Colony Episode One

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Hey everyone, and welcome to the first episode of Evan’s guest comic series, Colony, that we’re going to be seeing for a couple of weeks while I’m on vacation. Evan has put an ungodly amount of work on Colony, and I’m sure you’ll all agree that it shows. It’s incredibly done, and he should be damn proud of himself. I’m flattered to have the opportunity to feature it here.

It might be hard to tell just from the cover page, but this comic is set in the Alien universe, and is strongly influenced by the film Aliens, one of the best action films ever made. Fans of Alien and Aliens can look forward to all sorts of allusions and callbacks to the series.


2 thoughts on “Colony Episode One”

  1. Already I want more. 🙂

  2. Enjoy your holiday Dave.

    I saw this first panel and immediately thought of Alien, so that’s a great start. Looking forward to seeing what you have done here Evan 🙂