Colony Episode Nineteen



That is an awesome looking lego xenomorph, and the shadow effect of the first two panels is superb.

Very nice work Evan, loving this comic.


Thank you! The only reason I made a shoulder lamp was for the shadow. I was very happy with how it turned out.


I can’t help but think of the Aliens xenomorphs when I saw this LEGO version, very well done Evan! 😀


From what I saw of the Aliens films, the xenomorphs seem to nest in tunnels and inaccessible areas where they can build their numbers and feast on their victims whilst growing to adulthood. I wonder if the xenomorphs were deprived of space to build their nests would this make any difference to their overall numbers and host body rates? I don’t recall a lot about the Aliens movies, just that they were really well done movies.


They seem to need a hot and wet climate. So tunnels are superb for that.


Absolutely stunning first 2 panels! Wow… This shadow effect is AWESOME.

The 1×1 transparent brick you used for the mouth creates a perfect “jaw” shadow on the back wall.

Amazing episode… Congratulations Evan!


Its a 1×2 trans clear plate. I wanted a bigger mouth but it wouldn’t have worked with the shadow which was the better payoff I think.


I agree, the shadow is awesome. I was wondering how you were going to handle the creature itself, and there you’ve gone and answered my question. Haha. Fantastic!


I originally wanted them to be very much in the background and subtle not showing them too much. But obviously I changed my mind on that. Wouldn’t have been fun.

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