Bonus Features Episode 19: Casting

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Bonus Features Cliché Lookout: Casting

People love the movie industry. They love Hollywood. They love the glitz and the glamor, the lights and equipment, the movie stars and directors. America is obsessed with where our entertainment comes from and how it gets to us. And do you know what’s even more exciting? The chance to become part of the story, even if that means just being a person who walks by in the background. I admit it, I’d jump at the chance to be an extra even in a crummy looking flick, and I have absolutely zero desire to be an actor.

As some of you may know, I live in Metro Detroit. In the past couple of years, several movie productions came to the D to shoot, and the area went absolutely insane over it. Seriously insane. In no time business were popping up to support the little bit of Hollywood that had arrived in the Motor City. We had studios, special effects companies, casting agencies, booking companies, consultants, and on and on.

One particular business I always found interesting were the companies that were supposed to train people to be actors, or at least extras. There were quite a few of them, and it seemed like almost every week one of the local news station was doing a story about how one or more of them were up to some shady stuff, basically charging people are premium and not getting them into any movies, even as just an extra.

What does all this have to do with today’s comic? I guess I see a lot of the sad Metro-Detroiters who got scammed by these consultant in this poor EMT.

About this Episode:

Boy, I sure am getting a lot of use out of this ambulance set and its minifigs. Maybe they’ll turn into regular cast members now. Or not. Who knows. The whims of fate being cruel and all…

Other News:

I’m getting a lot of fantastic responses on the Bricks of the Dead Survey. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to contribute so far!

22 thoughts on “Bonus Features Episode 19: Casting”

  1. Wow, I didn’t even notice the ambulance until I read about it, I had to go back, and BAM, it hit me like a freight train, there it was, creeping up on them like a murderer.

    • Hah

  2. Of course, Dave should have hired a good contract lawyer, one who mentions in the fine print that zombie infections and zombification are not covered by their contract, and they don’t get paid if they get turned into a zombie! 😀

    • Good thing my wife’s an attorney.

  3. Maybe they’ll get cast but be stuck in one of those cliches that forces them to get zombified? Or maybe they’re something to do with your plans for a love sub-plot.

    • It’s really interesting that two different people both came up with this concept.

      Now I kind of wish I had 🙂

    • Even better – they get stuck in a cliche that forces them to get zombified and then it ends up on the cutting room floor.

      That would double suck. lol

      • Oh now that’s awesome, Angelina. I wish I’d have thought of that too.

  4. Nah, Dave just has me chomping at the bit, waiting for my area gets the new sets back in stock and I can grab an Ambulance this time.

    • It’s by no means a perfect set (again, why a gull-wing rear door?) but I quite like it.

      • Gull-wing doors are commonplace on the recent ambulances. That may be because of the need to carry larger patients. It’s also a heck of a lot easier to manuever someone if you don’t have annoying side doors getting in the way! 😉

  5. As a fellow Metro-Detroiter, and someone who has extensive food industry experience, I can recall on more than one occassion getting swamped by film crews, actors, etc. as they were all working on some Lifetime movie. Which I don’t recall the name of just that they were using the theatre nearby.
    You know, that gull wing door is important, if the crew doesn’t like the patient the door could “accidentally” come down and end any need for further work. Hey! Gull wing doors are the closest thing to zombie proof doors, I have never seen a movie yet that has them lifting things up, busting through or catching and pulling, but never lifting.

    • lol, the man has a point – zombies can’t lift.

      • Your blatant racism is offensive…

        • This made me smile

        • Ha!

    • I’m sure I’ve asked you before Tom, but where are you from around Detroit?

      • I live in the Birmingham area, but spend about half my week it seems down at Wayne State.

  6. “I don’t think I have a choice in the matter, Marge.”

  7. Dave –

  8. Hah, did you know I was in a Doritos commercial once? Or rather, in a prospective commercial an independent director was trying to sell to Doritos… I ended up being a blur in the background for about a third of a second, and the commercial didn’t even make it. (It honestly sucked, it my opinion, anyway.) But that’s my claim to near-fame! 😉

  9. EMTs getting a role in the comic while Murphy is near an ambulance? I’m sure that will work out great for you guys…