Episode 108

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Scrimshaw’s Whaling Lore:
Whale oil, sometimes referred to as sperm oil… oh, I’m terribly sorry. I just ran that joke right into the ground, didn’t I?

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
One of the creepiest moments in any zombie flick is when the monster, having sustained wounds that would kill any normal person ten times over, gets back up and starts coming after the living once again. Responses from characters tend to center around disbelief, often for so long that one of them becomes the creature’s lunch while they try to rationalize what they’re seeing.

17 thoughts on “Episode 108”

  1. I wonder if the Doc will be able to figure out a way to save the cop before his bite wound turns him into a zombie too? 😉

    • No, The doctor would probably just shoot him with that GREAT LOOKING gun.

      • I just can’t see that doctor busting a cap in a patient 🙂

      • Did you mean before or after that cop turns into a zombie? 😉

      • You never know…..It seems that officer is Really Pissing The Docotor off. xD

      • I don’t think I’d be as patient as that doctor was being. Good god.

  2. What is this!? I DEMAND WHALE ADVENTURES!

    • There’s always 04.01.2012.

      • Oh man…. 🙁 Does this mean you were joking about wanting to read my accounting comic too? 😉

        I got the first two episodes of Zombie Outbrick up, as a double episode. I may change the formatting of the comics later though… And I’m having issues with posting them separately anywhere but the home page… My whole site is a mess! But at least my comic is there now. I think you can find it by Googling “Zombie Outbrick” now, or you could just use this link: https://newkidontheblockcomics.wordpress.com/zombie-outbrick/

        Anyway sorry to keep drawing attention away from BOTD, I’ll try to stop doing that!

      • Don’t worry, my site was a mess when I launched too. You’ll get it down.

        First two episodes look pretty good!

    • Booo! Booo! I have my Scrimshaw tattoo and everything!

      • Now that’s something we’ve got to see!

  3. Thanks Dave! Did you happen to notice something in the 3rd panel of the 2nd page by any chance? 🙂

    • Oh hey, I totally missed that! Cameos are awesome.

      On an unrelated note, make sure you put the URL for your comic into the URL field when you comment. That way people can click through to your site.

      • Aren’t they? I was trying to be subtle about it – but I guess I was TOO subtle!

        And thanks for pointing out the website thing! I would’ve totally forgotten to do that.

  4. Aww what the *!?$ !!? I thought you were seriuos! Oh well. Que sera,sera. Anyways I think that the doc would get bitten before he even thought about the gun. And the gun does look awsome!

    • That’s one from Brickarms, the M1911.