40 thoughts on “Bricks of the Dead – Christmas Bonus”

  1. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, Dave! 😀 BTW, what are you paying those two in? Hopefully it’s not anyone we know! 😉

    • Hah, trade secret.

      • My second best guess would be Grade B canned zombie chow, the only thing that will stop a zombie in it’s tracks without killing it, apart from it’s successor, Grade A canned zombie chow which differs only in that the flaky bits have been strained off! 😉

        • Yay, no more flaky bits.

  2. Heh, must of been tricky getting that zombie into a Santa suit.

    Love the poem too Dave 🙂

    Merry Christmas all!

    • The trick is, finding a santa to zombify.

      • I bet you lured in a Mall Santa, didn’t you Dave? :3

        • My lips are sealed.

  3. That’s brilliant Dave, you should print postcards out of this one.
    Happy Holidays everyone, see you in 2013 with more LEGO-Zombie goodness!

    • Thank you, sir!

  4. Bravo!

    And Merry Christmas, I suppose.

    • Merry Christmas to you as well.

  5. Merry Christmas! BTW, that fridge in panel 3 is to die for. Did you get that at Sear’s?

    • I’m quite happy with that fridge. Not my design, though. I copied that sumbitch.

  6. Happpy Holidays everyone and a happy New Year!

    • Same to you!

  7. It’s adorable. Readership of One’s Holiday Special will be up tomorrow and on Boxing Day.

    • Thanks Fox. I’m off to check them both out now.

  8. Well done, nicely done.
    Happy Holidays Dave.
    Merry Christmas to all that frequent BotD. Hope the Jolly Fat Man is kind to everyone.

    • Thank you sir.

      The Jolly Fat Man was indeed kind to me this year.

  9. Merry Christmas and a safe and healthy New Year to all.

    Here’s hoping everyone has a LEGO-filled Christmas, and that the Fat Man brings me that LEGO train I’ve been looking at for the last year. 😉

    • Right back at you, Bo.

  10. Well, no train this year, but Son Number One got The Mines of Moria, Attack on Weathertop, An Unexpected Gathering. I got Vermin Vaporizer (SO looking forward to this one), an intersection rad plate, and a large ziplock bag of random Ebay elements, including some I can really use.

    All in all, not a bad haul of LEGO, even without the train and modular I wanted. 😉

    • Not bad at all!

      • I also got a new job for Christmas; so I might be playing less on BotD. I do want to post a review of the Alien Vaporizer. Though it’s not a Monster Hunter set, it has many elements that make is appealing to my alien apocalypse theme. I took a few pictures as I opened the box onto the kitchen table (complete with snowman table cloth). I’ll try to get some more pics and a writeup tomorrow.

  11. I didn’t do too bad: a really nice toolbox and a new cordless drill, a wallet, couple of books, and Bag End. Hell yes!

    • Cool! But did you get any LEGO gifts? 😀

    • Yes. Bag End does indeed rock the house. Ain’t no party like a Hobbit Party cuz a Hobbit Party don’t stop!

      I also got the Mirkwood Spider Attack, polybag of the mini batmobile, LEGO Garbage Truck. I was hoping for the Worgs Attack set, but my daughter kept telling GrandDad I already had it. No. I think she saw some of my older Forestmen sets and got confused.

      My daughter got the Friends Polybag set of the desk, Olivia’s Treehouse and Olivia’s House. Nana only laughed when I asked if I could keep the house, it’s just so neat and greatly appeals to the little girl in me. There was also the LEGO Star Wars planet set of Naboo with Sebula, which I already have and a Ninjago themed minifigure storage case. And Collectible Minifigures… a few of those.

      • Almost forgot the Winter Village Cottage and Horse Drawing Sleigh promo set. Foot Spa and Massage, new watch.

  12. Good pair of working gloves, a rather blinding head light, some new head buds, 100$, and a new bug out bag. I’m rather happy with what I got! As well as a pretty good supper and I had to break the diet for some cake.

  13. I got what I wanted my iPod exactly what I wanted

  14. Got a Specter fig and a LOTR goblin place (is it a kingdom? Hideaway?). Lotta Nerf stuff too.

    • I got a SPECTER fig too from my grandma!

  15. I got a SPECTER fig too!

  16. Sorry about my second reply my internet crashed

  17. Happy New Year Everyone!

  18. I got a safe, a pair of socks and the Lego Hospital set. The Recycling Centre set was also a nice surprise. And also calendars… three of them…
    Happy New Year!

    • lol, 3 calendars? I think someone is trying to send you a message there!

  19. I got a HG wells short story novel, james bond omnibus vol.1-4, 007 legends, an I pod speaker system, some socks, the lego town hall and the lego grand emporium, a chuck norris day by day calender, a pair of gloves, the dark knight rises, warehouse thirteen season 3 (zombie esque episode yay), and a set of dental picks to use for detatching my lego (work so much better than a brick seperator.

  20. I got Bug Obliterator, Swarm Interceptor and Riddles for the Ring. Galaxy Squad is awesome!