          As far as Cheryl’s motivation goes, we know she’s wrapped up with Shannon, but not what she intends to do about it (stay with her, try to get her medical attention, bring her body with them, bury her, chop off her head, pull out her teeth and put her on a leash so they have their own zombie pet, etc.).

        • @ A Monkey

          “I can say I’m the smartest guy in the world, but it doesn’t make it true. Being a genius isn’t going to help you, LOGIC is. If you can think logically you can conquer anything.”

          Good post…but that all ties to your own sense of ego. If you’re overburdened with ego or lack of ego you can never has a sense of what is logical. Its all about balanced self-awareness IMO. You still have to be able to translate where you stand and fit into a situation.

          “When people are “emotional” they aren’t going to listen to logic, and you can’t calm them down. How could you EVER be calm in an apocalypse scenario? “

          Being emotional doesn’t necessarily mean you become unreasonable or out of control. Emotional decisions can be helpful and they also spur heroism.

        • I don’t pretend to be the most logical guy in the world. However, given the choice, (in ANY scenario) if I have the choice to be either completely logical or completely emotional, I would choose logical. Because, I have seen people make completely emotional decisions and screw up.

          “Being emotional doesn’t necessarily mean you become unreasonable or out of control. Emotional decisions can be helpful and they also spur heroism.”
          That’s true, but TOO much emotion is bad. Very bad. Being too emotional can lead to bad decisions, while being logical would more often than not lead you to decisions that keep you alive.

          Bear in mind – I’m not saying being completely logical is good, because a decision might be morally wrong, but logical. I think a good combination would be 80% logical and 20% emotional.

          Is anyone else having trouble getting on the BCN site?

        • Excellent point. You could logically justify some pretty horrendous shit (and I’m sure a lot of people have).

          Yeah, BCN appears to be down.

        • Yeah, I was just using this site to check if my internet connection was just screwed up…

          But yeah, BCN looks like it’s down… And the funny thing is, I can’t seem to get to ComicFury now either (I’ve tried both my smarphone and my computer)… I can’t even get to the Zombie Outbrick site…

          Are you having problems with ComicFury too, A Monkey?

          Could this be some sort of anti-brick act of cyber terrorism? (Mostly joking, but it seems incredibly odd that both sites would go down at once…)

          Sorry to get off-topic Dave.

        • No worries.

          I wonder if they’re hosted by the same company.

        • Yeah, perhaps they are… As it turns out, I just checked and BOTH simultaneously came back online.

      • The most insecure guy in the room will do whatever he can to convince you he is a deep thinker…Usually through pressure and manipulation.

        Meanwhile…the fellow running with a hockey mask that every believes to be a dunce might have the apocalypse figured out.

        • ZombieMutts nailed it.

        • too bad I can’t seem to figure out how to keep my avatar in place.

        • *lightbulb*

          I need to create a master wordpress acount…

        • You have two different email accounts. One of which does not appear to be setup with Gravatar. Just login and add the other account and you’ll be good to go.

  8. When will they realize they still have to get to the car?

    • I’m thinking in about two more episodes.

      • Maybe a giant text bubble coming from off-screen saying “GUYS!! Where are you?”

        • Hah. I love that.

        • Bill Waterson used to do thinks like that, Nikolai. Always cracked me up.

  9. New minifigs…may be series 6…


    • Ooh, looking good. The alien is a bit strange looking, but I love everything else. That mechanic’s hair is outstanding!

    • I’m diggin’ that Butcher and Mechanic.

    • Ooh, cool! That space-girl is interesting, never seen the armor in pink before. That leprechaun is awesome!

      And I agree with you Dave, the alien’s head just looks sort of… off.

      • That space-girl… well, now I know what the ladies of Clan Exposition will be wearing in the new year!

        I have high hopes for that minotaur, too.

        • Me too; I’d like to get a better look at it. Straight on might not be the most flattering angle for a man-bull.

    • oooh, very nice. I’ll be looking to see what other sites like Bricklink have on this so far.

    • can’t be series 5 i’ve seen them already.I’d love to pick alot of them up lot’s of rare parts mainly the black hoodie i have some black hoods from HP sets just waiting to be part of a hoodie.

      • oh almost forgot i agree that alien loks like it’s here to huant my brain while i sleep it’s freaking weird.

