Ballinabricky Guest Comic #6


Nick Souris

Old man McGillicuddy wasn’t very popular apparently. Enjoying the new comic though. Very original. Reminds me of some of those epic horror comics we used to see back in the 70’s


Haha, I thought about that, but I didn’t want to clutter the frame too much with characters who wouldn’t fit inside the church in the coming panels.

That said, it’s sad but true that the elderly often have very few acquaintances left to mourn them…the curse of a long life is that one outlives all one’s friends.


You’re really into ghosts, banshees, spirits in your stories. Are they inspired by irish legends?


I try to keep the supernatural elements to be things that are drawn from Irish mythology and literature. This is the Banshee’s second appearance, but we’ve also seen the Dearg Due, a version of the Slua (as close as Ballinabricky has gotten to the zombie apocalypse), a giant, and the Fear Dubh (several times). I’ve had a Dullahan figure put together for ages, and so I’m very happy that Dave has given me the opportunity to use it!


That’s great. Makes your stories even more original and personal.

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