Bricks of the Dead Episode 606

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Buying Time

Fighting against a zombie is bound to be challenging. Unlike the living, they feel neither pain nor fear, won’t get tired, and can only be stopped by destroying their well-protected brain. Oh, and all they need to do is break your skin, and you’re screwed. People have the advantage of coordination, speed, and cunning, but we’re awfully squishy. Add to that the fact that zombies are rarely encountered on their own, and unarmed, hand-to-hand combat against the undead starts looking mighty unfair. That’s why it’s generally advisable to try to break contact and flee as quickly as possible, if for no other reason than getting to a weapon or finding reinforcements.

Bearing these things in mind, it makes a lot of sense that people who tend to survive in zombie stories avoid unarmed combat with the dead at all costs. And when they’re forced into it, they do everything they can to escape the conflict before they’re bitten or completely overwhelmed.

About this Episode:

Trying out a slightly larger comic now that there’s a bit of extra room. This means bigger, clearer images. That said, it also means slightly larger downloads. I’ve optimized the image as much as possible, but please let me know if it seems slow.

Discussion Question: Broken Stuff

As I mentioned in the blog on Friday, I updated the theme for Bricks of the Dead. This is something I’d be tinkering with for quite a while now, but it wasn’t quite finished. So why did I put it up if it wasn’t done yet? Well, starting tomorrow, Google is making changes to its algorithm that will affect websites. Sites that are mobile friendly will get preference over those that aren’t. Since I didn’t want to lose any of my placement in Google, I decided to push forward.

That said, the new template still needs a lot of work. So I’m asking you guys to point out to me anything that isn’t working right, or looking good. For instance, I know that the advertisements are wonky. I’m going to be fixing that pretty soon since it’s an easy one.

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  1. Headshot! M-m-m-m-monster kill kill kill kill!

    • its really awesome

      • Thanks!

        • hi dave what are u doing

        • Hah, just working. Nothing too exciting.

    • Hah, yes indeed. I love using that red plant for headshots.

      • dave are u sure this ted is going to alive or dead in next episode

    • hey Wassup

  2. Holy Jesus, that blood jet though!

    • Go big or go home, right?

      • hi dave you are working

      • Dave tell me where is the last episode u make that
        one in comic i have too see who will win? in this comic

        • This is it. This is the most current comic until Wednesday morning. And, yes, I’m working. I’m able to pop in and check comments occasionally though.

        • Also, I just noticed that the blood splatters are so big that it even passes onto the second panel!

      • You bet. That splash just looks like a freaking volcano! I think it was Clark who shot the zombie, since he’s listed under the list of present characters despite not appearing physically.

        • hey wassup im muaz

        • Hah, yes indeed. I love it when the blood spatter is so voluminous that it can’t be contained by a single panel.

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  3. Well, the person who shot that zombie just gave every zombie outside a dinner bell to follow! 😀 Will this story arc still be around by Friday? Or will it be overwhelmed by zombies before then? 😀 Tune in Wednesday and Friday to find out! 😀

    • Yes indeed. Shooting like that was likely an act of desperation; knowing that it would only take out a single zombie, and make all the others even more excited to get inside.

      • The only consolation these survivors have is that Dave’s zombies are so well-trained that they’ll wait for him to drop the starting flag before storming the place! 😀

        Which I assume will be very soon! In real life a zombie apocalypse won’t wait around for someone to write it! 😉 I expect that there’s probably going to be some sort of surge, not of zombies getting in, bur rather of them getting pressed into much smaller spaces due to the pressure of all of them trying to get to the source of one particularly loud noise! 😀

    • hey wassup brickvoid

  4. hi dave im muaz i like your comic its awesome

    • i like your comic its awesome

      • Hah, and thanks again.

    • Thanks!

  5. The only broken thing I could discern is that there was a very large ad over top of the comic when I first loaded the page. I reloaded and it was fine. The format works better on my IPad now, but I do mainly use my laptop. it bugs me when google changes or tries to add new features. Remember Google +?

    • I’m guessing the ad thing is just a page load error, but I’ll try to reproduce it. The ads themselves are one of my first priorities this week, since they’re a bit messed up.