  10. Looks like Murphy’s gonna be taking Shannon’s place, by the way he’s talking. If a zombie bit somebody else, Shannon probably would’ve said the same thing.

    Personally I would’ve been very upset one of my friends had been bitten. As we put them down. Gotta be hell on your mentality to do that.

    • Huh, he is kind of filling the Shannon role, isn’t he?

  11. Go Cheryl!

    And much as I miss Shannon, they are going to take care she doesn’t rise up and make them her first meal?

    • Hard to say. This might be the part in the comic where I kill off all the established characters except for the guy who took the suicide mission. Said guy might just team up with a group of, or I dunno, sexy lady assassins, and go around killing zombies with reckless abandon.

      We’ll just have to wait and see 🙂

      • Oh god! I think Sam’s head would explode if he were surrounded by sexy assassins! Then again, that scenario seems a bit askew for this comic tho 😉 But in the terms of Stewart being an ass, you gotta remember that he’s still in high school so he’s still learning how to deal with things like emotion, etc.

        • It would certainly be a bold new direction.

      • Ooh, ooh! Yes!! Sexy lady assassins!

        Wait, just to clarify… do you mean sexy ladies that are themselves, assassins? Or a bunch of half-crazed male weirdos that are assassins of sexy ladies? (i.e. Lady killers… in the literal sense)

        If it’s the latter, I take back my original statement of enthusiasm. 😉

        • I intended the former, although the latter is also a potential avenue to explore.

        • I am disturbed by the very thought that Dave is considering the latter….

        • Hah!

  12. Next Strip: *Sam runs past*
    Cheryl: Sam?
    Sam: FREAKIN’ RUN!!!
    Zombies: rUUGH!

    • exciting idea for an episode we have’nt heard from you in a while Nekrospike.

    • Hah, love it!

    • The only thing wrong with that is that the zombies would probably stop by to have a bite at the others – you know, eat and run! 😉

  13. What a great birthday present!
    Yes today is my birthday, and I enjoy reading youre comic strips Dave, good job.

    • Happy birthday!!!!!*blows noisewhilstlething*My present is finnaly capitalizing my t JUST KIDDING!My present is…A GUIDE TO LEGO SETS BEFORE THEY COME OUT!!!!!oh and sales too.link below.Anyway happy birthday hope you enjoy it!

      • Thanks!

    • Happy birthday!

      • Thanks Dave!

    • Happy birthday!

      • Thank you!

  14. Hey Dave, which LEGO “Exclusive” set (Like the Grand Emporium, Pet Shop, etc) would you recommend for a city setting?

    • Any of the modulars is going to look great in a city setting. The only one I don’t own is the Pet Shop, but from what I’ve seen that looks fantastic too.

      If you’re planning on buying more than one in the series, you might want to start with the Fire Brigade. That’s the oldest one so it’ll probably not be around for too much longer.

      If you’re going with just one, the Grand Emporium is beautiful. Pet Shop might be a good choice too since you get two slimmer buildings.

      You really can’t go wrong with any in the series.

      • Well, I hope to get more, but that might not be possible, given the price.

        • They are pricey, but the price to part ratio is quite high.

      • Plus with Petshop you get two buildings so you can create an alley and the back of the set is amazing.

        Cafe Corner and Green Grocer are on my custom build to do list. Kills me that I missed them and now the premium is ridiculous for a backstock price.

        • Exactly why I recommend picking up the Fire Brigade while you still can. To be honest, it’s my least favorite of the series, but it’s still a great looking building. It’s like saying it’s my least favorite lingerie model.

        • LOL!

          My amazing fiancee demanded I not buy one building so she had something to give me for my birthday and I wish I had named petshop or grand emporium as I just recently realized fire brigade was one of the original releases.

          You’re going to love Petshop Dave…its the most detailed one built. More than Grand Emporium. Someone put a lot of love into designing this.

        • Hah, maybe Santa will be kind to me this year, because it looks great. I love the idea of two thinner building to mix up the street a bit too.

        • Well, not only that, I wish to teach myself MORE about building buildings, you know, in the future I can replicate the style of those sets.

        • That’s a good goal as well. There are some pretty sweet building techniques used in the modulars.

  15. I just realized- How did Murphy get those bullets into his magazine, then load and cock the gun so fast?

    • He was fiddling around with it back in Episode 137.