Episode 126

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
There’s a survivor’s logical fallacy at work here that I just love: “My plan has to work, because otherwise I’m dead”. The cruel reality of it is that your plan does not have to work. In fact, it can fail spectacularly in ways we could never imagine. That’s just how things work. The world doesn’t have a vested interest in keeping you alive. If you can’t manage it on your own, well that’s just too damn bad.

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  1. I wonder if zombies can look up? 😀

    Because if they can, I’m not sure the fire escape idea is as good as it sounds.

    Their plan needs one more component in order to succeed. It needs some way to get them to a safe zone where there aren’t any zombies around. So far, I haven’t seen anyone come up with that in their suggestion.

    As Han Solo yelled out to C3P0: “Hurry up Chromedome, or you’re gonna become a permanent resident!”, someone needs to yell out to these guys to hurry up, or they’ll become permanent zombiefied residents! 😀

    • Hah, well you know no plan is perfect, right?

      I don’t see any reason zombies can’t look up (unlike dogs), but that’s why they’re trying to draw them to the other side of the building.

      • Dave…It’s Happening! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-13713798

        • Hah, I saw that. Outstanding!

        • Haha, silly UK with no zombie attack emergency plans… The CDC has such plans, though. 😉

  2. The modern art painting is brilliant!

    • Thanks! I don’t have a lot to hang on the walls for decoration (you’ll see the same maps a lot) so modern art seems like the way to go. I think they look nice too.

      • I am still catching up on all the back episodes but that little detail is my favorite since the glorious newscast on EP 1. We need to have another telephone conference ASAP at work so I can finally get caught up. hah

        • Hah! Of course the bad thing about catching up is that you’ve got to wait for new episodes to show up.

  3. It might work… Now what would make enough noise to allow them sneak away?

    • Well explosions are pretty loud, right?


      • So is a metal bucket tied to the dog’s tail 😀

        Ok, I guess explosion would be better 😀

        • Man, if only they had a dog.

          And a bucket.

        • on the other issue on fire escapes, I was talking about the loud clanging metal staircase more 😀

        • Yeah they can definitely be loud. The guys will need something even louder to cover it.

  4. What if they throw furniture outside when it hits the ground it makes a HUGE chrash.

    • But then how are they going to get away before the horde dissipates?

      • Hmm good point.

  5. “What if it makes a lot of noise?” What, you’re chucking Stew out the window? 😀

    Like someone said last time about the fire escape, setting off the fire alarm might work. But then they’d still be attracted to the building… hrm.

    • A fire alarm is a really cool idea. I actually wish I would have thought of it.

      • Reminds me of the Pipe Bomb!

        • Hah!

          Don’t make pipe bombs, kids.

      • It’s the zombie apocalypse. The nerds of the internet always come up with eighteen different ways to spectacularly fail and be torn apart in a blaze of glory when it comes to this… 🙂

        • Indeed they will, Ross.

        • I like the fire/burglar alarm idea. Just light a fire/smash a window and you’re in business. Of course, the survivors must follow the correct safety procedures(not using lifts,shutting doors behind them, etc.)

  6. (off topic)
    In the bio page the link to gene’s first apperance takes you to episode 4……..thought i should notify you.

    • Thanks; I’ll fix that.

  7. If Murphy still had ammo on his Sniper Rifle, I’d say he could shoot one of the fire alarms in one tof the buldings across the street. He needs Scavenger Pro, man.

    • Unfortunately, Murphy is completely out of ammo.

      What’s a Scavenger Pro?

      • Scavenger Pro is the perk in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops which allows players to “scavenge” ammo, grenades, and equiptment off of dead enemies. The Pro version of the perk gives players the previous abilities and gives the player almost two times the original ammo count.

        The Scavenger in Call of the Dead, the newest zombies insallation for Black Ops, is a bolt-action sniper rifle that shoots torpedoes.

        • Torpedos? Jesus.

        • did you know that call of d uty modern warfare 3 is coming out?
          my neighbor preorder it 🙂

        • Heard about it. I might pre-order it. But that topic’s not suit for here.

        • sorry about that just thought i needed to notify you guys.
          you know who seems alot like a scavenger pro?Clark beacause he searched the zombie he killed in some episode.

    • With real-world physics, would shooting a fire alarm actually make it go off? I somehow can’t imagine that it would work…

      The characters of BotD seem to be on the verge of a major decision…

      Sam, or Stew? 😉

      I’d go with Sam, he seems the least useful right now. Stew would probably be chosen next, except it seems like he’d be more physically capable and helpful than Shannon and Cheryl.

      Also, I’ve been wondering… Why isn’t the Character Bio page in the navigation bar? It’d be much easier to get to, rather than going back to episode 122 to find the link…

      • In the real world, you’d just have a broken fire alarm. But in comics anything is possible!

        The Character Bios is there, but it’s under the “About” dropdown, along with FAQs. I’ll probably add more stuff here as time goes on.

