9 thoughts on “Ballinabricky Guest Comic #12”

  1. Where did you get the church windows from? I had no idea they existed, they look very well done! 😀

    • They don’t. I made them custom. They’re made up of a few 4×4 trans clear panels topped with a couple 1×2 slopes and…a lil sumpin’ extra…

    • You can get a good, clear look at them here:


      …although you probably won’t be able to make out the dedication inscriptions. Not included in the shots are the baptismal font, sacristy, and confessional, which are all under the choir loft, just inside the entrance.

      • Looks like an excellent design! Well done! I’ll have a look at the video later if I get the chance but it looks fantastic anyway! 😀

    • I’ve since redesigned the choir loft a bit to make better use of the space above and below, but this might also give you a good sense not only of the windows but the whole building: https://youtu.be/9-wBWUvQSrg

      (There are really good close-ups of the windows near the end)

  2. You’re making a great job with those home made extras you put in your buildings.

    Not only in this story but also on your website. Which I highly recommend BTW.

    • Thanks for the plug!

  3. This guest comic thing really seems to have worked out well, Dave. I’m sure you plan to go back to posting your own comics, but I’d love to try my hand at this any time.

    • I’m going to resume my comic in early June, but if you’re interested in doing a guest series let me know. I know I’m going to want to take some more time off before too long, especially around the holidays.