      God I hate Google+, I’m so glad to see it slowly being broken apart. In this case, however, I do see why they’re doing it. I hate viewing non-responsive sites on my phone, and that’s how a huge number of people browse the web. This just seems like a bit of necessary future proofing. Of course, lazy people like me weren’t quite prepared.

      Glad to hear it’s working better on your iPad. That’s definitely the idea.

  6. Nice special effect! 🙂

    • Thank you kindly! I’ve used it a time or two before, but for some reason it just doesn’t get old.

  7. Epic episode Dave. The second frame is absolutely brilliant.

    • Thanks Greg!

  8. what is your next episode made please i read the next episode comic please make a next comic episodes

    • Next episode is Wednesday. I update the comic every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

  9. hi dave where u get this sets where i buy it

    • There’s no buying it; I just built it out of random parts. I do use official sets in my comic, but usually only for vehicles and exteriors. Official sets don’t work well for interiors.

  10. so we are friends

    • Hah, sure. You in school?

  11. hi dave i have not sets like zombies grass trees and police man please tell me where i buy it im so exicted

    • The best place to grab items like that is Bricklink, where you can buy individual pieces. For zombies, check out Citizen Brick.

      • dave will u make lego city darkness of blood comic please

        • I’m not sure what that is. Is that a game?

  12. ok

  13. hi dave i have a comic too lego city darkness of blood left 4 dead 2 coming on 4th may

    • Sounds interesting. Share a link when it goes live.

  14. dave i need your help

    • What’s up?

  15. dave how i can use this background

    • Which background? The zombies on my site? You should just be able to right-click and save the image.

      • no dave lego city darkness of blood will make this comic for me please with new actors

        • I don’t really have the time to make another comic. This one is pretty time consuming.

  16. dave you are awesome your comic are really really awesome and im a goodboy i never disturb anyone

  17. hey guys wassup im muaz you know me

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    • No worries.

  20. dave will u please say my name

    • That’s… kind of a weird request.

  21. lego city darkness of blood left 4 dead 2 is coming on 4th may only 15th days left to go hope u guys enjoy directed by muaz

  22. Dave why u so angry i just ask

    • I’m not angry.

  23. ok ok ok im sorry im just asking if u angry im quiet

    • Dude; I’m not angry. Don’t worry.

  24. Looks like muazqamar is your new stalker, Dave.

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      • Yeah, “friend”.

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  27. I think at this point a couple of gunshots probably isn’t going to make the situation much worse than it already is in terms of zombies trying to get in, and you are more likely to save a member of the group that is in a spot of bother right now.

    That zombies head is no more! Epic 🙂

    New layout seems to be fine for me, I haven’t tried it on my phone yet, so if I find any issues I’ll be sure to let you know.

    • Thanks Mad.., let me know if anything goes awry on your phone.

  28. I’ve always loved the red-plant-as-bloodspray. Really nice.

    And I like the new widescreen format, too. Didn’t notice any bugs, but it looks like you might’ve cleaned up a lot already (I’m using Chrome on my laptop, if that matters).

    (I gave up on Google+ about a year ago…)

    • Thank you, sir!

      I have to assume Google+ is on it’s way out. They’re unbundling services, killed authors. That’s got to be a sign of things to come.

  29. nice comic

  30. listen everyone my new comic is coming on 4th may comic name lego city darkness of blood left 4 dead 2 and u can visit my site hope u guys enjoy

    • Hey muazqamar. I’m cool with this since you’re launching something new, but that’s it for linking out to your comic.

  31. who love allah ? and i love allah in pakistan allah is everywhere he made this world and i like him and you

    • I’m not religious.

  32. Hey Dave, thanks for the heads up on the Google changes, I’m safe 🙂
    The bigger comic looks good! Just wondering what resolution (ppi) your comic has?

    This story-arc is also engaging! Always good to see an underdog turning into a hero. Wondering who saved him…. his wife? one of the kids (they must’ve had some practice with guns in that case).

    Also looking forward to seeing Sam again! Any plans for him in the near future… I don’t want to rush you but…. well I do actually 😉

    • hey wassup

    • We’ll definitely be seeing Sam again soon; he’s next up after this arc.

      • i know sir but im sorry im just working on this site if u angry im out of here this site

  33. look sir im 25 years old and im working in police department and i just asking you questions and answers and you angry im just asking you question where this comic goes where is going to end and who will win