Colony Episode Twenty-Nine

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While I’m getting my shit back together after my little family emergency I’ll be running the rest of the Colony miniseries. This week, we’ll have a new episode every weekday, so make sure you’re checking back!

4 thoughts on “Colony Episode Twenty-Nine”

  1. “Plausible deny-ability” Sounds like the ability to plausibly deny any ability any of their officers had to deal with this situation if it turns into SHTF. 😀

    Which it will. 😉

    • that ability was the entire basis for Aliens and anything military

  2. Seems like the military (or mercenaries which could explain a lot…) don’t really believe in the government they work for LOL. They sound like me and my colleagues getting really bored by our management LOL

    • Yeah the USCM are mainly a corporate funded military force. So many modern governments use privatized forces already that its not so far fetched. Even the US uses them.