Bonus Features Episode 24: Or Just Run

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Bonus Feature Cliché Lookout: Or Just Run

Once again, we’re straying pretty far from typical content you get on DVD bonus features here.

One thing I always hate in movies and TV shows is when one character gets captured and kidnapped simply because they listen to or are intimidated by their captor. Yeah, getting kidnapped would probably be super scary and all, but unless the kidnappers are overwhelming you, or are threatening you with a gun or something, why not just run?

Seriously, if you’re super calm, and look scared, you’re going to lull your potential captors into a false sense of confidence. And, just as their defenses are down a bit, you take off running like a scared rabbit. With any luck, they’ll be stupefied by your sudden flight long enough to let you put some serious distance between you and them. Of course, if they have a gun or something they might just, you know, shoot you. So your mileage may vary on this one.

Other News:

Annie Walls, author and blogger, did a write-up of me and my little comic here. Please check it out.

Believe it or not, I have a bit of a life outside this comic. I know, I know, it’s hard to believe, but I assure you it’s true. Preamble aside, I have a bit of an announcement: my wife and I are expecting our second child, and we found out this week that it’s a little girl. We’re really, really excited.

What does this have to do with the comic? Not a whole hell of a lot, really. I’ll probably take a week or two off in late July/early August, but otherwise business as usual. Of course if you’re a comicer, or even if you’re not, I’m going to open to doing some guest strips during the time I’m unavailable. If you’re interested, please reach out to me. I will, of course link out to your site/blog/comic in the write-up. And you’ve got plenty of time to work on something awesome.

42 thoughts on “Bonus Features Episode 24: Or Just Run”

  1. Sorry this went up late. I had put the wrong publish date in accidentally.

    • congratulations! I hope she lives a long and happy life.

      • Thank you!

  2. Ha ha. Reminds me of the last time someone asked me out.
    ( I ran)

    • Did a karate instructor ask you out?

      • no. (voice gets lowerwith each word) it was my crush

  3. Run Cheryll! Run like the wind!

    • It helps that the guy looks stunned, this giving her more of a head start.

  4. Congrats Dave!!! Babies are so yummy. To mooch and hug… seriously… not to eat. lol

    • Good clarification Angie.

  5. Congrats Dave, and to your wife as well! That is always exciting news, I picked a great day to crawl outta my little cave of work and school. Happy for both you and your wife. Daughters are great, I have mine obsessed with legos at 3 (she likes to build planes with the flat tiles) so you can start them early. She’s also obsessed with my little ponies and makes treats for them to eat with all my plant peices.

    • Thanks Tom!

      Isn’t it funny how kids will use things and mash them up? Food for the ponies indeed.

  6. Point of interest: even if the would-be captor has a gun, run anyway. I mean, most people couldn’t hit a bull in the ass on Sunday morning with a handgun, much less an erratically moving target. Put it this way, if you run, the goblin might shoot you. If you let him tie you up and throw you in the back of his shaggin’ wagon, he will shoot you (or maybe he’ll rape you before he shoots you?)

    “It rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again.”

    • I love the comment, but I just keep going back to how you call the kidnapped “the goblin”. Makes me laugh every time.

      • And if you’d run, you wouldn’t be in this whole “impregnated” mess…

  7. Congrats Dave! … and running works… tried it myself very recently…

    • So I heard!

      • when?!

  8. While occasionally people are just that intimidating, if you think you could make it, just run away. Worked on several occasions for me, although admitably it’s not the best thing I was in either situation to begin with (neither were my fault).

    • I’m intrigued about this working for you. Were you almost kidnapped? Multiple times?

      • It is a somewhat awkward matter, but yes, it has happened, on two unrelated occasions. What you would expect really. What was happening became clear and I managed to outrun them.

        • Good lord. That’s crazy!

  9. Bwa, ha, ha! “. . . mileage may vary . . .” Best line ever for survival tips. Congratulations with your next kid! Always exciting news.

    • Much obliged, Luis.

  10. congrats on the kid Dave.

    • Thanks!

  11. Your seed is strong!

    • Watching/reading Game of Thrones?

      • Heh

        Not sure why that quote amuses me so much

        • We just started watching it on Monday. Five episodes in and I’m completely hooked. Contemplating picking up the first book on Kindle.

        • It’s a damned good book Dave, worth checking it out at least.

        • Dave don’t read below this if you don’t want any opinions on the books but there won’t be any spoilers…


          In my opinion the show is one of the rare excepts where the TV/Movie version is superior to the books. The problem is Martin is not concise with his writing. What he says in 100 pages could be said in 50 and I would say every 100 pages is like that. None of his books should be a page over 300 and book one is like 700+. I don’t think Martin is a good writer merely decent but wrote a brilliant story. The man has balls and will kill of characters you love which is the mark of a true story teller.

          I fear he is much like Robert Jordan and Terry Goodkind in that he will keep a story on life support endlessly to keep raking in money.

        • Hmm… maybe I’ll see if my library has it before dropping any cash on the first book.

  12. That is awesome Dave!

    Congratulations on the new little one coming. And yes, run Cheryl! Run! Like in Forest Gump!

    • Thanks Fox!

  13. Just read this, WOW! 2012 definitely sounds like a big year for you! Congrats Dave!

    • Oh yeah, I’m going to be busy.

  14. You know, Dave, you should introduce some cute little baby and child zombies into the comic! 😀 Not as a threat, but as a cameo appearance your kids will remember later on! 😀

    • Hah. I have had a child zombie or two in the strip in crowd scenes before.

  15. Run fast, run far!!

    Congratulations on your news Dave! Best wishes to your (expanding) family. 🙂

    • Thanks Dex!

  16. Congrats, Dave.