Colony Episode Forty-One

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Once again, I want to thank Evan for giving me the opportunity to feature this excellent series here. Amazing job, Evan!

On Monday, Bricks of the Dead will resume it’s normal, twice-weekly schedule.

9 thoughts on “Colony Episode Forty-One”

  1. It’s a nice story, although it had one shortcoming: It didn’t address the fate of the alien mother in the stasis pod, nor did it hint at whether the nuke was going to be capable of destroying both the stasis pod and the alien inside without the stasis first having to be removed. Other than that, this is a really excellent miniseries! 😀

    • Thank you sir! I did want to leave some loose ends as I plan on doing a part two story at some point. Much shorter than this one.

  2. I had a lot of fun reading you mini comic Evan. I had my everyday dose of LEGO thanks to your story!

    The amount of work you put on this comic is huge! The building sets are awesome! Action scenes are great and display at a good rhythm.

    Maybe a little more drama in the last panel would have been nice… so we can feel a bit more sorry for the last characters standing, but other than that I really like the whole story!

    My last advice, I already said it, but it would have been close to perfection with a better job on the editing part. Putting the speech bubbles in better places, characters changing clothes from on panel to another,… Small details indeed but I know you’ll work on that next time.

    BTW, let us know if you have a new story or a website you use to display your work and art!

    Keep it going man, that was a great original story. You’re talented!

    • Great feedback and compliments! Many thanks.

      All of those editing mistakes drove me insane. I made a few assumptions about how I was going to be able to edit after it was all done. That didn’t work out as I guessed. The problem was that once I had all the photos and bubbles into place, Comic Life became a bit unstable due to the size of the file. So by the time I was done I just didn’t have the time to go through the insanely tedious process of fixing the bubbles. It would taken me an hour an episode minimum.

      • I know what you mean about Comic Life… Sometimes this software drives me insane LOL. I suggest you use smaller files. I personally use 9 pages maximum episodes. Rediting your comic with such a big file would have been crazy indeed LOL

  3. “Fire up the nuke.”

    Nice knowing you guys.

  4. Earlier it was mentioned downloading Evans comic in whole. Where can I find that?

    • Dave…do you want to make a static page or for me to provide a file?

  5. Epic lego tale 🙂