Colony Episode Thirty-Five



I’ll be amazed if Columbus or his lapdog survive that! 😀 I kind of hoped he’d be one to get infected by the aliens, because he seems like a bureaucrat, and a lot of those types make scumbags look good! 😉


One area I struggled with chopping this comic down was this scene. What isn’t shown is how the complex was having power failure problems with lights flickering and emergency lights coming on and off.

So I had to put some images in without much explanation why the lighting was different.


Well, panel 3 explain it greatly. Problem is that you couldn’t maintain the effect I guess… Flashing light effect is pretty hard to display on a comic… I’d have choose a persistent red light. Or shades of red.


Awesome to see how this story is progressing. Everyone is worried about the damage and helping each other out now the transport has crashed down… what about those aliens, are they now free?

Fantastic work on this comic series 🙂


And here’s where it really starts to hit the fan. I expect the body count should start ramping up quickly.

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