        • Exactly what I was thinking. But what if someone shot a can of gasoline in the next building over? Then the fire alarm would… oh wait a second…. 😉

          And oh, how silly of me! I had looked under “Extra Stuff,” and hadn’t seen it, and so for some reason jumped to the conclusion that it was not in fact in the navigation bar. Silly me!

  8. Dave…so have you ever thought about doing another comic? Either running two at a time (too time consuming I would think) or maybe doing a different one every other week?

    • I have indeed thought about it. I’d really like to do a supplemental comic to go along with BotD instead of something completely new. I’m still trying to figure out a way to do that and what my content would be.

      • Sounds like a fun problem to have.

        and why won’t my avatar show up…..someone needs to be yelled upon.

        • Oh it is. I just need to make sure it’s entertaining. Always a challenge, but a fun one.

          The avatars are based on your email address. Have you signed up for Gravatar?

        • This reminds me of something, haha… There might be a typo in your e-mail address 😀

        • Someone needs to be yelled upon?

          Ah, I see. You want to climb onto someone’s back, and then yell upon them (somewhat like I’d imagine an angry Yoda would)

          Unless you meant it to be military yelling… i.e. “Yell at will!” “Yell the torpedoes!” “Our troops are being yelled upon!” etc.

          😉 Not making fun of you, just found that to be an amusing phrase!

          And seriously, if you haved signed up for a Gravatar with your email address, and you enter said address into the EMAIL box for commenting here, there is no reason why your Gravatar should not show up. Try making sure you are doing everything correctly. Is there any chance that the upload of your avatar image to your Gravatar account didn’t go through? Check how things are at every step of the process, and if you don’t find and solve the problem, it’s most likely not your fault.

          I have about 7 different ideas for various comics floating about in my mind – but I can barely keep up with the production of one at the moment… Dave, if you could pull off making another brick comic at the same time as BotD, you would be a brick-comicking god (if you aren’t already.)

        • Well it wouldn’t be a totally different comic, and it would be on this site. WIthout giving too much of what I have in mind away, I’ll just say it will be supplemental to Bricks of the Dead.

        • ahhh…”the dude person” solved my problem! I didn’t realize I had two seperate emails being used.

          As for “Someone needs to be yelled upon” its an older British saying and one I have heard used in Monty Python which is one of my favorite comedy shows of all time. 🙂

          You’ve likely heard “Called Upon” right? Thats used here in the good’ol US. Generally the same concept.

        • You can add multiple email addresses to Gravatar. I think I have three or four setup in there.

        • I’m still learning how to internet.

        • Ah, well I am most certainly a Monty Python fan, so I must not have seen that episode or something. And I have definitely heard “called upon” before, but what came immediately to mind was “fired upon.”

          (Also, I just realized that I, the spelling freak, wrote “if you haved signed up for a Gravatar” in my previous comment… I must have been horrendously tired at the time.)

          Anyway, cool (Gr)avatar.

  9. I still like my distraction idea.

    fire+fire extinguisher+ bait= distraction

    if any on is wondering go back to episode 124

  10. Test…

    • Oh well…weird…tried on two diff computers…not like managing an avatar is difficult. Carry on gentle sirs…

      • Bizarre. I checked the email you’re using and it appears fine. The only suggestion I’d have is to log into Gravatar and make sure everything is configured correctly there.

  11. Hmm. What are the chances Dave would have something positive to say about zombie apocalypse survivors next Monday? I think they may need some kind of encouragement! 😉

    • Well since I’ve already got Monday’s episode scheduled and written up, I’ve got a pretty good idea of the chances 🙂

    • The ZombiePocolypse world is not a happy place, BrickVoid!

      • Hah, this is a good point.

  12. I have a feeling Sam is going to be used as bait. I think it’s the plaid that makes everyone hate him…

    • I love plaid. In fact I’m wearing a shirt that’s fairly similar to Sam’s (although it’s short sleaved) right now.

      • Knew you were a plaid person, now I can forever think of you as a Lumber Jack. LUMBERJACK DAVE!

        • “I’M A LUMBERJACK AND I’M OK!”

          Tell me Dave… do you sleep, all night… and then work all day? 😉

        • ha ha ha monthy python refrences.

        • As long as you’re not wearing blue and yellow plaid with tacky light gray pants… then I’m OK.

        • I am a bit lumberjack looking, although I almost always wear khakis on account of my working in an office.

  13. I wonder how much effect a stun gun would do to a zombie. I think it would be pretty cool! The zombie would be all “UGHHHHHHHHHH!” and then he’d get hit and “ZZZZZT” and it would be an awesome mess. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! Sorry, had to let that out….

    • Realistically, I think the zombie would probably be as incapacitated as a regular person would (if not more.) A stun gun works by overloading the muscles with electrical impusles, causing them to constrict/tighten up, rendering the target almost incapable of moving. Combine that with rigor mortis (depending on whether or not rigor mortis applies to zombies in the BotD world), the zombie probably would have no mobility for a limited time.

      It might fall over and be motionless on the floor for a few seconds, at least.

      It’s an interesting idea.

      • Just a thought! I know what a stun gun does but if it would work just imagine how cool it would look!