Episode 134

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About this Episode:
Remember how no one thought the batteries in the radio would be good? Gotcha!

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
It’s a horror movie staple: when you’re being pursued, don’t look for logic escape routes that might actually save your life down the road, just go up! Few things are more infuriating than seeing the buxom teenage star of the latest slasher flick run upstairs instead of out the door when the killer is chasing her. This of course ensures either a gruesome slaying or some acrobatic antics out a second-story window. In zombie movies this trope tends to work a little better. Since zombies don’t have a great deal of coordination, anything more than a gentle incline or gradual stairway tends to slow or even stop their pursuit. The only problem is whether the heights you’re fleeing to have any other exits, because the zombies on the ground have more than enough patience to wait you out.

58 thoughts on “Episode 134”

  1. He kind parkoured his way up that Fire truck.. GREAT JOB SAMMEH BOY. Now all he has to do is set that down and find a way to use that ladder behind him to get away.

    • Hah, i love seeing “parkour” as a verb.

      • Good things its French ‘eh!? 😀

  2. About the zombies having enough patience to wait someone out: I sure hope they’d enjoy watching rotting corpses decay that they can’t actually get to! 😀

    • Well I don’t know if they’d really enjoy it, but they’d probabyl stick around.

  3. Oh, and by the way it’s “cue” not queue. Look up words that might be ambiguous on dictionary.reference.com, Dave! It will let you know all the ambiguities there are! 😉

    • Okay, this has been fixed (I totally forgot last night).

  4. Musical cue: “Cel-e-brate good times, COME ON!”

    No-Prize mongering: ordinarily, people would expect that they’d consider the music to be their “cue” to move. In this case, it’s the first step in the line of events – a “queue,” if you will – and they now can proceed with their plan! Not a typo!

    • I don’t buy your explanation. It’s not technically possible to miss a queue, in the context we’re talking about here. It is, however, possible to miss a cue, in this context. I’m therefore calling you on it and restating that it should be a “cue” that they’re waiting for.

      If you really want to put a plan together it has to have proper sense in context. Same goes for webcomic lines.

      • While I can see how either would work, I think “cue” better represents what I was actually going for here.

        Unfortunately, I’m at the office now, so it will remain “queue” until this evening when I get a chance to change it.

      • BrickVoid, didn’t you read Marvel comics? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No-Prize

        • That one sailed right over my head, Lich.

        • It’s like I’m the only civilized person left in society! 😉

        • So it would seem. I shall hang my head in shame now.

  5. I think Sam did the right thing – instead of wearing himself out running, he can rest a bit, and force the zombies to come at him one by one. He bought a little time.And he’s not without an escape route; the ladder would do nicely.

    • Indeed so.

      • Um, where did his crowbar weapon get to? Now, if he could smash zombie heads in he’d be right. But I don’t see where that crowbar disappeared to, and hopefully he’ll be able to get to some nice firemen’s axes now to defend himself with if that crowbar isn’t on him any more! 😉

        • You can’t really see if because of the angle of the shot, but the crowbar is right behind Sam on the ladder. You can see a little bit of the gray in the first panel.

  6. frames 1 and 2…awesome shots. I want that Shop build so bad….

    • Thanks!

      The shop is really cool. I don’t know if it’s my favorite of the modular buildings, but it’s right up there. just a beautiful set and a fun build.

  7. This would be a cool time for an animation! See the others running out, getting to the car, then Sam jumping in from the top of the truck!

    I think that the song is “Anything Goes”, just because of the line “…the world has gone mad today…”

    • You just cost Dave 12 hours of work, minimum. hah!

      • I don’t think I could pull that off if I tried.

        Besides, you’re making a lot of assumptions that they’re plan is going to work out exactly like they think. Assumptions are dangerous things.

        • Dave, they need a win. We’re hoping.

        • Hah, fair enough. I’m happy to see people rooting for these guys.

  8. How big is the possibility that Sam has some sort of phobia of heights? 😀 Looking at that ladder… if he needed to go high enough to jump behihd the zombie horde… Tee-hee 😀

    I’m realy realy realy – REALY – curious what’s gonna happen next! 😀

    • …and Sam was never seen nor heard from again.

