Episode 110

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About this Episode:
Looks like there was some confusion in that last panel. It sort of looks like the zombie is projectile vomiting blood in the doctor’s face, but he’s actually bitten the good doctor in the neck. We’re just enjoying some comically overdone arterial spray.

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Zombies are a lot of things: terrifying, horrible reminders of our own mortality,and even walking metaphors. Of course if you want to survive there is one thing you should never consider zombies: fascinating. If there is a man (or woman, but these characters tend to be male) of science in a zombie story, they will invariably find the scourge of walking dead terribly interesting. So interesting, in fact, that they’ll want to drop everything – including common sense – to study the creatures. The result is as tragic as it is predictable: dead scientists and unrestrained zombies.

23 thoughts on “Episode 110”

  1. Heh. At first the doctor was the voice of reason and the cop was acting crazy, but now the situation is reversed.

    • He’s doing it for science, man.

  2. I wonder if Dave considered the implications of us having to guess at how zombie spew tastes? 😀

    • Hah, nope. That’s just one of life’s little surprises.

      • We haven’t seen yet if the Doc just got it on his face or if the zombie got some in his mouth, too.

        I wonder if the next strip will reveal if it’s dangerous to accidentally swallow if it does get ingested? Do zombie films typically avoid going into grey areas like this? 😀

      • I blame this on my bad photography/effects. This isn’t the zombie vomiting; it’s the zombie clamping down on the jugular and blood spraying hither and yon.

      • Hmm so the zombies are actually capabable of certain actions? I hope you compile a list for us, it gets confusing when some character in a webcomic does something and i don’t remember that they’ve done it before. That happens to me a lot especially if it’s been a long time since I’ve seen that character or type of character.

      • I’m not sure I follow, what certain actions do you mean?

        The zombies in this comic are pretty close to the ones in the original Night of the Living Dead. They’re dead, shamble around, and try to eat people. No special powers, no special zombies like in Left 4 Dead.

  3. I thought the doc was a smart man. Guess I was wrong. lol Who walks up to a dead person who has bitten someone… twice?

    • Hah. Doesn’t it seem like People in zombie stories never really know they’re in zombie stories, so they do stupid stuff?

  4. GO TED THE ZOMBIE GO!!!! Lol as soon as I saw the third slide I new it would be the throat 🙂

    • Heck yeah; that zombie’s all business.

  5. Haha, this episode has a whole different flavor to it with the zombie vomitting in the last frame.

    • For some damn reason your comment got tied up in the spam filter; sorry about that.

      Just for clarification, that’s not vomit; the zombie bit the doctor in the neck and blood is gushing out.

      • I was wondering where my comment had gone…

        And don’t worry, I knew it wasn’t vomit all along!

  6. Run nursie, RUUUUUUUUUN!!!

    • She’ll probably get bitten when she tries a tranquilizer on it. 😉

      If she lives that long. 😀

      • I like that tranquillizer idea!


    • You got that right.

  8. Doyle!

  9. The novel/anime Shiki has a rather smarter doctor. When he gets near one of the undead, it’s securely restrained and he’s doing it to determine weaknesses.

  10. You would think he’d realise that it was dangerous after it bit two people, wouldn’t you? Or maybe he figures it just hates cops?

    Fridge logic: Why exactly did it bite the first cop if it hadn’t turned yet?