Episode 112

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
In a survival situation, you don’t have a whole lot of time for dealing with emotions or properly mourning the loss of friends and family. In a zombie survival situation, this is complicated further by the fact that the dearly departed will be getting up shortly to try to kill and eat you.

In most zombie stories there are usually characters who can’t quite put their emotions behind them fast enough. Luckily for them, there are also pragmatic characters who spout tough guy dialog like “We’re going to be dead too if you don’t get your ass in gear”. It’s a sort of zombie survival yin-yang thing.

20 thoughts on “Episode 112”

  1. What’s the bet he turns around and sees that zombie getting back up instead of running away without looking? At least if he runs away he gets a nice nurse, not that he deserves her! 😀

    • Background zombies: the most dangerous kind

      • And in this case, some of the best-staged ones. Very nice layouts, Dave!

      • Much obliged, LB!

  2. All it takes is a zombie like situation to change your character :L also that zombie but be a bit peeved off getting shoved all the time :L

    • Listening to Pushing me away by Linking Park when I posted this didn’t realise until the chorus 😀 lol

      • Now that’s funny!

    • I agree! That poor zombie getting pushed around, what did he ever do to anyone? Except that silly doctor, I mean…


      • People unfairly treat the living impaired.

  3. Quick, Nursie! You still have some time until he becomes one of them a s well!

    • No one ever hustles in these situations. Isn’t that irritating?

  4. They shouldn’t just run. Get something as a weapon. At least from some person with a walker. I know its mean but they were probably gonna die anyways.

    • Well the cop does have a handgun. The nurse could arm up a bit though.

  5. That’s what I mean! Maybe an iv pole. Or a person. How about a scalpel?!

    • I actually have a scalpel. I’ll have to do some test photography to see how well that would look.

  6. Here’s an interesting question for Dave: Does BOTD necessarily have to be exclusively about zombies? What would happen if ghosts of former zombies that have been vanquished started appearing? 😀

    • Hah, that would be troublesome indeed. My ultra serious answer is that, with the exception of zombies and making room for silly cliches, I’m trying to keep BotD as rooted in the real world as possible. Other supernatural things like ghosts or vampires wouldn’t really fit.

      • Well, maybe they wouldn’t really fit, but at least they’d be LEGO characters. 😉

        Perhaps the LEGO ghosts and vampires could play bit parts in some scenes, or you could do a clairvoyant character. At present, nobody has yet proven or disproven that ghosts exist in real life.

        It certainly doesn’t mean there’s no room for the LEGO ghosts and vampires in your webcomic – even if they just become more hapless victims! 😉

      • Maybe as a special feature, like April Fool’s.

  7. Hey BrickVoid, what if you made your OWN brick comic with vampires/ghosts/clairvoyants? I don’t think they belong in BOTD, but could still make for an interesting brick comic on their own. 😉