      Just kidding 🙂

      • “Oh hey, look… this one zombie over there looks exactly like Sam with that hockey hel… Holy cow! It IS Sam!”
        😀 😀

        Ok, let’s let him survive… for now 😀 😀

  9. Great shots

    • Thank you!

  10. hey sup i was inactive for a while.
    anyway exiciting!i am amazed at how awesome this comic is!

    • Thank you, sir!

  11. Guess which blog that does web comics about zombies got a shout out from a big time zombie author today?

    I am not giving out any hints….

    • So cool

      • Oh, and

        • In case anyone doesn’t know…Craig is a top notch Zombie Literature writer.

        • Looks like some interesting books there. I haven’t read any myself though.

        • He is one of my favorite authors. Really amazing work and he has a huge fanbase.

          Tooth and Nail is my personal favorite of his. Its like Black Hawk Down meets the Night of the Living Dead.

          Infection is another amazing piece of work. Its Zombies, Survivors and a nice touch of Sci-Fi.

          Craig is really into horde type zombie action so that’s his style within books. For sure worth adding to your to read list.

        • Ooh, I’m intrigued now. Black Hawk Down was outstanding (I still need to read the book).

          The next time I get an Amazon gift card I’ll have to order up Tooth and Nail.

  12. You know, that firetruck might make a good accompanying getaway vehicle for that police car. It’s a lot bigger for starters. More mass equals higher velocity which equals a whole lotta zombies that firetruck could just bust out of the way! 😀

    Of course, this all assumes it has gas in the first place, most fire departments do keep their vehicles well gassed up in case of emergency anyway! 😉

    • Absolutely good points. The downside to a firetruck would be maneuverability, but in a more rural area that probably wouldn’t be as big of a deal.

      • http://image.made-in-china.com/2f1j00HBQaEUtjqyqo/Single-Drum-Vibratory-Compactor-BG120-PD-.jpg

        Now, if they had one of those, flattening the zombies would be a rather simple process! 😉 Although I don’t like the gas mileage! 😀

        • LEGO had a steamroller set a year or two ago. I wish I’d have picked it up.

        • http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?S=7746-1

          You mean that one? There’s always BrickLink, although personally I’d do it either by just picking up the parts you don’t already have, or by waiting until someone has a discount on sets that lets you get it at a cheap price! 😉

        • That’s the one! Hey, someone’s selling it for ten bucks. I might have to indulge!

  13. Hey everyone, Bricks of the Dead was submitted to The Worlds Best Zombie Sites. If you have a second, head over there and give me a few votes (everyone gets five). I’m on page four right now.

    Oh, and make sure to check out the other great sites as well.

  14. Voted, and you’re on page 3 now 😉
    The other sites there looks promising, I definitely gotta check them out when I have some more time! 🙂

    • That was supposed to be Reply to Dave’s post above

    • Thanks Adelaide!

      There’s definitely some cool sites on there. Well worth checking out.

  15. the fire truck is awesome! hopefully the keys are in there. it would suck if they weren’t. but i think a zombie is in the truck because a lot of people get eaten in cars when they try to get away. but you don’t have that problem is you follow the rules. zombieland rules. rule #4: check the backseat.

    • I always like in zombie books and short stories when people have to cross big roads and freeways. There are always loads of zombies trapped inside the cars and I just find that all manner of creepy.

      • Have you read DBD Armegeddon/Exile? Dead traffic was always an issue in the books…awesome.

        • I actually just finished re-reading both last week. Great books, although I liked the first one much better than the sequel.

        • I’m really worried where book 3 will take us….the ending of Exile was….curious…..

        • It was very curious. It’s almost like Exile was two different books. The first 2/3rds or so was similar to the first, but the second was like a techno-thriller with zombies in it.

          That said, I still enjoyed it and I’m going to read the third, but I vastly prefer the style of the first.

    • A lot of people may get bitten in cars, but with a decent sized truck there’s no way the zombies could reach the windows. Truck cabs are high. Someone could still get bitten and then climb into the truck though.

  16. Three eighth notes?!? That’s my favorite song!!!

    • Hah. Didn’t want to get specific.